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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Monroe County, TN has been found to be governed by corrupt public officials who are repeatedly put back in office

(Mar. 20, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following is a continuation of an interview with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has a scheduled hearing on March 26, 2012 at the Monroe County, TN courthouse regarding a charge of “tampering with government records.”]


Everyone has something more important to do, and in the meantime, this guy is signing out one executive order after the next, which are not part of our Constitution.  The way we undo Obama is to bring him up on a charge brought down from a grand jury, moving a prosecutor out of the way, saying, “We’re doing this on our own,” whether it be fraudulent documents, appearing as the president at the U.N. Security Council, whatever you want to charge him with…

People have asked me what happens to me next week, and I’ve said I might be arrested.  A week from now, I could be back in jail.  What we’re seeing here in our own communities is what we’re seeing at the high end.  It’s treason.  People ask, “What are you going to do about it, Walt?”  People can ask that question knowing that there is no grand jury.  There is nothing we can do about it.  Mr. Obama can come in today and take your car.  He can send a state trooper with an FBI agent to your house and take you into custody if he wants.  It’s a declaration of military law.  What more do we need to see?  I don’t know.  I know this much only:  a grand jury needs to get the job done.  There is nothing more important at this time than doing that.  I’m telling people this now because next week at this time, I could be back in jail again…or sooner.  I could walk into the courthouse and they put me under arrest for something I have no idea about, as they did back in June 2010.

I know what I’m going through right now, I think.  It’s a combination of frustration and stress, and these are the things that are killing me.  When I was in that jail, every time someone came in through that door – and there were tens of men who came in through the jailhouse door, maybe close to 200 – but it was a lot of guys.  I wrote them down.  Every day, you’re ready for a fight.  There were men detoxing.  When I was a young man, I always wanted to know what my dad did in the Second World War, and I have some sense of what he did, and I understand why he didn’t tell me.  I’m not going to go through the graphic details of what happened in that cement block, but it wasn’t pleasant, and it created a tremendous amount of stress.  Stress kills, and I get that.

The other thing that I’m dealing with now is frustration.  People who know as much as you do who are in a position to act and refuse to act…it’s just driving me crazy.

I’m giving you the information as it becomes known to me sensitive to the fact that if I get picked up tonight by somebody knocking at my door, at least I won’t have to be frustrated that I command this information in this moment and want to get it to you but can’t because I’m locked up again.  If I go back into the cement block, at least I won’t have to think about this.

We are in real trouble now, and I don’t know how else to say to people, “We need to act.”

They went after the guy who poisoned the trees; they went after him, arrested him, prosecuted him, and he’s in jail now.   No one has gone after Mr. Bryan, and we all know why.  Mr. Obama is trying to take over the country, and anybody who stands up to stop him gets the same treatment as Darren’s getting right now, as I’ve gotten, and that’s why people are afraid to do anything else.  We have to find someone…at least I’ve told somebody.

Back in June, it was the grand jury that came together, and in secret, they added two felony charges to the list of charges I was already facing, and the Assistant District Attorney, Jim Stutts, working with the grand jury, had two felony charges, and turned to the Sheriff’s Department and said, “We’re issuing an arrest warrant for Fitzpatrick; go and get him.”  I could walk into the courthouse and the sheriff’s department could place me under arrest walking in the door, without ever getting into the courtroom, because this grand jury has handed down additional charges that we know nothing about now which support an arrest warrant which the sheriff’s department in Monroe County, TN would be acting upon because I’m in Monroe County in the courthouse.  And the judge that day, whoever is on the bench, would have nothing to do with that.  The judge that day is nothing more than a newscaster…”Here is what the grand jury said, Mr. Fitzpatrick; it’s going to go to a trial, and here is the next date that you need to be back here in this courtroom.”  Or in the alternative, he could say, “They haven’t built the grand jury yet, so we don’t have a decision; come back in a month and we’ll have an answer for you then.” Or the judge could say, “The grand jury was constructed; it did hear your case, and it’s been dropped.”

