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by Sharon Rondeau

William O'Brien has been a state representative from New Hampshire's Hillsborough 4 District since 2004 and became Speaker of the House in 2011

(Nov. 21, 2011) — The following email was received at approximately 7:45 p.m. EST from New Hampshire Rep. Harry Accornero, who was present at the November 18, 2011 Ballot Law Commission meeting in Concord, NH to discuss whether or not Obama’s name should be placed on the state’s ballot:

Sent:  Monday, November 21, 2011 6:21 PM
To:  Accornero, Harry; DeLemus, Susan; Baldasaro, Al; Baldasaro,Alfred
‘Delaney, Michael A’ [Michael.A.Delaney@doj.nh.gov]; Ann Rice [ann.rice@doj.nh.gov]; Bettencourt, David; ‘robert.quinn@dos.nh.gov’; Mead, Robert; Wadsworth, Karen; Joyner, Randy

November 21, 2011
Dear Representatives Accornero, DeLemus and Baldasaro:
I have just had a meeting with Attorney General Delaney concerning the Ballot Law Commission hearing on November 18.  He is concerned over how members of the House conducted themselves during and following the hearing, as well as for the safety of a member of his office who attended the meeting in an official capacity.
I am requesting that the Chief of Protective Services, Randy Joyner, conduct an investigation of the incident and provide a written report to me.  In addition, I have been informed that the Attorney General has requested that Colonel Quinn of the State Police have his office conduct a review of the incident.  Please provide both Protective Services and the State Police your full cooperation and candor should they contact you.  I am deferring any meeting concerning the issues underlying the November 18 hearing or the hearing itself until these reviews are completed.

William L. O’Brien
Speaker of the House
cc: Attorney General Michael A. Delaney
Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice
House Majority Leader David J. Bettencourt
Colonel Robert L. Quinn, Director of State Police
Chief of Staff Robert D. Mead
House Clerk Karen O. Wadsworth
Chief of Protective Services Randy Joyner


Editor’s Note:  The above email was sent in an apparent non-copyable format, hence its reproduction here.  We received it just after Rep. Harry Accornero informed us that a meeting scheduled for November 22 among O’Brien and several members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives was canceled due to a “scheduling conflict.”

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office can be contacted here.  The New Hampshire State Police website is here.

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  1. “I have just had a meeting with Attorney General Delaney concerning the Ballot Law Commission hearing on November 18. He is concerned over how members of the House conducted themselves during and following the hearing, as well as for the safety of a member of his office who attended the meeting in an official capacity.”

    What the hell is that all about? No concern for the state and/or federal constitution being violated – we have to make certain there were no threats to our sacred cows. Is it time to burn the house down yet?

    When do corruption and unlawful actions become prime concern of the Speaker and the AG? Sadly, I expect these investigations will not be completed until February.

  2. N.H Speaker of the House, William L. O’Brien, is defending an egregious contravention of the Constitution of the United States of America. His attack upon the patriots who demanded that the Constitution be adhered to at the Ballot Commission Hearing on 18, Nov. is unquestionably TREASONOUS. The eligibility issue is not going away. Administrators at Harvard Law School, Occidental and Columbia should be held accountable for their refusal to release records on Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein Obama’; the financial aid records will surely show that Islamic interests funded the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombassa’s education. Hospital administrators and Gov. Abercrombie in Hawaii should be held accountable for their participation in establishing the falsified chain of custody for the forged birth certificate. Many Americans such as those in New Hampshire who attended the Ballot Commission Meeting on Nov. 18th would like to see a peaceful resolution to this catastrophic contravention of the constitution. The possibility of a peaceful resolution appears less and less likely as further assaults upon our liberty unfold such as Speaker O’Brien’s deplorable, un-American actions. Is there any truth to the rumor that there has been a bounty put on the head of the not-so-honorable Speaker?

  3. It’s called intimidation. The New Hampshire Attorney General wants to scare the members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives into backing off of the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility. An official police investigation into their conduct is a power-play he is using to intimidate them.

    There seems to be very little difference between our governments and organized crime with thugs like William O’Brien figuratively putting horse heads and dead fish in people’s beds to send them a message. – “Don’t look into Obama’s background or you’ll end up swimming with the fishes with a pair of lead shoes on.”

  4. Bring it on, O’Brien. Let’s see whether you are able to skate through this treasonous tactic of intimidation without so much as turning up the heat on the squatter in the White House and his lackeys.

  5. So, rather than ask the NH Attorney General to investigate why neither the NH Assistant Secretary of State, the NH Deputy Attorney General or any member of the NH Elections Ballot Law Commission didn’t present anything during the latter’s hearing last Friday to refute anything contained in the 85 pages of documentation Mrs. Orly Taitz provided to each of the aforementioned NH State officials, the NH Speaker of the House asks NH Chief of Protective Services to investigate the conduct of the messengers?

    When you don’t like the message attack the messenger(s) thereof. Dispicable.

  6. I do not quite understand the gist of his message. Is he suggesting Mrs. Orly Taitz
    and her supporters presented a threat or conducted themselves in a fashion not
    called for?

    We all know very well it is the election committee of every state in the union that
    should be under investigation.