Update: Sharia Law Educator Speaks with The Post & Email

“THEIR GOAL IS A TOTAL TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED STATES” by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 22, 2011) — The Post & Email recently interviewed “Betsy Ross,” who for the past two years, has been educating various groups of people about Sharia law and how its practice has increased in the United States over the last several […]

Birther Summit Broadens Candidate Pool for $15,000 Challenge

FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR FIRST ACCEPTANCE by Dean Haskins, ©2011, The Birther Summit (Aug. 22, 2011) — TO: Bill O’Reilly, George Stephanopoulos, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Matthews The Birther Summit recently issued a $15,000 challenge to Gen. Colin Powell (www.15000dollarchallenge.com). We would now like to broaden that challenge to include each of you. The first […]

Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio

UPDATES AND A CHALLENGE from the Terry Lakin Action Fund (Aug. 22, 2011) — Again, this week, the general media used the idiotic phrase that goes something like this: “In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary birthers still don’t believe Obama is the president…” But notice they never outline what the overwhelming evidence is? […]

Website Problem Repaired; Not Caused by Google

COMMON WORDPRESS HACK DISCOVERED AND CORRECTED by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 22, 2011) — The Post & Email was the victim of a hack attack last Thursday or Friday which caused many readers to be redirected to a fake website as described in our previous articles here and here.  The hacker altered the htaccess file, which […]