What needs to be done is that a group of people comes together in their community, go to their grand jury, demand that they push the prosecutor aside and that the grand jury does its job, and that can happen anywhere in the country.  Or a grand jury, on its own initiative – for example, in Arizona – they understand what’s at work here and recognize the draconian measure that Mr. Obama has just taken by way of this executive order and they say, “OK, we’ve had enough,” and they issue a presentment.  They come down with a formal accusation naming Mr. Obama in any crime that they choose to address.  And goodness knows, it’s a target-rich environment.  So that’s how you stop it.  It’s the grand jury.

So Mr. Obama goes out and seizes some agricultural land in, let’s say, Nevada.  They’ve already had some issues there where the feds have tried to do a land grab.  So they say it’s a national security issue, but it’s a land grab for any other purpose.  But then you have a sheriff come in and say, “No, you can’t.”  You’re going to have people shooting at each other, an escalation of the civil war which has already begun.  There have already been these confrontation between a sheriff and the feds in places such as Arizona and Nevada.  Mr. Obama has thrown down the gauntlet when he said, “We’re coming at you.”

The secretaries are now saying that they’re now dealing with the international community, so Obama is acting as an international overseer…this is real trouble.  It’s really bad.  Mr. Obama is working with extraordinary speed.  He is moving faster than we are.  We have no more excuses.  People right now are more concerned with their tickets for the March basketball season than they are with the fact that he signed out this executive order which says that he can come in and take over the city where your teams are playing and never have to explain the reasons.

This is what a grand jury is all about.  The jury is where the power of “We the People” has been placed:  the grand jury and the trial jury.  It’s in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments.  We better wake up.  The frog is in the water and the heat has been turned up.  I’m on the roof, pots and pans banging.  As I say, if I get locked up again tonight because they come knocking at my door in the middle of the night…they’re trying to make me be quiet and go away, because I am on the roof, banging the pots and pans, saying, “We need to get a grand jury to act, and we need to act now.”

There is nothing more important.  The attorneys general in any state have a lot of attorneys working for them.  If an attorney general is not working on it himself, they can always turn to one of their assistants and say, “OK, this is over to you.”  When Mr. Obama is removed from his office and brought up on a charge of treason or any other illegal act for which a grand jury decides to hold him accountable, for example, forgery of documents used to get on the ballots in any of the 50 states or whatever else they choose to bring by way of a criminal complaint where they see that he is criminally accountable, then, because he’s illegitimate, nothing that he has signed stands.  So if you want to get rid of health care, instead of dealing with this with the Supreme Court, although you can do that, too, the easy route for a lawyer is to have a grand jury say, “Excuse me, but you’re not legit, and this health care bill that you’ve signed and any other executive order that you’ve penned goes out the window.”

Any attorney general can also call for the convening of a special grand jury.  It’s like when you’re in battle:  you want to come at your enemy from as many different directions as you can.  At the beginning of the battle, you may not know for yourself where the weakest point is for the enemy.  Based upon the intelligence you have, you think you know where their weak points are.  At one point, from one perspective, you may break through the enemy lines.  The concept of attacking an enemy from an entrenched position is you’re attacking from different positions at the same time, stretching your enemy to his elastic limit.  He has to defend several positions at the same time.  He’s not going to be able to defend them all.  The logic goes that one of them is going to break because that was the weak point.

Do we know which one is the weak point going in?  No, not necessarily.  Is it fair to describe one avenue of attack as easier than another avenue of attack?  No, not really.  The only way we will find out where the weak point is is to stress them coming from as many different directions as we know.

So there’s no reason why a grand jury can’t be an avenue of attack naming Mr. Obama as I’ve suggested to do the kind of things that need to be done and stress his defense in that way and let him meet the challenge if he can.

