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by Sharon Rondeau

The Social Security Administration has stated that it has no record of issuing the SSN which Obama is using

(Jun. 21, 2011) — Atty. Orly Taitz has informed The Post & Email that a Motion to Strike, filed with the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, has been posted by the court and on her website, but www.orlytaitzesq.com has been inaccessible today.  Taitz is not sure if the site is down due to an inordinate number of attempts to load her home page or if there is another problem yet to be identified.

Taitz has told The Post & Email that the government had until May 3, 2011 to provide an answer in the case of Taitz v. Astrue, which was filed after Taitz’s Freedom of Information Act request was denied in which she requested the original social security number application of Barack Hussein Obama.  The Social Security Administration has reportedly stated that it has no record of that particular number having been issued.

Taitz had requested a default motion after the U.S. attorney representing the Social Security Administration missed the May 3, 2011 deadline to file a reply, instead filing on May 23.  However, Taitz stated that the courts do not normally favor granting default motions because they would prefer to hear cases on their merits.

Regarding the case, Taitz stated:

If Obama is committing fraud, and this application was never filled out by him, he has no expectation of privacy on documents that were stolen by him.  The person who originally filled out this application was born in 1890. He would be 120 years old, and we did not find any records of his, so he is probably deceased.  When a person is deceased and was living alone and didn’t have any family and his death was never reported to the Social Security Administration, according to their records, he is still alive.  That’s why they’re saying that this is a private matter.  If they have a last-known address for this person, then the Social Security Administration needs to send an agent to that address to see if the person is still alive.

The Social Security Administration cannot be harmed by this motion, but it is an important matter of national security.  What is interesting is that the Social Security Administration shows that this number was never issued.  So something very strange is going on.  The public has a right to know if there are criminals running the country.

The Motion to Strike is below.

First page of Motion to Strike the SSA's answer based on its filing "20 days late"
Page 2 of Motion to Strike


Editor’s Note: Atty. Taitz advised us at 10:00 p.m. EDT that the above document is a draft.  The finalized version can be found on her website, which is now functional as of 10:17 p.m.