Define the Word “Patriot”


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Paul Revere risked his life to warn the colonists that "the British are coming" during his famour midnight ride of April 18, 1775

(Oct. 24, 2011) — Labeling one a Patriot just because they are a veteran would be just as inaccurate as saying every contestant in a Betty Crocker Cook-Off is a great cook. Not so because I’ve been told that there may be a veteran or two who, not only say they voted for Obama, but support him to this day, after three years of dismantling the country and trashing the Constitution. Yes, I know, hard to believe that some people who, at one time, took an Oath to the Constitution have, for whatever excuse, allowed that Oath to expire. Such a disappointment is, quite obviously, not a Patriot. So what is a Patriot?

Well, now, we’ve just learned that by taking the Oath does not necessarily make one a Patriot. My wife never took the Oath, but I can assure you she is as patriotic as any whom I served with while in the military, back in the day before the United States sunk to where it is today. It’s a lot easier to define what a Patriot is not than the other way around, but I’ll try without saying the usual platitudes about “love” and “defending.”

First off, a Patriot knows that the Constitution protects the citizens from an overzealous government. The whole idea of a balance of power is to limit the chances of two branches colluding against a third branch in order to gain control of the citizens by limiting their freedoms. Today, not only are the three branches of government colluding, but the Fourth Branch, the press, is also an active participant in eroding Human, Civil  and Constitutional rights. The time and effort expended by millions to achieve freedom of speech is going down the drain with the Obama regime, who supports the reversal of the First Amendment, by sanctioned “limits,” starting with speaking the truth about Islam. Soon we will not be able to say, nor write, about “Jihad, honor killing/disfigurements, misunderstood, moderate, peaceful, Death to Those Who Insult Islam, Caliphate, Somalia beheading Christians, death penalty for those who leave Islam.”

Secondly, a Patriot is versed in history, and cannot but help make direct comparisons between the Socialist takeover of Germany in the 1930’s and the Democratic Party in the United States today. Furthermore, a Patriot is cognizant of Iran’s expansion in the Middle East and this regime’s helping hand. A Patriot knows that there is no Brotherhood nor Democracy in Egypt and Libya, or any other Islamic State, and is saddened by the decline of the educational standards that America has undergone since the ’60’s.

And lastly, a Patriot isn’t easily fooled by clever sound bytes, isn’t swayed by meaningless catch words and phrases such as “Yes, we can” and “Racist.”  A Patriot supports the Constitution and Civil Rights equally for all, and that includes all citizens, male and female. A Patriot is most likely armed, supports the Second Amendment, and will not, for ANY reason under the sun, give up their weapons.

In conclusion, a Patriot is one who understands, believes in, and supports the United States Constitution and has no future plans to alter it or any of the Amendments. A Patriot knows that politicians forgot that freedom is easily lost, and only won back through a fight. Governments tend to support themselves, rather than support those who support them. There comes a time when a takeover by the people by bypassing the ballot becomes the only recourse left to protect their Constitution, since elected officials have switched sides from representing the people to repressing them.


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  1. John Sutherland   Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 4:55 AM

    Thanks, OPOVV. I’m sitting here at 3:00 a.m., unable to sleep because I see what is happening in America today, and I am one OPOAC, i.e. (One Pissed-Off American Citizen) who wants to know if there is one single state government that still functions under the rule of law today.

    Everything the federal government is doing today is unlawful and unconstitutional and yet, not a single state governor is calling obama and his Marxist thugs down on their criminal activity. Why the hell not? The American people are first citizens of a state before they are American citizens. Why the hell do the people have a state government, if not first for protection against enemies foreign and domestic?

    In my anger directed at fifty state governors, I quote Nigel Farage – ‘Who the hell do you people think you are?’ Where the hell are you governors when we need you?

    Why the hell doesn’t America have a single state governor with enough gonads to tell the feds to stop?

    The states have all the power in this country and yet every state governor has stood down while the rapid destruction of the states and the federal government takes place all around us. You’d have to be dead not to see and understand what is happening in America today. What the hell is that all about?

    This broad and widely spread lawlessness does not bode well for the state governments. If the people have to rescue themselves from tyranny, the result will be messy and the state governments will be changed out. Trust me on that one. If the state governments were smarter, they would be siding with their people against the the federal takeover of America. Is everyone in government either stupid or corrupted?

    I’ll tell you, seriously… here in the early hours of the morning, I am questioning why we need government at all. What exactly are the people’s representatives doing to help the people? It appears that our whole system of government – all of it – is stinking and corrupted, and is acting as a huge weight and burden holding down the American people and keeping them unstable, unproductive, and at risk of enemy takeover.

    So, I’m looking for One Pissed-off State Governor, and One Pissed-off State Legislature, willing to shut down the lawless actions emanating profusely from the federal government. I want someone in one single state government to fight for its own citizens against the lawless feds. To the wall.

    I’ll be happy to find just one, but sadly, current history tells us there is not one.

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