Iron Curtain Begins Descending onto the United States of America

IS THIS NOW THE LAND OF LENIN, KRUSCHEV AND STALIN? by Sher Zieve, ©2011 (Dec. 2, 2011) — As Barack Hussein Obama’s real (internal) poll numbers continue to plummet into oblivion, Obama and his increasingly complicit Congress secretly pass laws that will enslave, incarcerate and even murder their fellow Americans–for the explicit purpose of those […]

Plaintiffs in Obama Class Action Lawsuit to Meet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on December 5

AND WILL ADDRESS TEA PARTY GROUP AFTERWARD Press Release from Van Irion, Liberty Legal Foundation (Dec. 2, 2011) — Mark Your Calendars – Dec 5th, 6:30pmArizona Project 2012, and other members of the Tea Party Coalition, are graciously hosting Liberty Legal Foundation and Presidential candidate John Dummett Monday night at The Elks Lodge, Phoenix.  Please join […]

Update: Breaking: Atty. Orly Taitz Provides Updates on Hawaii Birth Certificate Case and Obama Ballot Challenges

BALLOT CHALLENGES FILED IN GEORGIA, HAWAII AND NEW HAMPSHIRE by Sharon Rondeau (Dec. 2, 2011) — On December 1, 2011, Atty. Orly Taitz provided The Post & Email with first-hand updates on actions she has undertaken in Georgia, New Hampshire, and Hawaii regarding Obama’s name being placed on the 2012 presidential ballot in those states. […]