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September 19, 2011

The town of Gretna, NE is the fastest-growing county in Nebraska since 2000. Its estimated population is between 6,500 and 7,000 residents.


Today I went to the Gretna library, used Microsoft Word, and created a basic flyer.  I gave one to the librarian, a police deputy parked outside, my son’s elementary school, my daughter’s middle school, a representative from HearthStone Homes, and my CPA.  I haven’t scanned it to my computer so I’ll just retype it here for your viewing:

(in large 72 font and centered):  WANTED
”  ”                         B. OBAMA
”  ”                          REWARD
(then the following text):

See Daryn J. Moran

402 709 3889 or guadalupesanc59@hotmail.com

This flyer is for public notification that the birth certificate issued by B. Obama on April 27, 2011 is a proven forgery.  This is a crime.

I’m seeking 1,000 Americans to pledge $100 each to the first Sheriff or other legal authority to do their duty in arresting B. Obama for his crime.  $100,000 should be a significant incentive to authorities.

I’ll be the first to pledge $100.
(end of flyer, single page)

I’m sorry this isn’t an accurate view for you how it appears.  It was all black and white and short and simple, to the point.  The top portion in CAPS and centered really get the viewer’s attention.  The text below was necessary to at least briefly describe the reason for the flyer.

I would like to ask the public for someone who can be in charge of collecting names and the reward money and for the safety and security of the reward account.  In what fashion can donations be accepted where the donor is 100% confident the funds will be used as advertised?

Again, I’ve already called a local County Commissioner and the Sheriff.  I intend for them to see the flyer, as well as giving one to the Mayor in a visit.  This could be done nationwide for full effect.  Just need some men who care to do it.  I could probably find 10 contacts to pledge.   We need 100 people to find 10 contacts to pledge and that would be 1000.


Daryn Moran

PS  I am going to a Ron Paul meeting in Council Bluffs, IA tomorrow and will ask the appropriate questions if the forum allows.  And, I have a meeting tomorrow night with an area pastor about the role of churches in politics.  Pray for my appointments to have God’s blessings.