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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Are Muslims receiving preferential treatment in the U.S. because Obama occupies the Whtte House? How many Muslims has Obama brought to America via executive orders? Where has our national culture gone?

(Jul. 17, 2011) — So this guy says “I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if my life depended upon it. I’d vote for a two-headed Democrat first.” And this other guy says, “Don’t you get it? Doesn’t mean a hill of beans, they all belong to the same private club that’s run by the Federal Reserve.” Look, it doesn’t have to be this way, understand? What we got here now, Chicago politics on a national level? Afraid so, but we can fix it, we gotta fix it, ‘cause if we don’t, we’re toast.

Why are we toast? Why are we sliding down the precipice to a footnote? And, tell me, where is the rock that people like Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi crawled out from under, to scheme to make the descendants of slaves slaves themselves, forcing dependency upon them in the form of welfare, thereby assuring their vote for the government handout unabated, continuing from generation to generation, paid for by the sweat of working Americans who paid into the kitty that Congress so aptly steals from? Where is this rock that these politicians hide under when questioned about Obama’s eligibility?

Look, I’m sorry, but you can live your life any way you want, but as soon as it touches the life of my children, and me, and my neighbors, and my country, I’m coming after you. You think you have the right of free speech? You think that it’s okay to say “Death to Israel” and that I’m just going to sit back and let you have your “free speech?“ You think you can say anything you want and expect no repercussions, then you’re in line for a rude awakening. If you’re my next-door neighbor and think that it’s “free speech” to hold up a banner that says “ISLAM WILL RULE THE WORLD,” then I will explain the facts of life to you, and you don’t get to talk back, because, by your blatant stupidity, you just forfeited any rights you may have thought you had.

I’m personally giving notice that the members of Congress better get with the program in telling the truth, and you government law-enforcement types reading this, if you’d done your jobs in the first place I wouldn’t be writing about illegals and Sharia and eligibility issues, now would I, or any number of like-minded patriots.  So what’s your sorry excuse, “Just following orders?” You make me sick.

I’m just one of millions of Americans who have had it up to here, and you know what? In the end, the truth always comes out on top. Take your best shot, but I’m for keeps.. Just remember One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet. If you hate America, you better start running. If you don’t have the legal papers to be in my country, run. If you have been hiding the facts from the American people, run. If you are a Muslim, you better run. If you are a Muslim in the United States Military, quit while you still can. And if you are currently serving in Congress, speak up, or run, because if you don’t, we’re going to turn over every rock until we find you, then you’ll know you should’ve run.