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by 82ndSgt, ©2011, blogging at The Right Planet

(Dec. 7, 2011) — It is a terrible thing to fear your government, but our government has given us many reasons to fear it, and has been doing so for many years. Whether it’s being able to take your property “for the common good” under the eminent domain law and compensating you whatever they feel is a fair price, or being able to place U.S. citizens under “indefinite detention,” the government has way overstepped any bounds of the Constitution.

The 2006 Military Commissions Act (MCA) authorized torture and sweeping unconstitutional power to detain, interrogate and prosecute alleged suspects and collaborators (including US citizens), and to hold them indefinitely (without evidence) in military prisons, and deny them habeas and other constitutional protections. Unbeknownst to many, section 1031 of the FY 2010 Defense Authorization Act contained the updated 2009 (MCA) in which the phrase “unlawful enemy combatant” is replaced with “unprivileged enemy belligerent,” a very subtle but ominously significant change.

New fencing at an old, supposedly abandoned base

Some people have brought attention to FEMA camps set up all over the country that are ostensibly for domestic disaster relief. But why would the fencing and barbed wire be facing inward, as you can see in this photo of old Ft Leonard Wood? Inward facing barbed wire on this new fencing displays an intent to keep people in, not out.

“But“, you say, “There is no way the American military would sit still for this”. And hopefully you’re right! But in this 1994 Armed Forces Survey you can see that U.S. troops are being acclimated to the idea of swearing allegiance not to the U.S., but to the U.N., as well as the use of force against American citizens. Look at these two questions specifically:

45:  I would swear to the following code; ”I am a United Nations fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and every nation’s way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.”

(__) Strongly agree

(__) Disagree strongly

(__) Agree

(__) No opinion

46: The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non sporting firearms. A thirty day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement; I would fire on U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.

(__) Strongly agree

(__) Disagree strongly

(__) Agree

(__) No opinion

Also, Foreign troops of many different nations have been doing “martial law” training in this country who have no allegiance to U.S. citizens, or qualms about using whatever force necessary to achieve their objective.

The only thing standing in the way of a complete forcible takeover by a hostile domestic government is our second amendment rights, which coincidentally are under constant assault. The Japanese knew that occupation of the U.S. was impossible as long as there was an armed populace. As Isoroku Yamamoto famously said. “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. We are safe from our government as long as we are armed. But if ever the government succeeds in disposing of our second amendment rights, look out!

I strongly recommend watching the Youtube videos on”FEMA detainment camps” and “UN troops in America”. They are rather long, but definitely worth watching.

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  1. Without being disrespectful to all in the military, many who are brave and believe they are being loyal to their oath to the Constitution, after three years of a known usurper as commander-in-chief and no action except from a very few in the military, I think the U.S. military, if directed by the Obama regime, would march American citizens which the regime deems a threat to it’s Marxist/Communist take-over off to the FEMA camps without hesitation.

    It hurts me to think that, but the military, like Congress and anyone capable of logical thought, knows the presidency has been usurped by an unknown whose intentions and actions are completely incompatible with America’s freedoms and independent spirit.

    We are being destroyed from the inside out.