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by Gary Stevens

Is there a candidate who will ask Obama these 12 simple questions?

(Feb. 16, 2012) — Election time is upon us once again. For clarity of the issues facing the candidates or challenging candidates to even appear on ballots for 2012, a simple engagement (preferably on camera) of inquiry provided in the list below should reveal the most pressing Constitutional issue facing America. For every candidate these types of questions have been routine and required to be sufficiently, accurately, and honestly confirmed to receive their Party nomination, that is, until the 2008 election, when none of the questions were answered and independently confirmed for Barack Hussein Obama.

Perhaps the 2012 election will be different. The more discerning voter has reasonable doubt that the last election was legitimate because of a questionably ineligible candidate on the ballot. This suspicion can be alleviated by obtaining the answers to twelve questions which Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama, has never PERSONALLY answered.

  1. Where and when did you formally (legally) change your name from Barry Soetero to Barack H. Obama?
  2. What hospital in Hawaii will/can confirm your birth record?
  3. With which student status (resident, foreign, etc.) did you apply for student loans at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard?
  4. Have you ever traveled to Russia?
  5. Having run as the most transparent candidate, why do you block all access to past records?
  6. Since your release on April 27, 2011 of your Hawaii birth record, can we the American people see the microfiche of the original since you have nothing to hide?
  7. How do you respond to the computer, Adobe®, and graphics experts who have declared your “long-form birth certificate” a forgery?
  8. How did you secure a Connecticut Social Security number while living in Hawaii?
  9. In transparency that you consistently affirm, would you commit to an independent DNA test confirming your claimed biological ancestry?
  10. Can you explain the motivation for signing Executive Order #13489 sealing all records of your identity, passports, school attendance, college records, Selective Service registration, etc.?
  11. How did Bill Ayers (he only lived in the neighborhood) have authorization to pick up your kids from school?
  12. As a sponsor (with Hillary Clinton) of Senate Resolution 511 confirming McCain as eligible for the office of POTUS during the 2008 election, how do you qualify as Article II, Section 1 Constitutional “natural born Citizen” with a non-citizen father?

Those running and debating for President of the United States only need to ask Barry Soetero the above short list of pertinent questions to establish legitimate law-abiding grounds on which to proceed further into the campaign. Unless the above questions are accurately and provably dealt with, there is NO election by law. There was no legal election in 2008, since the issues are unresolved and continually pending within the corruption of Congress, Department of Justice, Homeland Security (think of it, a usurper has authority over these agencies), CIA, FBI, State Department, NSA, etc.

May integrity rule where it has declined. May the new candidates be filled with humble boldness to ask penetrating, truth-seeking, and law-abiding questions, and in so doing, secure a leadership that is from the people, for the people and by the people.

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  1. Think President Takkiya would be ruffled by those twelve questions?
    Imagine a press conference in the future – one question and one question only.

    1. You incorrectly presume there was a name change.
    2. You’ll have to ask them.
    3. Sorry that was three questions. Next?
    4. No.
    5. We have not done that.
    6. We agree, I have nothing to hide.
    7. The federal government’s standard of experts undoubtedly differs from yours.
    8. I didn’t.
    9. None of my predecessors has been asked to do that and as the nation’s first African American president neither will I.
    10. Respectfully you have misread the Executive Order.
    11. I think someone’s been spending too much time on the Internet (general laughter).
    12. The proper certifying authorities vetted this in 2008. You’d have to go back and ask them.

    “THANK YOU.”

    Now, if he were under oath….

  2. What we need are people to attend the debates and as Alinsky taught 0bama, pretend to be 0bama-supporters who will ask “appropriate” questions to sneak these questions in.

  3. Great questions. But who of the GOP candidates, the debate moderators or the fearful, unprincipled media heads will dare to ask any of these solidly legitimate questions? If history is our guide, NONE OF THEM!

  4. Polarik is on record of debunking the the Obama birth certificate and the Soetoro Dunham divorce papers. Those papers had a different signature from the high school signature of Stanley Anne Dunham. Same goes for the Obama Dunham divorce papers claiming Mental Cruelty. Hawaii never had such a grounds for divorce. With the Obama birth announcements in Hawaii newspapers altered, forged and never denied or confirmed by those newspapers All of the Obama documents and family photos are forgeries. Have a good day, America.

    1. Speaking of family photos, this morning the local (DC area) talk radio station I listen to (630 WMAL) posted a photo gallery entitled “President Obama: From Birth to 50” on its web-site. I’ve seen most of the photos before but a few I’ve never seen…like the first one captioned “Birth-August 4, 1961” above the photo and “Born in Honolulu, Hawaii” below the photo. Here’s the URL: http://www.wmal.com/photoWallPhoto.asp?wallID=68375&photoID=4821518

      I’m sure Polarik et al can shed some light on the authenticity of the photos.

  5. Basic reason #1 why I signed-up to be a Republican candidate for president in 2012 was to get in on the debates where I could “set the record straight”. For instance, if the moderator would ask, “OPOVV, what do you think of the president’s selling Israel down the river?” I’d answer, “You mean the de facto president? You mean what do I think of the South Side Chicago con-artist, the illegal immigrant, the Muslim plant, the “Clown of American politics”, the imposter, the low life, the future detainee at Gitmo, the sorry excuse we have masquerading as president, you mean, his selling Israel down the river, is that who you mean? He’s not the president, don’t you know that, Mr. Media Moderator? Obama, or whoever he thinks he is today, doesn’t meet the qualifications set forth in the Constitution to be president, or did you miss that particular memo, or maybe you weren’t paying attention in American Civics class, or maybe your Commie teacher skipped that part of the lesson plan. Ask me the question again, but this time, get it right”.