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by Dr. Laurie Roth, reposted from therothshow.com

Dr. Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in Counseling and is known as "Annie Oakley of the Airwaves"

(Nov. 9, 2011) — A few days ago I declared my intent to run for President as an Independent candidate.   A press release was sent around by my team.  I want to thank  Joe Kovacs of WND.com  for writing an honoring article on my announcement.  Many others also picked up my press release.  Thank you also.   There was a weekend Media storm and I heard from tons of you.  “Are you real?”  “Are you concerned about being a spoiler”  “Are you really planning to do what you say on your show and in your press release?” Several conservative authors,  hosts and leaders in their own right called me and asked me more specific questions as to what I REALLY believe and what I REALLY plan to do if elected.  I have nothing to hide and intend to respond to that in this article.  Please spread it far and wide.  There is no time to play games with our country right now.

Who is the real Laurie Roth who is running for President as an outsider?

First:  I’m running as an Independent and intend to be represented by various Political parties who reflect my values and American values.  At the outset I am thrilled to share I will be on the ballot in California under the American Independent party of California.

Let me speak plainly.  I am not against the GOP and always have been Republican, even an elected official for awhile as PCO and Vice Chair of the Spokane County Republican Party.  I recently resigned due to the rules of some states not allowing me to be any kind of elected official in one party and run for office in another.

I am most concerned with the compromises and evolution at the core of the Republican Party these days.  I reckon there is way too much establishment,  global elitism and 50 yard line pro-choice positioning.  They also seem to be kissing up to Islamic fundamentalist groups and ignoring the very real invasion of illegal aliens and breakdown of border security.

Regarding the very real eligibility scandal, GOP heads and candidates have been shockingly silent.  Obama did show the nation a verified forgery of a long form Birth certificate on April 27th of 2011.   You could hear the ring in your ears from the silence.  My voice and show weren’t silent.  I have been screaming about this since.

I don’t believe running as a Republican would get me anywhere since I am not a millionaire,  global elitist,  politician or lawyer.  Instead,  I am a Mom,  survivor and talk show host.  I’m not rich and have a real life.  No one at the top of the GOP would allow movement forward by a real patriot, real Christian and real person.  Thus,  my choosing to run as an Independent.

My strategy:

My team and I intend to call every Independent political party that fits.  This will put me on the ballot in more states.  The rest of the states will depend on  ‘the people’ rising up as volunteers and getting the signatures needed per the Secretary of States’ rules.

Let’s talk the issues:

First:  As President I will give back the stolen lives taken from countless millions of baby citizens.  Abortion has been the unconstitutional and UN Biblical genocide of our times.   Our very Declaration of Independence says ‘the right to life’  is the FIRST right we have.  How dare any Government or person take that right from anyone.  I will stop all Federal money going to any abortion mill,  Planned Parenthood will be first on the list.

I also stand against all euthanasia,  Stem cell research and assisted suicide.  Life will be unique and precious again under my watch – ALL ages, stages and realities.  You are a baby – protected;  You are disabled – protected;  You are elderly – protected.  You are simply alive and breathing – protected.

Audits and honest accounting everywhere in Government

I will demand an outside audit of the Federal Reserve and every branch of Government.  There will be no more Government offices and Departments existing just to promote and soothe the career paths of Government employees who do precious little.  Endless waste and the orgy of spending will stop under my watch.

Marriage is defined as between a man and a woman

Marriage has long been defined by God and is defined in the Holy Bible as between a man and a woman.  The battle is out there everywhere and being fought with many sexual flavors.  Gays want to marry,  polygamists want to marry,  Some want to marry their dog.   Some even want to marry their brother or sister.  It gets dangerous and absurd when you go down this track.  I will observe and honor our Judeo Christian values and nations history.  I don’t hate Gay people,  nor want to hurt them or anyone of difference.  However,  our skeletal and values structure must remain the same for the health of our nation and the blessing of God.

Get out of the UN

Billions sent to the Anti Semitic and Anti American UN.  Gone.  I will instead lead in establishing a ‘human rights honoring’ and ‘freedom loving’ group of nations who work together on real issues.  These won’t include:  contrived international climate crises,  ‘control of parental rights’  ‘religious Gestapo’s and controls’  ‘international courts manipulated and run by Sharia law’  and global redistribution of wealth schemes’.  It is high time all the UN greed and UN American nonsense be stopped.  Oh yeah……and billions saved.

Approach world dangers and Islamic radicalism honestly and directly

As Commander in Chief I will immediately take our troops out of this illegal war in Libya.  It is a breach of the 1973 war powers act,  bypassed congress and is putting our troops in harms way while costing our country billions of dollars.

Iraq and Afghanistan

I will meet with our top Military leaders,  not lawyers or politicians and plan an incremental and thought out exit strategy, designed to keep our victory and progress in both countries,  not turn them quickly into defeat and another opportunity for Muslim Brotherhood to swoop in and take over.

