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by Cody Robert Judy

Cody Robert Judy was set to announce his candidacy for the presidency on June 21, but has held back for lack of funds

(Jun. 29, 2011) — I wanted to give you a tidbit of an update regarding the article published at The Post & Email on June 15, 2011.  As you may have noted, June 21, 2011 passed and I did not formally commit in a Declaration of Candidacy. You no doubt noticed Mr. Jon Huntsman’s declaration on that same day which I opened the door for and let pass through so as not to disparage.

Another notice for you is this childish blog regarding The Post & Email’s report and interview with me noticed here: http://ohforgoodnesssake.com/?p=18115, as if Barack Obama has not asked for help in any of his campaigns. While much more successful in fund raising than I, no doubt if contributions are the mark of success in today’s political climate, then voters really should look to the candidate with the fewest votes and the least amount of money who is actually going to work for them, because there sure isn’t and hasn’t been any pay for me.

I will report to you, as you requested, Sharon, that as of  June 25, 2011, a full ten days after the posting of the interview-article at The Post & Email, I have received not one single dollar in contributions. We can ascertain from this revelation a couple of things:

1) The Birther Movement’s over 50% of Republican Voters are so broke they cannot support a legitimate candidate who has the qualifications and unique ability to defend racism charges leveled at Mr. Donald Trump from not also suing Sen. John McCain as an ineligible candidate as I did.  The question “Where have you been for three years?” on this issue arises.  In an interview on Fox News, Michele Bachmann tried to avoid the eligibility issue with the word “attestation,” which can be noted beginning at about 7:13.

2) The Birther Movement has no idea of the advantages of running for President and the reduced advertisement rates that federal candidates have and how that could turn Obama on his head with public education.

3) The Birther Movement has no idea or clue that a message cannot get out without advertising dollars, and they are already supporting for President candidates who have committed to sweeping The Birther Movement under the carpet, which is akin to ignoring the biggest atomic political bomb ever to be imploded upon American voters.

If Mitt Romney were half as concerned about this country as he lets on, how many dollars has he spent of his near quarter-of-a-billion-dollar net worth, defending the the natural born Citizen clause of our Constitution by supporting efforts of front-line Birthers? Mitt Romney has not spent one single dollar as far as I know on the atomic bomb devastation of Obama’s constitutional qualifications. That is of course the key to Obama’s legitimacy and the legitimacy of his signature on every piece of business conducted while he has been occupying the White House; and that really goes to every other Republican candidate running also.

Sharon, until the citizens who make up The Birther Movement begin to recognize that no person running for President unwilling to stand up for the Constitution on the natural born Citizen qualification issue is remotely going to satisfy them in standing up for any other Constitutional issue, and by that action could in no way take the oath to preserve and protect the Constitution to which a President must commit, the citizens of this country will only have a lip-service President whose actions bring shame to the principles upon which our country was founded.

Obama’s intent is to pull off this fraud and forgery.  Efforts are doubling down to sweep it under the carpet and allow Barack Obama to go down in history as the 44th President. The course of action I must take may surprise you, but it is a course of action that will not let America down.

I will keep you abreast of this as it unfolds, and I would continue to appeal for help from citizens who are concerned with this issue which is central to our national security.


Cody Robert Judy


Update, July 2, 2011: Mr. Judy has reported the construction of a new website relating to his potential presidential candidacy.  Judy told The Post & Email, “Our funds are limited so we will call it a work in progress, but if people would like to read what I have to say on some other issues this provides them that. Not all the pages are finished but I am working hard on that and have a good start. I like to say if people complain they are free to contribute towards making [it] better.”

One of his recent videos is here.