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  1. Mr. Fitzpatrick, The enemies of our constitution are so deeply entrenched in the Republican and Democrat organizations, the legal system and our courts, law enforcement, mass media news outlets, and even in our once doctrinally sound Christian Churches which have been turned apostate by liberal, “progressive” theologians employing faulty methods of textual criticism in order to twist the Word of God to mean something other than what it says. God is still in control though. God has left us, ‘We the People,’ who would defend the constitution; the honor of the office of the president of the United States of America; and the Bible, in such a position that only He can rescue us from the darkness of ignorance perpetrating usurpation of the liberty that was once quintessentially American. With liberty comes responsibility and the fact is that ‘We the People’ are to blame for failing to guard our precious freedom. We have allowed the “modern” critics, the documentarians, (also known as Form critics, “higher” critics, source critics, and the big one: radical historical-critical school of textual criticism), into the Church and they have determined false doctrines which have led the Church away from the truth. The same faulty method used by the Form critics (See Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell, Vol. II.), that is to say – maintaining that the Bible is an “evolving” document created within the Sitz en Lebin (contemporaneous community) of the day in order to serve that communities contemporaneous needs and wants, shall be employed in order to re-write our constitution without following the amending process. As opposed to respecting the words for what they say, the liberal, “progressive” form critics maintain that the constitution is an evolving document and we, (or more specifically “they”) as the community leaders of todays Sitz em Leben have a duty, a responsibility, to determine what today’s communities needs are and accordingly re-interpret the constitution to mean anything that they want it to mean. These self-proclaimed highly gifted, enigmatically insighted and intellectually and morally superior community leaders within the liberal “progressive” community assert the authority to disregard the law enumerated in our constitution and maintain that their authority is derived from an higher power than the laws of the state or the law of God. Please read ‘The Law’ by a guy named Frederick Bastiat. He has arrived at a great many of the same conclusions that I have in my search for understanding. Forgive me for running on; hope I get to meet you one day. (I hate to say it, but it will probably be in one of those internment camps that Obama’s building! Hah! Nevertheless, our God reigns! In all things rejoice! We may witness horrendous defeats on this front or that, but the battle belongs to the Lord and we already have victory in Jesus. VICTORI TE SALUTAMUS, ctf

  2. In Georgia any elected official in a county of population greater than 70,000 can petition the chief judge to seat a special grand jury or the judge can do so himself. However, regular county grand juries are seated every year and meet periodically to investigate complaints. These grand juries in Georgia are required to accept complaints from citizens.

    But the DA “controls” the grand jury due to their lack of knowledge on what their responsibility and power actually is. So the key to getting a complaint/introducing knowledge to the grand jury is first of all to inform the foreman that he is required to accept it. Once he has that understanding he must then be convinced to present it to the jury body.

    If he agrees to present it to the jury body, three issues must be addressed. These are the issues that the DA will instruct the grand jury on to squelch the complaint. Note that a grand jury can act on any information that comes to their knowledge.

    You must demonstrate “standing”. This means you must show how you will be hurt if the situation you complain of is not corrected. If you are a veteran, always state that you are being frustrated in your efforts to uphold the Oath you swore to defend the Constitution.

    You must substantiate “venue/jurisdiction”. If you have entered anything but a complaint against a county official/activity, the DA will instruct the jury that they do not have jurisdiction. A grand jury has jurisdiction wherever they want to investigate but the DA will convince them otherwise. So your complaint must have been abdicated by all “superior” agencies, thus leaving the county as your venue of last resort.

    The DA will instruct the grand jury on protocol, official letters, jurisdictional precedence, and other miscellaneous “rules” of the court that preclude the grand jury from acting on your complaint. The grand jury is only allowed to act on the law that has been made pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution. You must state in your complaint that rules do not trump law.

    Look at the laws in your state. Get a good understanding of how your grand jury works. Meet with your current grand jury foreman and ask him or her the hypothetical question about your imputting to the jury. If he is agreeable, input something of a not-too-controversial, partisan, or political nature. If that flies, then ratchet up your input to charges of treason against PBO!

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Somewhere out there will be a grand jury foreman who is a Constitutional conservative that will carry a complaint all the way to Washington.

    See the archived post on “Georgia citizen challenges secretary of state in grand jury”.

  3. Fitz, there is NO possible way for me to get to “The Twin .50’s” or the “Ammo Stores”, BUT at age 70 IF it were possible I would be manning those .50’s and Fighting “At your Shoulder!!” I Pray for you every day~But I CAN’T GET THERE, from HERE~!!
    May GOD Steer you to “Better Weather!!”
    SEMPRE FI!!!