We have already seen the plan of some on the progressive left and Muslim Brotherhood with the Arab Spring.  Muslim country after country is unraveling in the Middle East,  Egypt,  Tunisia,  Libya,  Syria on and on.  The Muslim Brotherhood is financed,  organized and happily pursuing their Caliphate, controls and ongoing murders of Christian and Jews.  What was moderate Egypt is now ‘blood bath central’ for Coptic  Christians and people of difference.  The Muslim Brotherhood,  at the blessing of our own President Obama has taken over and is threatening Israel.

I would fire all Czars and those working for Obama who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam in any way.

From the beginning,  Obama has tried to go around congress and assign Czars to bypass them and answer directly to him.  I will fire them all,  starting with his Muslim Brotherhood employees.  Anyone with a brain and knowledge of Islamic history knows the Muslim Brotherhood is a radical, Jihad promoting terrorist group.

Do I believe in persecuting Muslims in this country?  NO, NO and NO.  However,  I am most aware of what the Koran and Sharia law says and that a sincere Muslim must submit to both first.  For that reason and because I would be charged first with protecting America in every way,  I will not appoint any Islamic person to a leadership post including Judicial appointments.  I would want leadership on my team reflecting Constitutional,  Biblical and America first values.

I will undo all unconstitutional, immoral and controlling executive orders that Obama has signed.

The unconstitutional Health care bill will be repealed.  All radical and environmental distortion moves such as Cap and Trade and Carbon emissions rubbish will be stopped under my leadership.

Energy will become a worldwide highlight for America

This President has sought to destroy,  stall,  bankrupt and fight energy growth of any kind.  Except of course for his ‘GREEN’ pet energy projects that do diddly squat,  ‘Wind Mills’.  Let’s have a moment of silence shall we?

Wind Mills are nice and run a few small things when the wind is blowing that is.  Gee,  doesn’t that kind of energy push make you feel secure?  I can see it now.

“President Laurie, turn on the Windmill power,  Iran has attacked.  Granted,  the Presidential Windmills can only  fly a fleet of kites toward the Jets coming our way but  at least our assault will be ‘green’ Madam President’.

Under my watch,  we will have all kinds of energy companies build infrastructure projects.  That means  oil, nuclear, natural gas,  hydrogen,  solar and alternative fuels.  This will create 10-20 million jobs and within 4 years make us the number one exporter of energy in the world.  Even better,  this will liberate us from getting any more oil from OPEC.

I will offer  Federal level grants where needed to build infrastructure and building projects.  This will immediately create tons of jobs and finally get us going on our energy goals and needs.  In exchange for a Federal grant to get these projects going,  I will require that 75% of the energy be offered first to America at a small discount then the rest sold abroad.  What about pay back for a 50 billion dollar energy grant?  I will ask that 5% of the overseas revenue sales of energy get paid back to the People in a yearly payment as a thank you.

Taxes:  I won’t play with taxes,  raise them – lower them or make them more complicated.

I will completely overhaul our tax system and liberate all people and businesses.  I will sponsor a Bill immediately that will institute a 2% point of purchase tax.  No more excise,  Income tax,  payroll,  capital gains and any other Federal tax.  All will be gone and for the first time,  TAX WILL BE FAIR TO ALL.  No more penalizing achievement,  profit,  income and honoring special people and groups.  I’m a simple thinker.  You buy a watermelon – 2% tax.  You buy a car – 2% tax  You buy a stock package 2% tax.  No other Federal tax anywhere,  period.  Think of what this liberation will do for you and the economy.  Trust me,  this bill will be short and to the point.

According to real numbers each year we have nearly 900 trillion in Government transactions if you include Wall Street.  2% of that would be somewhere between 10-20 trillion coming in to run our country,  quickly get us out of debt,  honor and repair Social Security,  Medicare, Medicaid and Chips,  Beef up and support our military and other REAL needs for our country.  No more deductions,  swipes,  IRS forms and reports,  no more hidden, layered taxes…..Yet,  we would have more than enough money to accomplish everything we need and quickly get out of debt.

Our Politicians have not done this before because they have used the IRS to control the people and their money.  NOT UNDER MY WATCH.

Stance on Foreign countries

I will restore our tattered and compromised image with Israel and stop all money to Islamic terrorist groups like HAMAS.


I will boldly come out against the abuses in Sharia law worldwide.  I will demand reforms from Islam in order to trade or do business with us.

I will have talks with all Muslim International leaders and pursue peace BUT let them know the price of another attack on American interests or soil will result in their swift destruction  without pause or permission from International groups.  We will have peace through strength not weakness and kiss up.

 I will support with International Trade the Mirror Tax.

The Mirror tax was promoted by now retired, Rep. Duncan Hunter.  It simply means’ an equal tariff for an equal tariff.  If China charges us 10% to bring products into their country,  we charge them 10% for bringing their products here.  If Japan charges us 12%,  then we charge them 12%.  Trade must be common sense and fair again,  with America first,  not last.

