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June 28, 2011

The Republican National Committee has not acknowledged the questions surrounding Obama's eligibility for the office of president but rather, seeks to defeat him in 2012

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to the Republican National Committee in response to an email advertisement I received:

I am addressing this email primarily to the Republican National Committee who placed this ad in your publication.  No, the ‘change we need’ is an overhaul of our government and removal of the most powerful and oldest members of both Parties.

This ad is typical, embarrassing and why the Republican Party is in big trouble.  While I don’t dispute your comments and claims about the Sewer Rat in Chief, this sort of political hype avoids the real problems we are facing and how this foreign agent was installed in our White House.  It took Republicans and Democrats to pull off this fraud of the century and it is criminals from both sides that keep him in office and support his crimes against us and our nation.

If the Republican Party had any backbone or honesty and if some high-level Old Guard folks were not deep in the fraud, deception and agenda to transform our nation into a ‘Progressive’ Marxist mud hole, this would not merely be about an election.  We don’t trust you any more than we trust the Democrats.

Across our nation, in case you missed the meeting, Americans are joining forces against both Parties and the destruction of our Constitution.  We comprise patriots from all political groups, races and backgrounds.

We have no viable candidates in the Republican lineup because they are all deep in the deception and protecting the Usurper along with the criminals who facilitated his illegal installation and secretly promote his illegal and authoritarian actions.

I would not give a nickel or a voice to any candidate put forth by either established Party at this juncture.  The entire machine needs to be exposed and torn down.  We will not be able to rebuild this nation until that is accomplished.

If there were any viability to this Party, we would be seeing exposure, arrests and prosecution.  We would have already seen the squatter and First Moocher hauled out of our White House in handcuffs and charged with the crimes massive evidence supports.  The fact that Republican officials, politicians and candidates are not only mum on the subject, but actually stick to the ‘government’ position and canned lines and answers makes it abundantly clear we can trust none of you.

We will only support a candidate who is fearless and willing to step up and tell the truth, fight this filthy Progressive/International/Global cabal and buck the status quo.  By recognizing the Usurper as a President and a legal candidate, the Republican Party is guilty of legitimizing him and this Regime.  Everything that has been ‘proclaimed’ and signed by this agitator could be swept out of existence very easily if we had any real Fiduciary representation.

The finger-pointing and lies are transparent and we aren’t buying the snake oil.  Keep your Kool-Aid.  I drank the Republican Kook Aid for over fifty years and now I’m just trying to detox.  It will take a clear head and a commitment to our future for us to prevail and save America.

Deborah Warren