Constituent to Congressman’s Aide: Why Does Congress Give Obama More Power Than He Already Has Usurped?

“THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG, AND WE ALL KNOW IT” August 5, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was received from Rep. Tom McClintock on August 1, 2011: Dear Friend: This evening, the House voted on the Budget Control Act of 2011, which, pending Senate action, will increase the statutory debt limit.  Please find a short note […]

The Super Congress: A Soviet-Style Politburo

WHY IS CONGRESS ALLOWING THIS “FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION?” Dear Editor: The following letter was sent to Rep. Tom Graves of the Ninth District of Georgia with copies to parties listed below: Representative Graves, by FAX: First, and most importantly, a heartfelt thank you, to you and your colleagues who voted NAY on the Deal Bill.  The […]

Third Criminal Complaint of Treason Filed Against Obama and His Assistants

“I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE COMPLICITY OF COWARDS” by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 5, 2011) — A third criminal complaint of treason has been filed by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee against Barack Hussein Obama and “Obama’s Criminal Assistants in commission of the crime of treason against […]

Does the U.S. Constitution Allow for a “Super Congress?”

SHOULD WE? by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 5, 2011) — The national media is reporting on the planned creation of a new “Super Congress” or “super committee” but is not questioning its constitutionality.  The idea of a “new legislative body” emerged from debate on raising the debt ceiling so that the federal government could avoid a […]

You Are Fired!

“A SIGNAL OF RESIGNATION” by Arnie Rosner, blogging at Scanned Retina Blog Pamela, thank you for providing this document. To:  All members of the 112th Congress Representatives, consider this as official notice from We the people of the United States. do hereby accept your immediate voluntary resignation. We the People of the United States give […]