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by Sharon Rondeau

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the U.S.

(Mar. 31, 2012) — Following a press conference with members of the Arizona legislature who were announcing proposed legislation to check candidate qualifications, an  interview conducted with Sheriff Joe Arpaio by Infowars was captioned, “Sheriff Joe on Obama’s Forged Identity Records.”  Arpaio referred to “the evidence” which resulted from the six-month investigation carried out by the Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County about Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration card.

He said he supported a “another system” “to make sure the person who is running is who that person is.”  He did not mention the question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, which has been asked since before the presidential election.  Others are reportedly working “behind the scenes” to defeat the legislation.

Arpaio decried what he described as “censorship” by the media about the posse’s findings that the two documents are likely forgeries.

Arpaio and his lead investigator, Mike Zullo, will be giving a second presentation to the Surprise/Sun City West Tea Party groups this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. MDT/3:00 p.m. EDT. which may last up to two hours and is being held to provide potentially more media coverage of the Cold Case Posse’s work first presented to the public on March 1, 2012.

On March 19, Arpaio wrote a letter to Director Lawrence Romo of the Selective Service System requesting to inspect the original Selective Service card for Barack Hussein Obama, citing the reasons why the posse found the document made available to the public a forgery.  Romo did not respond to Arpaio’s request, but rather, his surrogate referred Arpaio to the FBI.

The Post & Email had completed an investigation into Obama’s Selective Service documentation because there appeared to be two different registration records.

Update, 4:02 p.m. EDT:  An eyewitness at the tea party presentation has reported the following:

Mike Zullo and joe Arpaio are both here as of 12.30 hours. I estimate church holds about 500 and people flowing into overflow room. The presser starts at 1 PM (13.00 hours).

Not a single major newspaper, radio or TV that I can see. There is no live stream. There are about 10 people taking video however, so coverage will be excellent unlike March 1.

 Another person said:

The place is packed.

Photos of the event are here, courtesy of Western Journalism.  The Post & Email was told by a member of the Cold Case Posse several days ago that today’s Tea Party presentation was not a press conference.

Tony Dolz of California with Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Tea Party presentation on March 31, 2012

From Tony Dolz, who attended the presentation:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Chief Cold Case Posse Investigator Mike Zullo shows the irrefutable evidence of Barack Hussein Obama’s forged birth certificate and Selective Service application form to over 1200 witnesses.
Of the Arizona resident patriots present, 1092 signed a petition asking the Arizona legislature to demand that the Chairwoman of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, submit evidence of Barack Hussein Obama’s legitimacy in order to qualify to be placed on the ballot.
An article summarizing the topics discussed at the presentation is here.
Lead Investigator Mike Zullo stated in an interview that the research into Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration has now become a “full-fledged law enforcement investigation.”  He called the birth certificate “an electronic file” and not a “document.”  He stated that fraud has been committed in Maricopa County as well as “across the nation.”
A sample petition which can be signed by residents of Arizona regarding Obama’s qualifications is here, courtesy of the Tea Party Tribune.  The form can also be completed online.

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  1. COMMENTARY | Barack Obama has warned the Supreme Court about the possible overturning of the federal health care overhaul, according to Fox News. It is not unprecedented for a president to make comments about what the Supreme Court is debating, but his comments point to something unprecedented. As a political scientist, I cannot think of a time when a president made comments to make people think he has no idea how the Constitution works.

    Among his comments, Obama stated how he did not understand how an “unelected group of people” could overturn a law passed by a majority of Congress. It is the job of the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution and see if particular cases before the justices uphold the content and context of the document. His Oath of Office included the words, “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” so he better have an understanding of the document he is sworn to protect and defend. The “how” he does not understand is the “how” it works.

    Obama went on to say, “I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” If the Supreme Court strikes down the health care law, it will not be an unprecedented move as the Supreme Court has struck down national laws since the court’s inception. I worry about a president who does not understand the history of the court system.

    The second part of the previous statement scares me as well. The president pointed out how the health care law was passed by a majority of elected officials. I believe it would be a good idea for the president to familiarize himself with the classic “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” After reading, he should realize all bills need to be passed by a majority of Congress to become law. Can we trust a leader who does not apparently understand the system?

    Finally, Obama stated how the health care law is constitutional. I wonder how he can make this determination on his own as he proved in a few short sentences how he does not understand the content or context of the Constitution. Can we reelect a person who does not understand the basics of U.S. government?


  2. UPdate: Personally I showed up at 1pm. The Sheriff Deputies stopped more folks from entering. It was packed out to the sidewalk. One member of the church hosting the event which was driving the parking lot to pick up up folks from distant parking spots said the sanctuary could hold 1,200 with the overflow chairs and aisle seating. It was beyond that. This was amazing.

    I never did get inside. I did see people of all ages attending. In particular, (very moving)a senior citizen with oxygen tank breathing device, in a wheel chair, was arriving 1 minute late (due to unloading areas for handicap) and spent every effort to support Sheriff Arpaio.

    The laws of this land have been broken by the very government officials that swore to uphold it. Shame is down pouring on the leadership. Shame in torrents on the country. The liar-in-chief is usurping our Oval office. Not one, NOT ONE, CONgress or agency (other than Sheriff Joe)will arrest this joker.

    The racist-in-chief is plain evil. The NeW AmErIkA.