Exclusive: Court Subpoena for Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Served to Hawaii Health Department

U.S. DISTRICT COURT IN HONOLULU SUBPOENAS LORETTA J. FUDDY, HAWAII HEALTH DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 5, 2011) — A process server has delivered a Hawaii court-issued subpoena to Loretta J. Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, commanding her “to produce at the time, date, and place set forth below the following […]

Breaking: New Developments in Social Security Number Lawsuit

DOCUMENTS JUST RELEASED BY SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION APPEAR TO INDICATE FALSIFIED SSN APPLICATION FOR STANLEY ANN DUNHAM by Sharon Rondeau (Jul. 5, 2011) — The following is a breaking-news report from Dr. Orly Taitz, who filed the lawsuit Taitz v. Astrue to gain access to the application completed by Barack Hussein Obama to obtain his […]