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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 23, 2012) — The Post & Email has just become aware that one of our regular readers was hospitalized last Tuesday evening with a very serious medical condition.  Because we cannot reveal personal information, we can say only that it is a woman who has been very active in the efforts of the last several years to restore constitutional governance throughout the United States.

We have been told that she is sedated because of her condition and may be gravely ill.  We ask that your prayers surround her in this time of need.  God will know about whom you are praying.  Her name is Victoria.

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  1. Almighty God, we come before your throne of mercy and grace because thou hast commanded us to pray one for another. We ask that you dispatch angels from your portals of glory with healing in their wings for Victoria. May you also minister to her spirit while she is sedated.

    We also pray for her physicians. Give them discernment and knowledge to her illness, and may you thwart any and all adverse reactions to treatment and medications that would hinder her full recovery.

    We ask for peace and encouragement for her family and friends.

    Our prayer request is in the name that is above every name, Christ, Jesus.

  2. May God Bless her and keep her with us. May he make his face to shine upon her and give her peace while restoring her health.

  3. We pray for this brave patriot – who has dedicated her life in recent years to the continued life of our God-ordained Constitution.

    She is one great warrior indeed.

    God Bless and Godspeed, Victoria.

    Doreen & Neil

  4. “YEA, Though I walk thru the Valley of Death, Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort ME”
    The LORD’S Goodness and Mercy are Forever and Ever!!
    AMEN! and AMEN!

  5. May the Angels accompany her and the Holy Spirit bring her Comfort.

    It is heartening to see that The Post Email has so many readers of Faith!

    A blessing to you, Sharon, and to all who read your site.

  6. What was common is now uncommon.
    What was ordinary is now extraordinary.
    Once ALL American citizens were Patriotic for their country, nowadays it seems that there’s fewer and fewer of us, and we just cannot afford to loose any more soldiers in the fight for Freedom.
    America needs this lady, this daughter of the Constitution, and we all hope and pray that she returns to the fold.
    This lady could be you or I wishing for the prayers of others.
    I, personally, will invoke Our Savior to hear my prayer for this lady in need.