Court Manufacturing home

I will quickly pull in taxation, greedy and manipulative litigation,  and regulation that have pulled the guts out of US businesses and manufacturing.  I will quickly put together a plan to make it attractive to American manufacturing to come home and do business.  I will not stop until they want to come home and employ US workers again.

Secure the borders

I will stop talking about it and REALLY secure American borders and stop the 200 billion a year drug trade.  I will do this utilizing all technology available;  Satellite fly overs,  virtual fences,  real fences,  50,000 National Guard troops on our borders,  and tripling our border security and support.  Only AFTER the borders are secure, drugs and illegal alien flow stopped will I explore accountable and compassionate ways to draw out and respond to the millions already here.    We can’t pretend anymore.  This is killing our economy and is a national security nightmare.

There is so much to do that will help,  inspire and build up our country.  We must first put in leadership the people who are not for sale,  love God ,  respect and love our Constitution and are willing to pay the price for service.

With God all things are possible.  If you agree with me and are tired of the nonsense and popularity contests with Politicians join me.  Sign up as a volunteer to help in your state at www.laurieroth2012.com.  Follow my videos and updates, then spread them around:  www.youtube.com/teamlaurieroth2012  Join up,  blog and speak your mind at:  www.rothrevolution.ning.com and listen to my show every day from 3-6pm PAC at www.therothshow.com.

Thank you for your time and God Bless America.


Dr. Roth’s campaign website is here.

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  1. The Demopublicans did not amalgamate and lock up the electoral process overnight. Conservatives are not going to unlock it overnight, but can attack the problem in an incremental manner. MS Roth will not be elected in this cycle. This is reality. Perhaps not even in 2016 but if she could get on the national stage, with the mandatory 15% primary plurality required by the Demopublicans, what a voice for a return to constitutional law that would be! A debate on the national stage to promote conservative principles and attract others to the cause. Why would that not spin off more like-minded legislators to set the stage for an independent presidential win in a future election?
    If you vote for either Romney or Obama have you not voted for more of the same? Will you not waste your vote by so doing? Was Bush better than Clinton? Did we not loose more personal freedoms under Bush than any other president? Why would you not vote for MS Roth to at least make a start towards returning to constitutional government?
    Read Nelson Hultberg’s book “The Conservative Revolution” for a bigger picture of this concept.

  2. I certainly will support this woman.

    I have been praying, along with other Christian Patriots, for God to raise up someone to run, and after reading her platform, I was impressed to read this.

    Esther 4:13 Then Mordecai commanded to answer Esther, Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king’s house, more than all the Jews.

    Esther 4:14 For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

    May Almighty God bless America once again.

  3. I want to support and promote candidate Roth . However we have to face the stark reality that most voters are easily influenced/manipulated by the media and the R party, and they are genuinely frightened that the votes will be split resulting in obama staying another 4 years.
    How do we overcome this fear? How do we get enough people on board the Roth train to defeat obama? Conservatives are splintered. Unifying them is the biggest obstacle.
    The various tea parties have large followings and clout but most of them refuse to touch the obama elig issue, therefore highly doubtful they will promtoe candidate Roth. With no celebrity big shot to promote Roth, no massive grass-roots efforts to promote Roth (even many famous conservative internet authors/websites etc who are vocal about obama’s inelig are very hesitant when it comes to supporting a non-mainstream pres candidate.) When these leaders are not willing to mobilize the people to support candidate Roth, the mass is not unified and there will not be enough votes to elect president Roth.
    If only the birther summit people, the 11/11/11 veterans march people, the Mario Apuzzo people, the Cmdr Kerchner followers, the Orly Taitz followers, the Phil Berg followers, the pastor Manning faithfuls, the Dr Kate people, the conservativemonster people, the Leo Donofreo followers, the WND, the Obamareleaseyourrecords people, the canadafreepress people, the newswiththeview people, the Alan keyes followers, etc., etc. all jump on the Roth train, perhaps we will have a formidable force?

    1. Chris,

      That is true: all of the above mentioned groups
      would have a tremendous influence in numbers alone.

      She needs to be publicized to the max.
      She is the antithesis of Hillary Clinton.

      I love that she is organized in thought process,
      has hit the target on every single action
      that needs to be done and undone.

      It would be beneficial for her to go on as
      many radio shows as possible:
      Rush Limbaugh, Mike Reagan, Mike

      There are numerous local stations
      that are conservative talk shows without
      fear of telling it like it is. Here in the Northwest
      I have heard a half dozen anchors who
      are not afraid of facing the facts about Obama.

      They have millions of listeners.

      She needs to be heard in every
      one of our states.

      Stranger things have happened
      throughout political history.

  4. This resonates with millions of Americans. Your platform is sound, concise, and forthright.
    You have the medium of exposure. Move forward with how many states can present your name on the ballot. This fact finding will be crucial.

    At the very least, your integrity to address the many issues including THE MAIN issue of a fraudulent usurper as putative POTUS.