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by Neil Turner

Will November 11, 2011 mark the rebirth of the U.S. Constitution as the law of our land?

November 9, 2011

On 4 November, 2011, I sent out a call to action entitled UNLAWFUL ORDERS – IGNORING HONOR – A DECLARATION TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. (original email attached)

This email was an announcement concerning the muster/rally at the Washington Monument in D.C. beginning at 0600 hours on Veterans Day, 11.11.11 – to prepare for a gathering of Patriots and Veterans from all across the country – to have their voices heard as they formally present the DECLARATION TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC to the Congress, the Judiciary, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Media, and the World.

This gathering of Patriots and Veterans is the beginning of the final push to restore our Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land – a shot to be heard around the world.  It is not a request that our public servants honor their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution – it is a series of DEMANDS that they begin doing so, starting NOW!

For those who cannot make it to Washington for this honorable and most auspicious occasion, you can begin to participate in this effort by attending Veterans Day events in your own local area (VFW Halls, Parades, Veterans Association celebrations, Memorial Park observances, etc.), speak up if you can about the DECLARATION, and pass out flyers to everyone announcing these demands to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Attached is a simple 1/3 page flyer that everyone can hand out at whatever Veterans Day ceremony they may wish to attend – and in the days and weeks and months that follow.

You can print them out on 8 ½ x 11, and cut in 3’s.  Also, you can double the message by printing out a back side (with TinyURL’s to 5 of Obama’s major crimes) before you cut the sheet in 3’s.



Everyone should print out at least 30 sheets (~100 1/3 page flyers), front and back, cut in 3’s, … and start handing them out everywhere you go – Veterans Day event or not. There are over 25 million veterans alive in America today. If 10,000 hand out just 100 flyers, that’s a million more Americans who are aware of the need for immediate action to take back our Constitutional Republic.

Leave them in the rest-room and on check-out counters. Put them in all postage-prepaid envelopes – and mail them back. Stick them under the windshield wiper of parked cars (including police cruisers – they all took the oath too). Put one in the collection plate at church (their founder’s name is mentioned in the Constitution).

Hold ‘flash mobs’ with 5 or more patriots armed with stacks of the 2 sided, 1/3 page flyers. Somebody can start yelling “TREASON! TREASON! GET INSTRUCTIONS FROM ONE OF MY FELLOW PATRIOTS HERE!” (‘Flash Mob’ members hold up a hand-full of 1/3 page flyers).

The possibilities are endless, and the number of patriots who can easily get involved in spreading the word are endless too. If you have had the honor and privilege of just living under our Constitution, then you have the duty and responsibility of upholding and defending it.

In Liberty.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution


Flyers can be printed from links here and here.

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  1. The only way to achieve universal discovery of the fact that Obama is a usurper – and therefore unimpeachable – is through DISCOVERY.

    Those who could remove him by anything other than force is the Congress – who for some strange reason still think that he is impeachable. That is why it is on the lips of so many Americans.

    The ‘impeachment process’, which by the Constitution (that is what we are trying to restore, isn’t it?) can only begin in the House of Reps …. leading to DISCOVERY … which is our number one goal here.

    Once it is DISCOVERED (nationally) that he is a usurper, it will also be ‘discovered’ that he is unimpeachable, and then the process you folks all demand (‘remove’ him) can begin. Until then, ‘REMOVE HIM’ is a pipe dream and nothing more than voodoo rantings.

    Let the Impeachment process begin so that the Removal process can begin. (Like REMOVING his name from the 2012 ballot – one county at a time).

    P.S. Have your local Sheriff contact Sheriff Joe – to ask him what he (your local Sheriff) can do to help. This will prevent confusion, delays, and duplication of effort that can rapidly be corrupted by the Obots).

    1. Thank you Patriot35, what you describe is correct….but, it is also why Obama is “unimpeachable”.

      Because of Congress involvement in getting the usurper on the ballot and elected, some, (Nancy Pelosi for example), more than others, Obama is now impossible to impeach, no matter what. This is already obvious and will become more so in the future as nothing happens and the “investigations” just go away. With Barry’s knowledge of what happened to get him elected he could, and probably would if impeachment was attempted, send others to prison for a very long time.

      It’s a stand-off and Congress just wants to run out the clock…Barry, on the other hand, would like the protection of Congress and the White House for another four years.

      1. Yes, he is ‘unimpeachable’ – which is exactly why we need to START the impeachment PROCESS (or at least keep DEMANDING it).

        And that is why we need to put the fear of REPLACEMENT (by voting them out) in the minds of members of Congress if they don’t start the impeachment process.

        Sign idea:

        112th CONGRESSMEMBER
        Either you start his
        or we start your

  2. Quote:

    “The flyer does mention he is not natural born, meaning he is not constitutionally eligible to be POTUS, then why impeach? Why not remove?!”

    I must be looking at the wrong flyer…the one I see says he is NOT natural born.

  3. I think the flyer’s message misses the most important point –
    Calling for impeachment of the usurper is inappropriate, for usurper obama is not a legitimate president. Only a legitimate president can be impeached. A usurper can be removed resulting in his entire ‘presidency’ being erased from history as if he never existed – there is no 44th president – and everything/everyone he ever signed/appointd will be null and void. Impeaching him will leave all his policies/whatnot intact until repealed one by one!
    The flyer does mention he is not natural born, meaning he is not constitutionally eligible to be POTUS, then why impeach? Why not remove?!
    We all know congress will never impeach or remove the usurper. We the people will have to remove him by KEEPING HIM OFF THE 2012 BALLOT! If obama runs again he will certainly steal another election!
    Get the candidates to challenge obama’s eligibility now when they are on center stage! Why would we vote for anyone who is acting exactly like the current crop of spineless politicians in the matter of obama ineligibility? Show them they won’t get your support by voting in the primary for a candidate who will challenge obama elig, such as Cody Robert Judy in the Dem ticket! Or Mr. Dummett in the R ticket.

    Challenge your states’ SOSs to demand soetoro/obama prove his constitutional elig before placing his name on the ballot – tell them the DNC’s certification is not sufficient unless the DNC provides hard-copies of certified true doc with official seals to prove o’s natural born citizenship status.

    Anything to spread the words is good. To avoid another 4 years of soetoro/obama usurper destroying America, we MUST remove him at all costs. What better way to kick him out than keeping him from the 2012 pres race? We cannot remove all of them all at once. Start by eliminating from power the head who is so feared and we can proceed from there.