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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Is the Transportation Security Administration necessary? Is there a better way to secure our borders, landmarks and infrastructure?

(Oct. 21, 2011) — The depths at which unenlightened people will tolerate abridged Constructional guaranteed rights knows absolutely no bounds, as evidence of the total trashing of the Fourth Amendment, the Right of Search and Seizure Regulated, by a government entity that the population is learning to fear more than an IRS audit.

By this time, all of us are aware that the Department of Homeland Security is nothing but a sham organization for control of the population within the boundaries of the United States. The illogical tactics used by the TSA are so overwhelming as to leave a rational person wondering how such a destructive department managed to get refunded after the first year, let alone any subsequent year.

As an example, let’s imagine you are a snake; you’re a good snake, maybe a Rat snake, and you live on an island in a sea of many other islands. Some specific species inhabit their own island; for instance, King snakes have their own piece of land. Your island is unique among the other islands, for it has many different species of snakes and they all get along well because they all adhere to the Constitution of their island.

Now one of the islands has a bad snake, the Mamba, which is the worst snake imaginable, and then some. One day, about ten years ago, a bunch of Mambas highjacked some airplanes of the island where all the different snakes live in peace and harmony and flew those planes, filled with good snakes, into buildings where good snakes worked. The Mambas committed suicide but at the same time killed thousands of good snakes who didn’t believe in Mamba Belief.

So what do you think happens next? Do you think that the good snakes elect a Mamba as their President? Do you think that the good snakes even allow one Mamba onto their island, let alone TEN MILLION? And then, after millions of Mambas are on the island, with more arriving each day, do you think that the good snakes set up obstacle courses for the good snakes to navigate, because surely airport security and road inspections aren’t targeting good snakes, or are they? Has it become an island of Mambas and now the good snakes are the terrorists?

What do you think? Is it reasonable to have Mambas among the good snakes? If one were prudent..? Let’s put you in charge of the whole operation. You are charged with making, and keeping, America a safe environment for its inhabitants. Would you allow any Mambas in, knowing that they plan to take over your island and make it a Mamba Caliphate? The Mambas say that they will dominate, rule all the islands, and behead all those who insult Mamba Belief, which means anyone who criticizes or disagrees. By having Mambas on your island, you have to watch them like a snake, but, and think of this, if there weren’t any Mambas on your island, there wouldn’t be any need for Mamba Security, aka Homeland Security.

What we have here is an out-of-control government agency that is running amok with an insatiable appetite fueled by an insatiable budget, our own Gestapo, stopping at nothing, targeting imagined foes. The solution is obvious: deport each and every Muslim and disband Homeland Security. Us citizens don’t need a bunch of snoops breathing down our necks for no reason, even a made-up reason. Deport Muslims and do away with Homeland Security, an entity that has no validity for existence.

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  1. Police State… and most people don’t even know it, or if they do, they don’t care. Just wait until it affects THEM… THEN they will care. This must be how some Germans felt way back when. Maybe humanity deserves what’s coming… we certainly seem to be too stupid or corrupt to have any principles. Principles matter. Truth matters. History matters.