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by poisontolibs, ©2011

(Sep. 25, 2011) — Diversity in the workplace!  Diversity in our schools! We live in a multicultural society–all part of the rhetoric of Cultural Marxism… the rewriting of who we are as a nation–with a twisted intent.

The traditional view: America is “the great melting pot” where immigrants from the world over come to seek their fortune, to build their families and assimilate into American society.

The Cultural Marxist revision: America is “multicultural,” composed of “diverse communities of race, national origin, gender and sexual orientation”; where everyone is encouraged to respect the uniqueness of others and to embrace their differences.

Impoverished school districts are forced to hire multilingual teachers of questionable ability to teach in the student’s language, instead of English. State and federal publications, pamphlets and web sites must be in a variety of languages, because there is no effort made for immigrants to assimilate.

Do you see the disconnect?  As the late pitchman Billy Mays would say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Diversity is a hoax. It is actually a method for the Cultural Marxists to classify every individual with labels that define them–collect that data and use it to manipulate and control every individual, by defining them as a part of an artificially created “community” based on those labels.

“Diversity” is taught in grade schools and throughout the public school systems nationwide. There are online resources that explain the view of Cultural Marxism’s mantra claiming we are more ethnically diverse than ever before, which is a patent falsehood. The percentage of the population that are immigrants is smaller than ever before, such an example may be found here. Grade school lesson plans concentrate on recognizing everyone’s diversity and to identify them with their label, i.e. African-American, Hispano-American, Irish-American, etc.. Some such lesson plans are here. These plans teach children to think of someone not as their friend “Larry,” for example, but rather as “Larry” their African-American friend. Big difference in that the child is being taught to label people instead of perceiving them simply as a friend and part of their social milieu.

I make no bones of the fact that I am a black man, but not in any way an African-American. I am simply an American. I was born here in the United States. My parents were both born here in the states. If my grandparents (both paternal and maternal) had decided to immigrate to Belgium (as other members of the family did), would I now be known as an African-Belgian? Simple answer: No. Nowhere except in the United States are people labeled in such a fashion.

Negative labeling is used as well. For example: “terrorist”, “tea party hobbit”, “rethuglican” et al.–ad nauseum. This type of labeling is openly hostile and is a part of the culture of fear that is an oft-used tool of the Cultural Marxists. The less overt method is commonly known as “political correctness” (or PC). In my recent article about this subject (available here), we saw how this tool is used in our day-to-day activities to mold our interpersonal relationships, our speech–even our thoughts.

That is because the concept of “diversity” was created by the Cultural Marxist ideologues to not only label every individual, but to also pigeonhole them, manipulate them, and divide the nation into artificial “communities” that do not have geographical boundaries, as we have understood communities to have, but virtual “communities” of the labelled.

This also achieves another goal of the Cultural Marxists–division and separateness. For if you are taught from childhood that you are X and belong to the “community” of X, will you not identify yourself with whatever you are told is part of X culture? Will you not seek out other X people, instead of non-X people? This is the entire thrust of the “diversity” hoax. We see it being played out around us everyday in our schools, our neighborhoods, in advertising targeted at specific “communities,” and in MSM offerings aimed at specific “communities.”

No longer do we see inclusion, the thrust for assimilation, learning American history,  or Founding Principles and Ideals. Rather, what we see are iconoclastic communities of immigrants living entirely separate existences without becoming part of America.