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by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III at the May 4, 2012 hearing

(Jun. 28, 2012) — Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III told The Post & Email today that a trial date was set for the charge of tampering with government records for September 10, 2012.

Fitzpatrick told us that Senior Judge Walter C. Kurtz took no notice of the 1984 laws which have never been observed and ordering trial courts to be organized into districts, not by county.  Fitzpatrick stated that Kurtz brushed aside the “forged signatures” on the charging documents, the fact that Assistant District Attorney General Paul D. Rush is both prosecutor and accuser, and the fact that the prosecution’s motion was dropped on Fitzpatrick’s doorstep at 5:00 yesterday evening, more than ten days late.

Kurtz stated that the trial date had been set on May 7, 2012, three days after the last hearing in the case which Fitzpatrick had deemed “went really, really well.”

After being told about the 1984 statutes which are still on record and unamended, other Tennessee government officials have stated that “circuit courts” and “county courts” are interchangeable terms and that grand jury members can serve consecutive terms, despite TCA 22-2-314, which says that they cannot.  Grand jurors are chosen from each county in violation of the statutes passed by the Tennessee General Assembly.

Fitzpatrick stated that he never received notice of the trial date which the judge held up with a preparation date of May 7, 2012.

Fitzpatrick wore his Navy dress uniform to both the May 4 court date and today’s.  The prosecution delivered a motion to Fitzpatrick on May 30, 2012 asking the judge to preclude Fitzpatrick from wearing the uniform if a trial were to be held.  Unbeknownst to Fitzpatrick at the time, a trial had already been scheduled.

When Fitzpatrick raised objections to the violations of Tennessee Code Annotated and advised the judge of the items of which the law the required the judge to take judicial notice, Kurtz reportedly refused and said, “No, we’re past that; let’s move along,” and “This is the way we’ve always done things, and I’ve been a judge for 30 years.”

That would signify that Kurtz took the bench two years before the laws were amended in Tennessee to direct the courts to empanel district grand juries, not county grand juries.

The Post & Email was a topic in the courtroom, and it was clear that Paul D. Rush was angry that we have reported on the judicial and prosecutorial malfeasance in Monroe County and other places in Tennessee.  We have been described as lacking in “integrity” and “ethics,” although we have never received a direct complaint from Rush or anyone else in Tennessee claiming that our reporting is false.

The First Amendment charges the press with reporting on government so that the people can know what their elected officials are doing and how their tax dollars are being spent.  The loss of a free press has impaired the ability of people in Tennessee to know of the complete corruption of the judiciary in their state.

Fitzpatrick has found evidence that the judges have controlled the courtrooms and grand juries since at least 1947, despite subsequent attempts by the legislature to rein them in.

Racketeering charges can be made on the grounds of obstruction of justice, money laundering, and “obstruction of criminal investigations,” among other things.

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  1. According to what I have studied, the Grand Jury Process was under attempted “Amendment” in 1946, one year before. The “Amendment” process was to protect trial lawyers and the courts from Grand Jury Members coming in to the courts and serving “Presentments” at trials that were “set”. Trials could be “altered or affected” by Grand Jury Presentments thus affecting efficiency of the courts, trial outcomes and PROFITS for the trial attorneys, so they wanted to try to “play down” the fourth part of our government, the Grand Jury, written by the founders to protect citizens and allow them access to the courts in the case of corruption, usurpation or other political “monkey business” that would cause harm or loss of rights of “We The People” though the laws have technically NEVER been re-written. That is why this “administration” planned this out early on to prevent use of the Grand Jury Process so that we would have no legal recourse against them as we watched the crimes play out and still are. We have to help Walt some way but the best thing we can do at this moment is to keep The Post Email in business exposing the total corruption that is occurring in Monroe County and Tennessee State. Why do you think Obama sent in Federal Agents to raid the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville and say they were purchasing rare woods illegally for two years in a row?? 1) Because the president of Gibson in Nashville is a Republican that donated to the Republican Party, 2)Gibson is one of the last guitar manufacturing plants in the U.S. to NOT go UNION!!! They took several million dollars of rare woods the first and second year and have REFUSED to return it to Gibson, its legal rightful owner. Do you see any patterns here??

  2. If there is no lawyer -patriot who will represent Walter for free, given this corruption, then that is an indictment of the entire Tennessee Bar; they are ALL complicit in crime. Who will stand up in court with Walter??

  3. I found it very telling that Judge Kurtz used the collective “we” and “always” in his statements. Queen Victoria adopted the royal “we” initially to include her deceased husband in her pronouncements as a buffer for shock. It also serves to diffuse and deflect blame, which could be why she decided to maintain its use. It’s a handy tool to keep one’s conscience at bay, that’s for sure. Using absolutes such as “always” or “never” is another tactic utilized to vindicate a faulty assertion. So….put together as in, “This is the way WE have ALWAYS done it before” and you have a blame-shifting tactic to vindicate a faulty assertion.
    Juss sayin’… :)))