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by thinkwell

Obama and the entire government and media have presented this image as Obama's birth certificate. If it was available all along, why did he not reveal it sooner?

(Jul. 26, 2011) — One of the reasons so many people question Obama’s legitimacy is that very odd and questionable circumstances exist about so many aspects of his life story.  Although most normal people have NO such issues clouding their backgrounds, if the Obots had to only explain away a single anomalous circumstance from Obama’s past, most people would probably let it go as a random unusual event and accept the Obots’ twisted “Rube Goldberg” stories in explaining it away. But Obama is a man for whom the normal events in his past are the seemingly anomalous events.

Obama is a man who has a draft registration record that, because of its historically questionable number sequence, appears to be a recent fabrication (for a man of Obama’s age cohort, failure to register would bar one from ever holding any federal office, let alone the Presidency).

Unlike normal people, Obama is a man who has been found by multiple investigators to have used several social security numbers, including some reserved only for foreign students (the “999″ type, although, considering how he has been taking our country straight to Hades, “666″ would be more appropriate in his case). And Obama is a man whose current SSN was supposedly handed out in person from Connecticut at a time when Obama was a high school student in Hawaii and Obama Sr. was many years returned to his own native Kenya.

This fact brings up that Obama is a man whose father was himself never a citizen (nor even a permanent resident) of this country and, thus, could never produce a child who could be a natural born Citizen. Obama is a man who was bred (and probably born) under the flag of an alien land. His life story is more jumbled than a fresh load of wash at the end of the spin cycle (in fact, almost everything to do with the man is one big continuous spin cycle).

And these are but a sampling of many, many more anomalies to Obama’s seemingly mostly fictitious life story, any number of which could (and probably do) condemn him as a criminal fraud and premeditated usurper.

But regardless of the several other ways Obama has criminally lied about his past, his latest lie alone should be the purchase price for a nonstop express ticket straight from the White House to a nice long “vacation” in the “big house.” Of course, I am referring to the blatantly fraudulent PDF posted (by Obama’s own authorization) on a whitehouse.gov website that supposedly is a direct scan of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate. Regardless of any of the other paper copies or other reproductions, Obama is directly responsible for the issuance of that PDF as an official government document. And that single PDF is loaded with more inescapably incriminating signs of forgery than the illegal
drugs that were contained in a college-age Obama loaded on weed or cocaine.

Since many others have done a fine job of pointing out the numerous signs of forgery in Obama’s recently released birth certificate, I will just touch upon one that I find especially damning, that is, that the document contains text and whole areas with completely different pixel densities (the individual pixels are not all the same size – not even close). There simply is no plausible explanation for this other than tampering. Obot claims about differing pixel densities (especially when occurring with no correlation to detail density) arising from a normal scan of a simple one-page document are laughable on their face and do not for a moment convince anyone of anything other than that the Obots are in desperate panic mode. (Perhaps they will claim that the never-seen-in-any-other-document-before weird combinations of “compression” contained in Obama’s PDF BC was done because Obama was trying to save The People money by saving a few 10kBs or so of government server space. LOL)