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by Sharon Rondeau

First page of incident report involving Bari Shabazz in Hawaii in 1982 which was amended to "nolle prosequi" in 2003, 21 years after his alleged death

(Nov. 9, 2011) — In a posting dated November 7, 2011, Atty. Mario Apuzzo reported that the criminal record of a Bari Shabazz, who apparently failed to appear in court following a car accident in Hawaii in 1982, was changed 21 years later to indicate that the charge of driving without a valid license would not be prosecuted and that the judgment had been “satisfied.”

Shabazz’s death is reported to have been recorded in the Social Security Administration’s database as having occurred in August 1994.  Why would a prosecutor in Hawaii ask a judge to expunge a criminal record of someone who had been deceased for more than two decades?  How could its validity have been contested so many years after the event which it chronicled?

It appears another change was made in 2005 to the record indicating that there was no money owed to the court in the form of fines or fees.

What motivation would a prosecutor have to raise the issue 21 years after the fact?  How could a judge have even prosecuted a deceased man?

But was Shabazz dead, or simply renamed?  Is Bari Shabazz’s middle initial “M”?

The Terrible Truth blog contends that Bari M. Shabazz is the original identity of Barack Hussein Obama II, that he is a fugitive from justice, and that he was born in New York City on October 28, 1959.  Author Martha Trowbridge states that Shabazz’s father was Malcolm X, the black civil rights leader who had initially preached that white men were “blue-eyed devils.”

If Shabazz became Obama, was the Hawaii bench warrant nullified in 2003 because Obama planned to run for the U.S. Senate from the state of Illinois in 2004?  Was Obama fearful that someone could unravel a secret past?

And was the additional altering of the record in 2005 made in preparation for Obama’s run for the White House rumored as early as 2006?  Were the alterations made just in case someone perceived a connection between Shabazz and Obama?

Is there a connection?

Are there connections among Barack Obama Sr., Malcolm X, Nikita Kruschev and Fidel Castro?

Malik” is the name of the eldest son of Barack Obama Sr. as well as Bari Shabazz’s middle name.  Malik Obama was Barack Hussein Obama’s best man at his wedding.  Malik has stated that Obama was also best man at his wedding, but does not say which one, as Malik is a polygamist.

Malcolm X had been known as “Detroit Red” during his youth.  Did the clothing worn by the Obama family on Election Night 2008 signify a connection to that nickname?  Malcolm admitted to using various identities, including “Shabazz.”

Malcolm X visited Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation of Islam, in Chicago after his release from prison in 1952, and Muhammad became Malcolm’s mentor.  Today, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and rejuvenator of the Fruit of Islam, the security wing of the NOI, lives in Obama’s Chicago neighborhood. There is a connection among Farrakhan, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Obama.  Farrakhan and Wright had traveled to visit the recently-assassinated Muomaar Qaddafi of Libya in 1984.  Following Qaddafi’s death, early indications were that the rebels could institute Sharia law as the foundation of an interim government.

Why did Obama choose that neighborhood to raise his young family?

Malcolm X’s family has accused Louis Farrakhan of plotting the assassination of their father, and one of the daughters was arrested in 1995 for allegedly plotting to kill Farrakhan.  Is Farrakhan “just a guy in the neighborhood” for Obama?

Percy Sutton was “a family friend” and attorney to Malcolm X, and he recommended that Harvard Law School accept Obama as a student because he was “brilliant.”

It is reported that Barack Obama Sr.’s education at the University of Hawaii was funded partly by the Laubach Literacy Institute.  A supporter of the Institute was Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, who is described as a “friend” of Malcolm X.

Kenyan politician Tom Mboya was acquainted with Barack Obama Sr., and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk knew both men.

One writer states that Barack Obama Sr.’s paternity of Obama “is probably false.”

Could this be why Obama has never released his school records, medical records, or any verifiable documentation about himself?  Does it explain why the two images he has released as “birth certificates” were immediately labeled forgeries?  Would it explain why Obama’s social security number was issued from a state in which he never resided, worked or attended school?

How did Obama accomplish election to public office without at least a certified copy of his original birth certificate?  How was he deemed to be eligible for the offices he sought and free of a criminal past?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio pledged to investigate Obama’s background and recently stated that he has information which would be a “shock” to the American people.  Will that shock come from the revelation of identity theft, election fraud, and a criminal past on the part of the putative president who had touted the message of “hope and change” so loudly during the 2008 presidential campaign?

Is there really no such person as Barack Hussein Obama II?  Were members of the Kenyan Parliament lying when they asserted that Obama was born in their country rather than the United States?  Were the African newspapers incorrect when they stated that Obama had been born in Kenya?

What about the document which Lucas Smith stated he obtained from the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya which bears the name “Barack Hussein Obama II?”  Copies of the document, along with personalized letters, were mailed during the summer of 2010 to every member of the 111th Congress, yet they all state that Obama was born in Hawaii.  What proof exists that he was?  The hospital which Obama has identified as “the place of my birth” refuses to discuss it.

How can a person without a past become the President of the United States and command its military forces?


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  1. Sharon, Maybe everyone has been looking in the wrong places for his birth certificate, birth hospital.. Maybe his birth hospital is in Queens, NY , NOT in HI nor Kenya ? … It may just be worth looking in to….

    1. Mr. Time?

      The anti-AMERICA freaks are just what they are. Un-educated freaks who because of uncontrolled “me…..ism” which leads to “U.S. bailoutism in a America… pushed by liberal freaks who promise free excuses to the UNDESERERD OF THEIR own CRIMEISM!

  2. Quote:

    “Author Martha Trowbridge states that Shabazz’s father was Malcolm X, the black civil rights leader who had initially preached that “white men

    Just pointing out that incomplete sentence.

    As far out as it may seem, anything is possible with Obama, and we certainly have nothing that proves he is who he says, or that a person named “Barack Hussein Obama II” really exist other than a manufactured personality for whoever Bari, Barry, Barack really is.

    Reminds me of a past article here at The Post & Email titled, “There is no “president” Obama”.

    It is especially scary that the U.S. military, with full knowledge of the charade in progress at the highest levels of government, continue to respond as if nothing is wrong while the usurper systematically demoralizes and weakens the military. My initial hope that the military would side with their oath to the Constitution, and with the people, has proven so far to, apparently, not be true.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, it’s been corrected.