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(Mar. 22, 2012) — On February 20, The Post & Email sent the following to Rep. Jim Coley, who had indicated a willingness to pursue the issuance of a subpoena to a judge who had acted questionably while on the bench.  We also contacted Rep. Linda Elam, whose assistant said would “let us know” if she were interested in the information we had regarding judicial corruption; specifically, the sound recording of Judge J. Reed Dixon stating that a judge would assemble a grand jury in apparent violation of Tennessee state law.  We never heard back from either legislator.

To: rep.jim.coley@capitol.tn.gov
From:Sharon Rondeau
Sent:Mon 2/20/12 11:59 AM

Good morning.  I am editor of The Post & Email, an online newspaper which reports on corruption in government.

Since our inception in December 2009, citizens from your state have come forward with stories of monumental judicial corruption.  All of them have presented documentation to support their claims, and corroboration of the charges against several of the judges is available in your local news reports, which tend to whitewash the problem.

The corruption in Monroe County has been present for at least 30 years.  Recent stories of corruption in both Monroe and other counties can be found here:

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Tennessee Citizens Challenge Corruption

I have a sound recording of a recent probable cause hearing in Monroe County wherein the judge admits that “the judge picks the grand jury.”  This is a clear violation of TCA 22-2-314, which states that jurors must be chosen “by automated means.”  The defendant has taken prior evidence of jury-rigging to the Knoxville FBI on numerous occasions, but they have taken no action that we know of.  In fact, there is evidence that the FBI is in collusion with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

To date, no one seems interested in the fact that the judges are abrogating the civil, constitutional, and human rights of their victims.  Judges and prosecutors act as accusers routinely, thereby shielding themselves from any cross-examination.  The Monroe County jail is unfit for any habitation, and the sheriff’s department is most likely running a racketeering operation through extorting its victims.  The representatives of that area refuse to do anything; I have tried contacting them on several occasions without response.

I have reported several times on the case of Karen Caldwell, who testified in front of your committee on Feb. 14.  The Wilder case noted above is heart-breaking, and the case of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, a 25-year Navy veteran who has been jailed numerous times on charges emanating from illegally-constructed grand juries, has been going on for almost two years.  There are more victims of corruption in Tennessee waiting to speak with me to share their own stories of victimization at the hands of corrupt law enforcement and judges.

I have contacted Rep. Elam’s office as well as Mae Beavers’s office by telephone.  My sense is that everyone knows about the elephant in the room, but no one knows what to do about it.  Consequently, the corrupt judges are so firmly entrenched that they believe that they are invincible, and so far, they have been.

I have also written to the following TN General Assembly members, as have some of my readers who don’t even live in Tennessee: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/12/25/citizen-letter-to-tennessee-legislature-show-courage-and-honor/

Are you willing to take action on this?

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email

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