Emer de Vattel, Adolf Hitler, America’s Youth, and the Natural Born Citizen Clause

“CHILDREN…FOLLOW…THE CONDITION OF THEIR FATHERS” by Mario Apuzzo, Esq., ©2011 (Dec. 15, 2011) — I read with interest the story published on December 10, 2011 at WND entitled, “4th-graders brainwashed with Occupy ‘propaganda’-Student’s dad complains to Scholastic News publisher.”  The 4th grade child’s father, who I will call “father Edward,” complained to Scholastic because in […]

American Energy Can Jump-Start US Recovery

TAPPING ABUNDANT U.S. ENERGY DEPOSITS WOULD CREATE JOBS AND RESTORE PROSPERITY by Paul Driessen, ©2011 (Dec. 15, 2011) — Our nation’s economic growth may finish an anemic 2% on the year. Faced with looming taxes and regulations, few companies are expanding, hiring or buying equipment. More than 14 million Americans are unemployed, excluding the nearly […]

Citizen Fighting Corruption: “Watch the Courts!”

COURT-WATCHERS NEEDED IN ALL STATES TO EXPOSE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION from a Reader (Dec. 15, 2011) — We have watched in complete horror the take-over of every branch of our government. The corruption is so all-encompassing, there is no longer a safe haven from any of the onslaught of criminality. Congress is corrupt, the executive branch […]

What About Forgery, Lies and Cover-ups Do They not Understand?

“IT’S JUST OUR CONSTITUTION” by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate (Dec. 15, 2011) — ‘It is as if a ‘plague of fear, intimidation and cowardice,’  has swept over the hearts and mouths of our Political leaders and most media.  As a Mom,  I know kids love to play games but those currently running for President are the biggest gamers ever!  Our […]