I Hope He Fails!

WILL POLITICOS AND TALKING HEADS SUCCEED IN COVERING UP OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY? by Neil Turner (Sep. 5, 2011) — Let me say it again.  ‘I HOPE HE FAILS!’ Who? you ask. Who do I want to fail? ‘RUSH’, I reply. ‘I want Rush Limbaugh to FAIL. I hope they ALL FAIL!’ Who are they ALL, you […]

Are Americans Really Too Stupid to Understand FACTS?

OR ARE THEIR HEADS BURIED IN THE SAND? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Sep. 5, 2011) — Here’s an old joke: Let’s have all of our judges and politicians wear logo jackets, you know, windbreakers with the patches of the companies that sponsor them. The back of Obama’s jacket would have a big, green “BP,” […]

Bombshell: Elected Official Names Obama in Commission of Treason

“I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” by Sharon Rondeau (Sep. 5, 2011) — New Hampshire State Rep. Harry Accornero has publicly named Barack Hussein Obama in the commission of the crime of treason.  As far as we know, he is the first elected official to do so. Rep. Accornero represents Wards 1-6 in the town of […]