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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III discovered a Tennessee law passed in 1984 which the judiciary ignored, operating illegal grand juries and criminal courts for the last 28 years

(May 29, 2012) — We’re making history.  I believe this to be the most dramatic, demonstrative example of judicial corruption we have in our nation’s history.  The judges have been running their own government in Tennessee State, and they are domestic enemies.  You will hear that in Judge Carroll Ross’s voice from last Thursday.

This wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for The Post & Email.

One of the reasons why the judges have been getting away with this is that people stopped paying attention.  The law is right there on the books.

The first alert that we had about there being something wrong with the jury system was that there was one man in a grand jury for 28 years.  That is a red flag, and no one, even when Mr. Pettway was there for two or three years, stood up and said, “You know, he’s been around here for a while…”  What do we have our military fighting for if our own people aren’t going to pay attention?  The judges have been running their own government for decades!  Who knows what happened before 1984?  We can only imagine that it was worse!  There is no one we can go to to have the laws enforced.

At the top of the papers I mailed you, you’ll see where I put “In the Criminal Circuit Court of Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District.”  So far, everything I’ve received from the judge say “In the Monroe County Criminal Court.”  So we’ll find out what Judge Kurtz does with his next submission:  whether he changes the title at the top or the prosecutors change the title at the top.

First page of Motion #10 in Walter Francis Fitzpatrick's defense against a charge of tampering with government records. The first line indicates Fitzpatrick's recent discovery that criminal matters were ordered to be heard only in district courts in 1984 in Tennessee
Enlarged top text showing new court designation

This is huge, and I’m trying to get as many people to The Post & Email as I can.

The judges here are domestic enemies.  They’ve been running their own government.  Now that we’re out of the Memorial Day weekend, hopefully people will start paying more attention to this.

This gets people out of jail right now.  Once this gets into the jailhouses and the state, people are going to be really upset.

I was invited to fly out to California for a video session, but of course it was impossible.

This is traveling through the community.  A couple of police officers took it to their sheriff.  I took it to the guy at the radio station, and he was astounded.  Their first reaction was like your reaction and mine:  “This cannot be real.”  But there’s been no feedback that I’m wrong.

Right now these judges in the state of Tennessee ought to be looking to stand up their first district grand juries.  Stand down the juries that you picked for 2012 and follow the law.  Pick new grand juries right now, because we’re coming into June.  The county courts have no criminal jurisdiction at all.  That’s the next thing they have to do:  start operating a district court which picks the jurors from the districts instead of from the county, where they can tailor-make and customize their juries, which is one of the reasons they’ve kept this system in place.

This works to get Darren out.  If we had known about this, it could have been brought up at Darren’s trial and taken the case off of its tracks.  The feds have been just as responsible for keeping this information covered up as the state.

Now we can go back and actually hold a judge accountable for breaking the law.  The district judges are responsible for empaneling district grand juries, and they haven’t been doing it.

It’s veterans who have named Mr. Obama in commission of treason.  These judges, as domestic enemies, are committing treason.  Judge Ross, who tried to tear me down last Thursday morning, said that a treason complaint could not be brought in the state of Tennessee.  Look at what they’ve been covering up!

Obama is in office because the judges would not do their job.  Mr. Obama was challenged as violating the law, and no judge would allow it to be examined.  The judges are responsi9ble fro maintaining him in office because he has broken so many laws.  The judges are modern-day domestic enemies; they’re running their own government.  You don’t have a better example than this.

People can use this as the laboratory model and go look anywhere else.  Here, it’s black letter:  the law says this and the judges are doing that, and I believe that it’s going to take off here because there are so many people who know that they are innocent and have been locked up by a county criminal court that had no criminal jurisdiction.

This is really, really, really big!  I don’t believe that there is a district grand jury or circuit court in Tennessee, and the law has been on the books for 28 years!, and it’s the judges who are required to establish the juries and operate the courts!  And they’re not doing it.  Instead, they’re using county courts which were outlawed in 1984. County courts are probate courts, period.

This flows into the criminal trial of Jim Miller.  It cannot be ignored.

We have come up with an event here, a narrative, which is the most dramatic demonstration of judicial corruption in our country’s history.  This is real.  The judges really are running their own government in the state of Tennessee, and they’ve been working with the feds on this.  In their government system, we don’t have law enforcement officials who are going to put an end to this.  We don’t have grand juries in their system of government.  They’re running the show, and they think they can continue to do this by running their government.  That’s what you heard in Carroll Ross’s voice last Thursday…”You’re under indictment….”  Carroll Ross was on the arrest warrant on April 1, 2010, and if he had been there, I would have attempted to arrest him, too.  They have been committing their own treason for years.  Maybe now we can actually stop it.

There’s a report of a policeman who got up in front of a training session here recently and said, “You know, you guys are breaking the law by going out and arresting people and taking their money. When are you going to stop?”

This is speculation, but anybody who was in a position last week to raise this up – a public defender, for instance – when you consider that maybe they didn’t come forward because they’ve been threatened, as one lawyer told us – they thought they would lose their job.  they haven’t been in a position to raise this up because of fear.  Well, now, they can talk about it openly and freely because they’re not the ones who have brought this into the public forum.  It’s out there now because of a military exposition.  U.S. citizens brought this in and said, “Here.”  All they have to do now is say, “We know this has been going on, but we haven’t been able to talk about it because we were threatened.”  So there’s that dynamic that we can logically expect to evolve at this point.

You know they’re going to try to defend this and keep doing it, but pressure coming in from the outside has to be overwhelming.  Anybody who tries to stand up against this has to be knocked down.  There has to be a national outcry, and if that doesn’t happen, then it’s not because we didn’t try.


Editor’s Note:  If enough funds can be raised, a documentary about the saga of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III will be made.  During this interview, Fitzpatrick stated that without the assistance of readers of The Post & Email, he could not have completed his most recent “administrative project.” “The money was used to get this document record submitted into the courts, and it would not have happened if people hadn’t sent in funds,” he said.

After all of his personal belongings were stolen in February and the Sweetwater Police Department refused to complete its investigation, Fitzpatrick was left with “two chairs, some books and a radio” in his apartment.

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  1. “Fitz”, PLEASE, above everything else: “COVER YOUR SIX!!” I have no idea as a matter of practicality how this can be accomplished, BUT We that support and Pray for you at a distance, thru this Website and otherwise, and I personally; FEAR for your Safety!!
    You have most certainly OPENED the “Proverbial Can ‘O Worms” and with the amount of Fortitude demonstrated by all of these Criminals, it is certainly a possibility they desire to “Inflict Bodily Harm” upon you!
    Your cases are terribly involved and go direct to the Heart and Soul of many different and important National questions that the possibility of your “DISAPPEARING” should seriously be considered and Protections of some nature put it place!!
    TO ALL of you supporters, I plead: “Man Your Battle-Stations!!”
    GOD’S Speed, “Good and Faithful Warrior!!”