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by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III stands outside the "Criminal Court" room in the Monroe County courthouse on May 23, 2012 after delivering his defense motions to the clerk's office

(May 24, 2012) — Today at 10:14 a.m. EDT, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III delivered a set of documents to Acting District Attorney General Jim Stutts’s office in Athens, TN in his own defense against a charge of “tampering with government records.” DM420283_B_A DM420283_B_B_A DM420283_B_B_B_A

Fitzpatrick recently located a set of 1984 laws which mandated district courts to handle criminal matters in Tennessee which do not appear to have been amended or repealed, thereby rendering county criminal courts unlawful.  Monroe and other counties in Tennessee has issued an unknown number of criminal indictments which have placed people behind bars, sometimes for life, since the laws were changed in 1984.

After receiving stamped proof of his delivery from Mrs. Gentry, the office assistant, Fitzpatrick went to the office of Judge Carroll L. Ross.  He greeted Ms. Denise Barnes, a court transcriptionist and assistant to the judge, and inquired if she and the judge had business cards.  No response can be heard from Ms. Barnes, after which Ross is heard telling Barnes to “call 911.”  He then told Fitzpatrick, “Get out of my office, and don’t you come back…you are under indictment…you have tried to arrest me…you are a fake and a fraud, and don’t you come back.” DM420283_B_B_B_B_A

Fitzpatrick then left the judge’s office, placed the recorder on “pause” and said, “I’m sure glad I recorded that.”  He waited to see if there would be a police response to the judge’s threat and order to Ms. Barnes to make an “emergency” call.  DM420283_B_B_B_B_B

The first two pages of Fitzpatrick’s filing with the court, district attorney general and judge are pictured below.

First page of submission to the Monroe County court by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III. The entire packet is more than one-half inch thick.
Second page of packet submitted to Monroe County officials by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III in his own defense

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  1. Judge Ross is a district judge and this tongue lashing by the judge happened in McMinn County. They must be awfully afraid of something to react like that. Maybe many of them will retire very soon!