Why Does the Tea Party Avoid the Eligibility Issue?


Dear Tea Party:

The Tea Party movement coalesced in a gathering of perhaps 1,000,000-2,000,000 in Washington, DC in September 2009 protesting government spending and lack of accountability of elected officials

(Jun. 29, 2011) — I don’t know which “Tea Party” I am writing to in this email…..there are SO many of you that claim that YOU were the ones that formed this mighty club…..but the fact that since 2008…….you have become a strong, persuasive force in America does nothing for me…..


Am I not glad that you are trying to control the debt?  Yes.

Am I not glad that you are trying to make taxes fair?  Yes.

Am I not glad that you can influence elections with more conservative candidates like you did in November?  Yes.

So what’s my problem?

Let me just ask you one simple question…….when Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate two months ago, did you all breathe a sigh of relief…..”Ahhhh, thank goodness!! Boy, we are SO glad he finally did that so we can get back to more important matters?”

Did you?  Did you believe it to be the REAL thing…and there was NO chance that it might need to be forensically examined for its validity?


If you did…… you as a group are one of the major problems with this country right now……you are insanely ignorant and naïve.

If you didn’t…..if you thought…”Hmmmm, I wonder why he kept it secret all this time….and then just presented it so easily…I think we should have some document expert check it out so we can REALLY put this thing to bed!” If THAT’S what you thought….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Do you not read the blogs and articles and videos on YouTube with DOZENS and DOZENS of professional document experts claiming Obama’s long-form is not just a fake…..it’s a REALLY BAD fake? Recently….ten CIA officers were asked if Obama’s BC back in May was real, and all of them said it’s a fake.

So……as a TEA PARTY group are you for the TRUTH….or against the TRUTH?

If you are FOR it……use your power and influence to march up on The Hill with the forensic proof that Obama’s BC is a forgery….and DEMAND that some of the rookie Congressmen that you helped get elected do their stinking job to protect this nation from usurpers.

If you are against the TRUTH…..then you are all traitors, and GOD help you for your crimes against our country.

Choose one, Tea Party…..your silence on this subject for two years is DEAFENING.


Gordon Smith


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a declared candidate for president but has waffled on the question of Obama's eligibility

I agree with my co-patriots who have expressed their views below…

Where is the Tea Party in all of this?  Granted, a lot of good has been accomplished over the last two years.  I give you your props.  You have rallied people to the cause, you have organized groups and people and motivated them to step up to the plate.  I am totally proud of what you all have done, all of it in a loosely-confederated organization with no (apparent) jockeying for power and no proclaimed “leader.” This last makes for a very hard-to-find target by the enemy.  You made a huge impact and the enemy knows it and they are afraid of it.

However, there remains one 800-pound elephant in the room which has not been addressed, and it is the eligibility issue – or, more precisely, the lack thereof.  There is overwhelming evidence that Obama is not eligible to be president and the Tea Parties and the RNC, the DNC and both parties in the Congress refuse to address this.  As Gordon elaborated on, we the people are fighting this fight every single day.  We are tired!!

And, indeed, how does Ms. Bachmann know that Obama is eligible?  Where is her proof?  Everyone in the government is either ignoring this issue or stating that he is eligible.  Show us the proof that he is eligible.  We’ve never seen it.  And no one else has, either!!!!

If  you really want to win this election, break this egg and make the omelette.  The left is going to do everything they can to keep their scumbag in office.  You all cannot be afraid to step on toes or offend or worry what the media think.  The media are against us and always will be.  This is not a tea and crumpet party – it is a fight to the death. 

You are  for the Constitution or you are not.  Let’s get this thing, this cancer, out in the open once and for all and let everyone see what is going on.   The usurper was never vetted.  A phony document was posted online, and more recently another phony, forged document was sent out.

The Tea Party and Michele Bachmann and whomever else should be screaming this at the top of their lungs daily. What an impact this would  make on the election and on the state of affairs in this country if it were done.  Put the enemy on the defensive.

Mary Seales