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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 29, 2012) —  An FBI report detailing an alleged plan to “take over the courthouse” in Madisonville, TN on April 20, 2010 is false, The Post & Email has found.

The affidavit, referenced by two media outlets following the assignment hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III in Monroe County, does not appear to have been produced in hard-copy format, and there appear to be no eyewitness accounts corroborating it. No author of the alleged affidavit has been made known.

Fitzpatrick has denied allegations that he belongs to any “militia group” and told The Post & Email that he was incorrectly cited as a member of the now-offline American Grand Jury.  He filed a complaint of treason against Obama on March 17, 2009, independently of any organization, first with the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of Tennessee, then with his local grand jury in Monroe County.

An article dated October 6, 2010 by the Chattanooga Times Free Press inaccurately states that Fitzpatrick attempted to arrest Gary Pettway, the acting grand jury foreman of 27 years, because he had “ignored a demand to charge President Barack Obama with treason.”  As documented extensively at The Post & Email, Fitzpatrick had attempted the citizen’s arrest after discovering that Pettway had over-served his term of office at the behest of the court.

A court hearing had taken place the day before during which the judge acknowledged that a grand juror had served in violation of state law but would allow the indictments issued therefrom against Fitzpatrick and another man, Darren Huff, to stand.

A Navy veteran, Huff is currently in federal prison as a result of the false FBI affidavit as well as allegedly false testimony at his trial last October.  Huff had weapons with him that day and was stopped en route to Madisonville but allowed to proceed into the town.  Huff denied that he had any plan to “take over” the courthouse and that following the hearing on the 20th, he went across the street to have lunch.  “Nothing happened,” he said.  Huff was not arrested until ten days later, on April 30.

“No one did anything that was unlawful on the 20th of April 2010, and the FBI is suggesting that there were people on the ground with guns – 12 of them, at least,” Fitzpatrick said.  “No one was talking to anyone about doing anything that day except maybe about how they were going to get there and whether or not they were going to carpool.

“Right in the middle of these reports, Blackwood came out and said that he would let the grand jury indictments stand.  When Kerry Blackwood was asked about the conflict with the tainted grand jury member, he said it ‘was of no account.’  This is in the midst of all of these reports coming out about a group of ‘armed people.’  When you look at this closely, there’s nothing there.  Who did Darren supposedly tell this to?  That conversation is an invention.”

The Post & Email has sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI to obtain any and all documentation among federal, state and local law enforcement regarding the heavy police presence on April 20, 2010 in Madisonville, which included helicopters, a SWAT team, rooftop snipers, and members of the FBI, TBI, Tennessee Highway Patrol, and local police.

Fitzpatrick stated that his assignment hearing did not take place at the courthouse, but rather, at the General Sessions Court, which is “a trailer park, blocks away” from the “brick-and-mortar” courthouse.  On June 28, 2010, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood reportedly blamed Fitzpatrick for the heavy police turnout on April 20, but Fitzpatrick has identified the judge’s statements as being absent from the court transcript, which he obtained by way of The Post & Email after it was first published on the internet by “Friends of Politijab.”

One “PJ Foggy,” or William L. Bryan,” actually took responsibility for the law enforcement response on April 20.

An eyewitness who attended both the April 1, 2010 citizen’s arrest and the hearing on April 20 told us:

I had heard through the blogging grapevine, that a man was going to the Monroe County Courthouse, and charge the president with “Treason,” and other high Crimes…So, several of us mounted our motorcycles and went to Madisonville. This trip was pretty uneventful, with Fitzpatrick speaking with us and others in front of the Courthouse. We went into the Courthouse with him, but were stopped from proceeding any further than the lobby. That was cool with us, we wished him well and he was escorted up the stairs to the “Proceeding”. We wished him well and for the most part, we who gathered left for home. Everyone was courteous and friendly for the most part. There was no apparent Police presence other than a few cautious deputies.

