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by Sharon Rondeau

Can Monroe County escape from the clutches of corruption?

(Apr. 30, 2012) — The Post & Email has received another letter from Tennessee state inmate Todd Sweet, who has alleged that a cover-up of planned, coordinated terrorist attacks was carried out by Monroe County “law enforcement” in 2008-2009.  During 2008, when Sweet was an inmate at the Monroe County, TN jail, he was utilized to perpetrate a scam on John Edward Dawson, whose charge on the particular case in question was dismissed after the plot was aired to an appeals court.  In its opinion, the court stated that Dawson’s constitutional rights had been violated and that the behavior of Detective Pat Henry of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was “egregious.”

In an earlier letter, Sweet stated that he believed he had been purposely poisoned, as he had suddenly become violently ill while at the CCA facility in Clifton, TN.  He also contends that officials in Monroe County have “poisoned the legal system of Tennessee.”  Sweet’s reference to “Walt” is to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.

Sweet’s most recent cover letter reads, in part:


How awesome are you!?

God is working with you and your web site!  Things are and will change!

I promise!

Yes!  I am at 100% in my health.  My awesome doctor (Jesus) took the poison out.  I am fully convinced it was poison.  Seems a bit movie-ish and far fetching [sic] does it not?  But the entire Monroe County thing does in its entirety.

Has the FBI come calling?  No.

Have Knox detectives wanting help to solve the Robert Kilgore murder?  Yup.

I prayed and declined until such time that someone begins to take seriously Monroe County.  I already know & can prove who murdered Kilgore so we will see if they want to stop a killer or continue to let Monroe County run over Walt.  Their choice.  They know I can end the Kilgore homicide investigation.

Walt may have told you, I am well versed in law.

I do believe God has provided a means in the Appeals Court, for the Supreme Court to overturn my TN convictions.  Truely.  [sic]

I look foreward [sic] to my day of freedom along with my new standing with Jesus!

He will use me abundantly!

No more crime for me.  I will walk the talk.

I will work to right this nation to its intended greatness.

With God.

God bless you and yours!

In His Love –


The article Sweet wrote then follows in its entirety:

Copyright ©2012 by Todd J. Sweet – Part I

April 20, 2012

I must pose a question.

How long do we focus our attention, energy, prayers and resources on Monroe County Tennessee?

It has caused [sic] me and Mr. Fitzpatrick and others dearly to do what we can in our different positions to help a town that wont [sic] help itself.

Is it possible that Satan is useing [sic] the hard hearts of those in Monroe County to pull needed attention and prayer away from a more needy and worthy place?  A town in need and in want of help and prayer?

Monroe certainly does not want our help.

So do we, the Saints of God and Citizens of the United States bow out?  Leave Monroe to who they so willingly wish to worship?  Satan.

You may have thought I was about to say “no way” will I abandone [sic] Monroe County.

It is April 20th and as I get ready for a peaceful sleep I do not know the answer.  I feel Satan is trying to take our attention off something or someone more important than Monroe County.

For me myself, I dont [sic] even have anyone that actually cares one iota for me living in Monroe County.

Athens, yes.

Loudon, maybe.

But Monroe ?  Nope.

So why do I focus on a town that truly should mean nothing to me?

Same question should be asked of Mr. Fitzpatrick.  He is not from Monroe either.  Far from it.

I wont [sic] speak for Walter, but I will for myself.

I do it because God placed it on my heart.  I am not just a believing Christian, but a believing obedient Christian.

And when God tells you to do a thing you had best get to doing it.

So it is that over this weekend I will talk to God and see what he has to say on the subject.

Do I close the prayer chain for Monroe County being how they wont [sic] even pray for themselves?  Let them be what it seems they so want to be.  A place of corrupt chaos that pays little or no attention to the Laws of God or society.

Or do I continue to wear the knees out in these state issued pants of mine in prayer for this little town that seemingly does not want me to pray for it…..

I will let you know what God decides to instruct me to do….

In His Love,


Copyright ©2012 by Todd J. Sweet – Part II

April 21, 2012


God certainly cares for Monroe County.  He decided to show me the entire book of Zephaniah in response to my earlier prayer.

Do we continue to use our time, energy and prayer on Monroe?


So what is it God wants with Monroe?

I asked and God reminded me just how many times the Jewish people failed to “get it.”

I decided (once again) that I am no one to question God or his intentions.  He says stay with them (Monroe) and thats [sic] what I will do.

But, I do believe I’ve been praying a bit wrongly.  I have been praying that God move on the hearts of the corrupt.

I am done doing that.

I now bind Satan out of Monroe County and loose the powers of heaven.

So that the oppressed and unsaved are strengthened and saved.

That the victims of the corrupt are protested and brought to God.  That for the “peoples” [sic] sake, satan [sic] loses his power over the corrupt for the salvation of the oppressed.

That for the lowly and weary of heart, God moves.

And here Ive [sic] been praying that the corrupt change?  Obviously satan has his claws in deep.  So what we need is the conversion of Joe and Mary Smith so their power can be added to the power of the Saints.

I received a letter from a pastor in East Tennessee.  He said he loved and respected what I was doing but warned that I may be giving Satan to [sic] much exposure.

No, I am not.

It is not the first time I have heard that.  Pastors and preachers and Evangelists need to get hip.

If you arent [sic] speaking positively about Satan but negatively as I do, then your [sic] not giving him power.  Your [sic] taking it.

Not bringing attention to the “corruptor” is essentially hiding him.  Aiding and abbetting [sic] his tactics.  If we dont [sic] expose him and his works, we allow him to gain ground.

Not bringing his actions to light, or lessening his abilities to destroy, or making light of him with a cute tail, pitchfork and horns are the kind of tactics he loves to see and use.

Do not fall for the “sshh” dont [sic] mention Satan, it gives him power” [sic] B.S. that is spread all over the globe.  You better understand him!  You cant [sic] fight an enemy unless he is seen.  Expose him for what he was and is.

A jealous, power hungry punk.

And though it seems he is gaining ground I believe its [sic] just his exploitation of the media and technology that gives that impression.

I believe God is gaining daily.  Instead of watching CSI this and that city or Reality this or that – try turning on TBN or any other Christian Television Station and see for yourselves how many people are hitting their knees and raising their hands to Jesus!  Halleluja! [sic]

Jesus has been putting the moves on satan since the beginning of time and since Calvary He has danced and laughed at this loser satan.  And I’m gonna talk about it!

I ask all who read this to go and find a bible [sic] that is easy for you to understand.  The NKJV or NIV will work wonderfully.  Then I want you to go to Hebrews and read Chapter 2.  All of it.  For yourselves.

If you dont [sic] have a Bible nor cannot [sic] afford one, stop at a local church.  If they are worth their weight, they will give you one.  If not, you write to me at the below address and I will personally see to it that one gets into your hands.

Because my focus is you – whoever you are.  I love you.  Jesus loves you.

Let us come together for the betterment of mankind and our beautiful Nations [sic] Salvation!

Let us utilize Monroe County Tennessee as our base of operation and focus point.

Because thats [sic] what God wants.

In His Love –


Note:  If your [sic] in need of an easy to understand Bible, please write to me with your request.  I will do everything in my power to put one in your hands.

Todd J. Sweet #453762
P.O. Box 279
Clifton, TN  38425

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