Sodom and Gomorrah


by Bob Gotti, ©2006-2012

We are becoming more like Sodom, as we morally slip to the bottom,
Dropping the moral standard of God, all throughout this land we trod.
Looking more each day like Gomorrah, with one dark and sinful aura,
The turning away from God’s decree, is affecting folk like you and me.

Many of the men high in power, are moving us towards a darker hour,
By putting us on a slippery path, that’s inviting God’s Righteous Wrath.
Creating one big darkened throng, delighting in what is morally wrong.
And not only do they continue on, but approve of all men doing wrong.

They’re teaching youth to conform, to other’s standards far from norm,
Deceiving many to slip into a place, where they fall from God’s Grace.
Conforming to many despicable ways, that only shortens all their days.
With no thought given to eternity, or the eternal darkness they will see.

They are shaking the foundation, which is the stronghold of our nation,
That’s the family that’s instituted by, The Lord God who reigns on High.
It’s made of one man and one wife, through whom God brings new life.
But it today is being discarded, by hearts which are dark and hardened.

And this today is being replaced, by other couples who can’t procreate.
Couples who are of the same kind, who are deceiving souls and minds.
These people will see my friend, as Sodom and Gomorrah, a bitter end,
When they’ll see their very lives, totally destroyed by the Light of Christ.

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