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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 15, 2012) — The Post & Email was told by an eyewitness at the sentencing of Darren Wesley Huff today by Judge Thomas A. Varlan that Huff was sentenced to four years in federal prison plus two years of probation following.

The Post & Email had made Judge Varlan aware that FBI/TBI training materials naming Huff as a “sovereign citizen” with the potential for violence, grouped with other known violent criminals, had been in use and disseminated widely prior to Huff’s trial, unbeknownst to the jury or Huff himself.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III had done the same and stated that the new information should have rendered Huff released or eligible for a new trial.

Local news reports and a large exposé in TIME Magazine had described Huff and Fitzpatrick as “birthers,” members of a militia, and “sovereign citizens” prior to Huff’s trial in October 2011.  The FBI training program similarly refers to Huff and Fitzpatrick as “sovereigns” and accuses them of trying to take over the Monroe County courthouse on April 20, 2010, which did not occur.  Contrary to local news reports, there were no “citizens’ arrests” planned for that day.

A former attorney named William L. Bryan reportedly called in the false alarm to law enforcement, engaging approximately 100 officers, including bomb-sniffing dogs and a SWAT team, on April 20, 2010, but no one was arrested that day.  Local media have reported that several people were seen carrying firearms near the courthouse, but those individuals have never been identified.  Huff was arrested ten days later, on April 30 after “nothing happened.”

Update, 7:30 p.m. EDT:  An observer at the sentencing today reported:

Darren appeared in stripes, leg irons and shackles accompanied by two armed U.S. Marshalls.  He was to testify so he had to be sworn in.  The clerk was somewhat embarrassed when she told him to raise his right hand which was shackled to his waist chain.  This is a demeaning tactic intended to belittle the defendant.

Additional witnesses were called for this hearing.  The gov called two and Darren’s Public Defender called none as he did in the trial proper.  The FBI testimony spoke to the AK47 that Darren carried, ammo, magazine capacity, etc. none of which was relevant since Darren had the right to possess, carry, and transport the rifle.

The second witness for the gov was a Madisonville PD detective who couldn’t identify the disturbance under the PD cross examination.  The detective essentially testified to the fact that nothing happened in Madisonville on the day of the riot other than an enormous police presence.

The lead gov attorney then played up the indecent as a potential riot of huge magnitude.

The PD’s closing arguments spoke to what Darren said, not actions taken.  He said the fedgov wants to imprison Darren for what he said not what he did.  This was the gist of the PD’s argument.  However the PD did make a plea for the 1st Amendment, at Darren’s insistence and from Darren’s coaching, no doubt.  His/Darren’s plea was for the judge to have caution with the sentence as this was the first use of this statute and would set precedent for future cases.  The fed attorney plead for sentencing outside the guidelines, i.e. more than the 60 months stipulated in the guidelines.  The PD did enter into the court records that Darren was not cautioned by the FBI against bringing weapons into Monroe County the night before he went.  This speaks to the false flag issue that the FBI was perpetrating.

The fed second chair was an orator and showman and closed the fed remarks.  His closing line, which will go down as a classic for establishing the “us vs them” conspiracy was: “We want to send a message to others and to the public”.   It almost seemed as if Eric Holder were in the room speaking thru this attorney.

Darren spoke eloquently on his own behalf, if anyone can be eloquent dressed in stripes and irons.  He got into the record that the sovereign citizen DVD was produced without his knowledge and demeaned his character.  He got in the court record that he disarmed outside the venue even though the FBI had suggested he wait (until he was under sniper surveillance).  He pointed out that he would have been killed if he disarmed at the venue.

The judge then spoke until 1245 hrs.  He went thru the pleas item by item and stated on two occasions that he had taken the letters he received into consideration as well as Darren’s testimony.  He spoke to the law that Darren was charged with.  This was the single charge of interstate transport of weapons with intent to support a civil disorder.   The PD did not effectively challenge the law, the jury did not question the law (they were probably told they couldn’t and believed the lie), and the judge set sentence based on this bogus and unconstitutional law from the ’60’s!

So Darren was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison and 24 months of probation afterward.  He will be moved to a federal prison in south Georgia for processing to a federal prison elsewhere to serve the remainder of his sentence.

The testimony today and in the trial before does nothing but verify that the “Madisonville Riot” was an FBI false flag operation gone bad, for them.  We now see that this show trial was put on to first of all cover the enormous overreach on April 20 and then spun up to send a message to future “potential domestic terrorists.”

The trial is now ripe for appeal for many reasons, not the least of which is incompetent representation.  The PD obviously took a dive as no attorney could do that poorly and stay in business.  He already had the paper signed for the judge to approve his withdrawal as soon sentencing took place.  Good riddance!

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  1. Darren was not able to speak from his notes as he couldn’t lift his hand high enough to place them on the podium. However, he was well rehearsed and made a good delivery. He told the judge that he regretted the approach he took in his support of Fitz at the courthouse on April 20, but he said he had accomplished a lot of what he set out to do in starting to raise the level of awareness of the corruption in east TN.
    He was not taunting the judge and the judge did not take it that way. It seemed that the judge was one of the more fair individuals in the courtroom. He was bound by the jury decision and bound by the sentencing guideline but went against it and the prosecuting attorneys recommendation.
    The current judge in Fitz’ hearings seemed to be sympathetic, as well. This may be a figment of my imagination but one can only hope it is true and a trend.

  2. This is gut-wrenching and makes me sick to my stomach. I’ll continue to pray for Darren, that God’s righteous and holy judgement come forth on Darren’s behalf.

  3. Having followed this whole case from the beginning, I feel safe to say this was the worse miscarriage of justice I have ever seen. Huff merely wanted to see the Fitzpatrick trial. Following all the laws of gun ownership, some yahoo former attorney, on his word alone, concocted that Huff was planning civil disobedience. Pure fiction and now Huff will receive 4 years for attempting to watch a trial in court.

  4. Democrats must apply all pretentious power and cause to this to keep any questioning of Obama’s records under the radar and out of the press. The Clintons may as well be back in power as they have been running much of this from behind closed doors. No one is doing their job in law or judicial by following the Constitution and sworn oaths to prosecute these criminals. How long will it take to see anything done?

  5. I am saddened, stunned, sickened, fearful, and really, really angry.

    The level of corruption – in a ‘sworn-to’ Constitutional Republic – is beyond comprehension, and does not bode well for a peaceful restoration of our unalienable rights.

    But we must not despair, as we are called on to continue the work outlined in our Declaration: to institute new government whenever the existing form becomes destructive to our un-alienable rights. In this case, the structure and the contract are completed and in place; – all we have to do is inform a critical mass of the people of the treasonous acts engulfing them, and take the steps necessary to bring the traitors to justice, and to free the unjustly incarcerated from their prison cells.

    We know that Darren will be busy preaching the gospel to his prison guards – until we can bring these thugs to justice. We must institute a proper legal defense to represent him in an appeal, and, at the same time, institute a common law ‘citizens’ Grand Jury to deliberate on charges of corruption, false reporting, collusion, and obstruction of justice against former attorney William L. Bryan, Darren’s ‘Public Defender’, and the Judge responsible for this treasonous injustice: covering for an ineligible and treasonous regime, while violating his oath of office, and bringing shame on himself, our courts, and our judicial system.

    May God have mercy on their unholy souls.