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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Should every American be trained in the use of firearms?

(Dec. 4, 2011) — You know what? Being in combat is like nothing you’ve ever imagined nor experienced before. You can train until the cows come home, but when it really goes down, it’s a whole new world. The first thing that dawns on one rather quickly is that you’ve absolutely no place to go. It’s not like “Okay, everybody, I’m going to take a ‘Time-Out’, if you don’t mind. I’ll see you all later.”  Well, they do mind and you may not see anyone later, or they you. You can’t, like, “Call in,” or “I’m sick. I need to go to sick bay.”  The “I’m not feeling any too well” ploy doesn’t cut it: there’s no such animal as an antonym for “in combat,” like “out combat,” or “combat out.” Combat is a condition where you are or aren’t, and there are no half-measures.  A short fire fight gets the adrenalin pumping at full speed as a three-day affair.

But training does count, and it counts a whole lot, and the reason is that after you’ve trained and trained so much that you can do it with your eyes closed or when sleeping, THAT’S the pay-off. It’s like this: when the proverbial hits the fan, when everything is crazy in real-quick time, to have to take the time out to think what you’re doing may deprive you of the time you need to think ahead to plan “B” and not get tunnel vision and lock-on plan “A.” Training keeps you focused on the “what’s next,” because the here and now has become automatic, because you’ve trained to “keep your powder dry” and your “weapon clean.”

Of course we all have weapons; I mean, most of the people reading this are Patriots, believers in the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Oh, if you don’t fit in the above category, consider yourself a target. Okay, now, you Patriots, I want to tell you to handle your weapons every evening. Maybe a good cleaning on Sunday. On Monday practice loading. On Tuesday take inventory of the shells. The point is, don’t let a day go by without handling one of your weapons. Just do it. And after a while you’ll be loading or cleaning without even thinking about it.

As far as target practice goes, most of us don’t have a shooting range off the back porch like I do. But I’ve lived in other places where I didn’t even have a yard, so how do you practice marksmanship then? Well, if you live in an apartment, you can practice shooting without any bullets. Just get set up as you would at the shooting range and control your breathing and SQUEEZE the trigger. Go through the motions EXACTLY as if you were shooting at a target with live ammo. A pellet or BB gun is another trick for practicing while indoors. And always, but ALWAYS, practice good sound weapon safety:

1. Treat every weapon as if loaded

2. Keep trigger finger OFF the trigger

3. Only point the weapon at viable targets

4. Keep weapon on SAFE until you use it

And number 5. Never jerk the trigger; always squeeze. That’s why when you go to the shooting range, you really want to do your best with each and every shot.

And then, you know what? After a while, it’ll all become second nature, like brushing your teeth. And that’s what you want:  to be able to handle your weapon without thinking about it.

It’s exactly like combat: we’ve no place to go, and we wouldn’t anyway, because this is OUR country, and we’re not going to give it up to any Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian-loving Muslim, no way, no how. They want our guns. I don’t think so. I’m telling each and every one of you, start your training with your weapons, and start NOW. We’re going to have to rely on one another, and we’re going to watch each other’s backs. We not only can do it, WE WILL DO IT.


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  1. Not sure where we are going with this but . . .
    For CC: Take a gun handling/safety course first. Most folks here are vets or LEO so don’t stress that enough. I am as big as it gets on right to own arms but if you never have owned a firearm I think you should learn about them first.
    As part of this process you will decide what firearm you need to have. My guess is you want to provide for home defense. If so, put a semi-auto handgun with a “4” in the model number somewhere and a 12 ga. pump on your short list.
    Take a firearm safety course, learn your firearms, and stay proficient with them.

  2. Hopefully this letter will give me the kick in the pants that I need to get started on owning and knowing how to use my first weapon. Times have changed, and unfortunately for the worse. It doesn’t help that our Constitution has been treated like garbage.

  3. Old guy thoughts . . .

    I grew up in Vermont in the 30’s and 40’s. In Vermont guns are, that’s about it. There are no “rules” about “carry”, there never were. I had guns from when I was 12 years old. However they were used to “harvest” food, period. Not target practice, no one had money to play with.
    But now guns have taken on an ominous persona for me. I learned their alternate use in the Army in the 50’s and became good at it. But now I am faced with use of firearms in a non-combat combat scenario. It took some searching but I think the ultimate answer was in the Good Book and common sense. We have an inalienable right to protect ourselves, our family, and our property, consider that when you are holding that half breath and squeezing that trigger. The target you shoot at today may be someone who wants to do you serious harm another day.

    And the old folks need to get up to speed on modern weapons. The tactical weapon of choice is no longer a 30-06. And they aren’t made of cast iron any longer, they are polymer and kick like crazy. But the the good old .45 ACP is still around and it comes in little pocket guns, that kick like crazy, but hold 11 rounds.

  4. Vietnam Vet, re: “It’s exactly like combat: we’ve no place to go, and we wouldn’t anyway, because this is OUR country, and we’re not going to give it up to any Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian-loving Muslim, no way, no how. They want our guns.” Yes, they – meaning Obama and his allies – want our guns, because would-be totalitarian regimes always attempt to disarm those they wish to subjugate. There are two hundred million firearms in circulation in the USA, so we’re a tough nut to crack… but while the neo-Marxists and neo-fascists in the regime are waiting for success on that front, they’ll settle for our wallets and pocketbooks, instead of our guns, and they will also take as many of our freedoms as possible. There are a great many ways to attack someone; violence is only one of them. Being well-armed only assures that our foes will attack us via some other less-overt means. We should be alert to such beneath-the-radar methods…

  5. ROGER, THAT!! The only way they will get mine, is IF they can PRY it from my Lifeless Hands!! They can’t have mine!!
    Form UP, Close Ranks, Take that D**N Hill!!
    SEMPRE FI!!!