Sitting Shiva for Shmeul

“A GREAT AMERICAN BY BELIEF” by poisontolibs, ©2011 (Sep. 17, 2011) — Sam, Dad, Schmuel–many names for a great man … possibly the greatest and most humble man I ever met–born to a butcher in Warsaw, Poland on November 3, 1917. Imprisoned in early 1940, he was shuffled among several concentration camps, until being sent to […]

Live Report from Miki Booth in Hawaii, Part 1

“THIS IS NOT A LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE!” by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 17, 2011) — Miki Booth, who has written a book about her constitutional activism, life in Hawaii and involvement in solving the Obama eligibility question, recently visited the island of Oahu, accompanying Dean Haskins, Executive Director of The Birther Summit, to acquire information from […]