The second visit to this same Courthouse found things had changed had dramatically! We had decided to gather as interested bystanders (same as before) but (as Fitz had been arrested in the meantime and was scheduled to appear for a “Probable Cause” Hearing) and so, we congregated in front of the Municipal Courthouse. There were a handful of onlookers gathered and to my knowledge, no one was armed in the gathering before the Courthouse. Certainly no weapons were brandished, nor threat evident. But, mercy! We were heavily Policed! Surrounded by deputies, Police, State Police, the FBI and unknown  other persons. They patrolled us on Motorcycles, cars, foot patrols, and hung out in windows (shadows) and all manner of positioning. I didn’t know at the time, that we were now considered a radical organization, as if never was such a band of brigands and cutthroats assembled before! Again, we stood before the Halls of Justice, in the rain and waited for Fitz to appear. Finally he did, and we assembled at the Restaurant across from the County Courthouse. (Pictures of our vigil are available of us the Courthouse, by the way ). On the sidewalk area, we had gathered and  Huff had announced his presence and experience with Police as he came into town. His story was becoming a rant and I suggested my group leave…and so we did. I never heard Huff threaten anyone, he just seemed really agitated by being stopped. I had never seen him before or since and he had no affiliation with us.

Two or three days later, I was visited by the FBI. Two Agents had come to investigate my involvement with the past Event…Their presence was intimidating, but their attitude was professional and gave the impression that they had a job to do. I accepted that and answered as truthfully as I could to their questions. They seemed ok with that and left after a short while. My impression is that, while I would just as soon NOT have been questioned, I suffered no ill effect from the experience. My wife was quite frightened however. I think that ALL of us were in turn interviewed by the FBI in much the same manner. I believe that today that might not be the same resolution. It is a over-reaction that so many citizens have now gone onto lists and being surveilled by our government. It is spooky to think that our Guardians have become so corrupted, and untrustworthy.

Recently an organization has called for a “citizen’s arrest” of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who admitted to shooting a 17-year-old in Sanford, FL but claimed it was in self-defense.  Zimmerman is now reportedly in hiding, although his address has been “tweeted” and an elderly couple needlessly intimidated.  Have those who called for Zimmerman’s arrest been arrested or questioned, or will they be left alone because they are Eric Holder’s “people?”

During the same time frame as the mainstream media reports cited above, Barton Gellman of TIME wrote a lengthy article naming Fitzpatrick and Huff as “right-wing extremists,” which has been refuted by both.  Fitzpatrick also said that he located an MSNBC report dated October 5, 2010 on the alleged “militia” organization.  “The coordination here is extraordinary,” he said.

Evidence of media manipulation by the White House has been reported by The Post & Email and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse.

The Post & Email has also been told that members of the FBI in the Dallas, TX area are working with other federal government employees to intimidate citizens, perhaps in retaliation for speaking with the press about what was done to Jeff Baron.

The FBI is an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Fitzpatrick concluded:

When you go back and take a look at all of these things, you see the coordination of a military operation, not of militiamen or former military people, but one being carried out by the Obama White House:  the “Obama Army.”  What we’re looking at is not Fitzpatrick’s militia; what we’re looking at is Obama’s militia.  They’re trying to focus attention away from what they’re doing and make innocent people out to be criminals so that Obama’s Militia can take over the Constitution and destroy America in every way.  It’s Obama’s Militia. it’s not us; it’s him.  Who would be part of Obama’s militia?  All of the judges here in town?  It’s not about Democrat or Republican; its; about decent or indecent. It’s J. Reed Dixon; John Kerry Blackwood; Carroll L. Ross; Amy F. Armstrong Reedy; Paul D. Rush; Robert Steven Bebb; Scott Green, the guy who was supposed to be defending Darren Huff, is part of Obama’s militia.  Randy and Matt Rogers, the guys who were supposed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Darren when he was appearing here in town on ridiculous charges; the media…you don’t have this kind of coordination and agreement when there is nothing to it unless you have a military campaign of propaganda and disinformation.  This is exactly how they did it in Russia.  This is all part of a militia movement to replace the Constitution of the United States with their form of government.  It’s a takeover, one step at a time.  And there’s nobody to go to to challenge them because they took away the grand juries back in 1946.  Instead of the grand jury being the defenders of the people, the grand juries are being used against the people.



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