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by Todd Sweet

Is Tennessee the leader in judicial corruption?

(Jun. 19, 2012) — The Post & Email received the following letter from Tennessee inmate Todd Sweet in which he states that soon he will “really really upset Monroe County,” about which we have reported extensively in regard to judicial and law enforcement corruption.

His reference to “this 1984 issue” is the Tennessee laws passed in 1984 which directed the criminal courts to reorganize into districts and draw their grand jury members from the districts rather than counties.  The reorganization never occurred, and county criminal courts are still in operation throughout the state.  Sweet himself was indicted by the “Monroe County Grand Jury” and convicted by a Monroe County trial jury.

We have reproduced the text of the letter to be as close to the original as possible in order to retain its spirit and intent, including any typographical errors.

Dear Sharon,

I’ve ran into a bit of a mind blower.  Its hard to blow my mind – but a grand jury out of Davidson Co. did it.

I have a document with 13 signatures on it.  Its the final report for the April 2011 term.  Ran into it while putting together Mr. Jones’ post conviction petition with the 1984 laws.

It tells exactly how they were illegally and unconstitutionally bias and influenced by 3 judges and several “task force” officers and others (DA included).

It is mind boggling.

I am sending several well thought out and interesting articles for  you to post next week.

For once – you are ahead of me on the articles!  How on earth did that happen?!

I will not be beaten by my editor.


Many to come!

I hope this finds you and yours well and just know that I am all over this 1984 issue.

Me and others.

I personally am about to really really upset Monroe County

Poor for them.

Watch your mail box

In His Love & Service.


P.S.  All is EXCEPTIONAL Here!

First page of letter from Todd Sweet dated June 14, 2012
Page 2 of letter

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