Reverse-Birther Leverage, Part 2

PLAYING THE RUBIO ROULETTE WHEEL by William Lolli, ©2011 (Jul. 14, 2011) — The Republican Party Leadership and their MSM acolytes don’t know it yet, but they are setting themselves up as willfully ignorant participants in the further erosion of the US Constitution, as well as the possible implosion of our political system. The Republican […]

To Our New Readers

PLEASE CONSIDER A SUBSCRIPTION TO KEEP US GOING! by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 13, 2011) — The Post & Email seeks to bring the most factual, well-sourced news to the internet community, particularly in the area of the Obama eligibility issue.  We also focus on government corruption, which, as we have learned, is endemic in Washington, […]

Will the Real Tea Party Revolutionaries Please Stand Up?

WITH AN USURPER IN OFFICE, THE GOVERNMENT NO LONGER REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE by Jedi Pauly (Jul. 13, 2011) — Way back in Colonial times, our Colonial forefathers were subject to a non-representative monarchy form of government that made laws without the consent of the governed Colonials. That British Government in those times created a political […]

A Soldier’s Solace, The Sacrificial Cross

ACLU’s SHAMEFUL DESECRATION OF MOJAVE MEMORIAL by Patra Minocha A sacred monument without a cross. A Christian nation without Christ. Soldiers who died defending freedom, A Savior who died to give us life. A memorial in the Mojave Desert, honoring World War I heroes laid to rest, A wooden cross wickedly desecrated, then shamelessly stolen […]