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by JB Williams, ©2011

Was Obama installed as de facto president with the purpose of entrenching the U.S. in socialism?

(Aug. 6, 2011) — Americans expecting Obama to fix the economy are beginning to lose faith in their messiah as Obama sets new historic lows in America’s economic standing in the world. For the first time in U.S. history, the most prosperous nation ever known to mankind has lost its AAA credit rating under Obamanomics – making Obama the first U.S. President in history to destroy America’s record as the world’s economic superpower.

America’s spend, borrow and print economic policies are sending economic shock waves around the globe. The nation that has provided economic aid to more than eighty-percent of the globe is now in deep economic trouble itself.

The people, who knew Obamanomics would fail, just like every Marxist wealth redistribution system ever tried on earth, have concluded that Obama is an economic nitwit and a monumental fiscal failure. But are they right?

Success is in the eye of the beholder. If you are looking for real free market economic recovery, Obamanomics is a historic failure the likes of which has never before been seen in the United States. But if your agenda is to destroy free-market economics, then Obama’s plan is a success story that communists could only dream of in the past.

For people who want freedom and free-market prosperity, Obamanomics is the abject failure they knew it would be. But for people who want Marxism, Obamanomics is a huge success story, as it threatens to force every American into a financial corner from which they will accept Marxism and socialist global governance rather than individual financial ruin.

Americans have not felt the need to fight communism since the fall of the Soviet Union. Many thought communism died when the Berlin Wall came down under Ronald Reagan. The documentary AGENDA – Grinding America Down demonstrates just how foolish those notions are and just how costly it can be to make such an enormous political blunder.

The fall of the Soviet Empire only caused communism to take a new tactic and strategy as it continued to, well yes, grind America down, or dumb America down, until citizens would accept Marxism under the guise of a more polished title, progressive.

The new tactic was to work from within America’s own government, using democratic processes to advance socialism, known today as Democratic Socialism, currently running all three branches of the Federal Government via the legislative arms of The Democratic Socialists of America, the Black Caucus and Progressive Caucus.

Today’s DNC policy talking points are coming straight from The Communist Party USA. Michigan Democrat John Conyers was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA when he formed the Congressional Black Caucus. Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders is a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party USA, and formed the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Communism is alive and well in America and it is no longer in the closet, or just Hollywood. It is in charge of the Federal Government. These folks understand that America must vote for Marxism. They understand that in order to get Americans to vote for Marxism, they must force the majority of citizens into an economic disaster first, so that the citizens will choose Marxism over starvation for their families.

On this basis, Obamanomics is an enormous success, as it has bankrupted the nation, nearly every state and the vast majority of Americans in less than three years of Democratic Socialist rule in DC.

Obamanomics has accomplished all of the following in record time…

  • Increased the national debt by almost 50% in less than three years
  • Forced more than 30% of working Americans into unemployment or under-employment
  • Forced the economy into an extended depression
  • Forced banks into bankruptcy
  • Forced states into bankruptcy
  • Seized control of several key industries
  • Set the entire Middle East on fire
  • Turned old U.S. allies into new enemies
  • Identified all true American patriots as potential domestic terrorists
  • Decimated the U.S. Military and Intelligence community
  • Dismantled the Constitutional Republic using leftist federal courts
  • Crushed the Tenth Amendment Rights of the states
  • Turned what was left of the free press into a 24/7 leftist propaganda machine
  • Turned U.S. law enforcement into an S.S. style Gestapo.
  • Eliminated congressional oversight of the Executive and Judicial branches
  • Destroyed the life savings of millions of American families
  • Turned the Department of Homeland Security into a brown shirt operation
  • Turned the White House into a playpen for communists and socialists
  • Destroyed the value of a college education
  • Forced investors and employers to flee for foreign markets
  • I could list at least a hundred more items…

These people are not ignorant or inept, having no clue what they are doing. They are evil. They know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it with specific purpose, at break-neck speed and unparalleled precision.

For Americans who want a Constitutional Representative Republic, individual freedom and liberty and old fashioned American prosperity through individual effort and sacrifice, Obamanomics is a disaster of monumental proportions…

But if you are a useless parasite seeking to live on the toil and earnings of others, sucking the life right out of America’s most productive in order to advance your Marxist agenda of confiscating and redistributing other people’s hard earned wealth, then Obamanomics is a grand success story that is on the brink of total success, in which every American citizen will be reduced to Federal Dependents just as poor as the parasites of the world.

We can no longer afford to misinterpret the events unfolding every day in America and around the world.

Ignorance is easily fixed by introducing information, knowledge and wisdom. But there is only one fix for pure evil, and that is to cut it out like the cancer it is, before it consumes the entire body.

At this late stage, the cancer threatens the entire national body and if the people don’t take appropriate measures swiftly, the cancer will consume everything.