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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Judge Carroll L. Ross ordered the arrest of Walter Fitzpatrick on April 1, 2010. There was no police record of the incident until Fitzpatrick asked for one months later.

(Jun. 18, 2011) — Uncounted attempts to file a series of federal criminal complaints against federal government officials were all defeated between March to July 2009.

Attempts to file the same and other charges from the state level began in August 2009 from Tennessee State, County of Monroe.

From August through December 2009 each attempt from the state level was defeated through obstruction.

Messrs James H. Stutts and Gary D. Pettway were the two principal men, the two main perpetrators regarding the obstructions.

James H. Stutts is an Assistant District Attorney General in Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District. One of Stutts’ duties is to assist the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury. Gary Pettway was the incumbent “Foreman” to the Monroe County Grand Jury.

From 3 September 2009 to present, several state and federal criminal complaints naming Stutts and Pettway as criminal actors were ignored.

Attempts to overcome the Stutts-Pettway blockade continued in January 2010. It was learned on 6 January 2010 that Gary Pettway had served on the Monroe County Grand Jury for several consecutive Grand Jury terms (the Monroe County Jury term runs 12 months (one calendar year January through December).

In January, February and March of 2010 there was conducted an aggressive effort to see Mr. Pettway arrested as a criminal actor posing as “Grand Jury Foreman” in state and federal complaints naming Pettway a fraud.

Law enforcement officials contacted–each and every one–ignored the criminal complaints naming Pettway an outlaw.

A lawful Citizen’s Arrest of Mr. Pettway was executed on the first Thursday in April (1 April 2010). Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens and Deputy Sheriff Bennie Byrum were also placed under Citizen’s Arrest within minutes.

The three Citizen’s Arrests were carried out between approximately 0947 and 1035 hours local. More accurate and precise times can be ascertained in the days that follow.

The three Citizen’s Arrests were audio and video recorded by private Citizens.

The charges against the three men were (1) Treason, (2) Official oppression, and (3) Official obstruction — all felony offenses in Tennessee State.

While the three Citizen’s Arrests were in progress, Madisonville Police Captain-Detective Darren Bivens arrested me at approximately 1035 hours local on the front portico of the Monroe County Courthouse (Note: Madisonville Police Captain Bill Bivens and Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens share a last name but–I’m told–are not related. Also this: Madisonville, Tennessee is the center of Monroe County Tennessee government).

Taken by surprise, local government and law enforcement officials panicked.

Judge Carroll Ross rode to their rescue. Carroll L. Ross is one of the criminal court judge circuit-riders since 2007 (paragraph 10) in Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District.

Carroll Ross was not in the Monroe County Courthouse on 1 April 2010. Ross’ orders were transmitted to local law enforcement officers electronically.

The first three misdemeanor charges came to public view at approximately 1030 hours local on 1 April 2010.

The fourth charge–resisting arrest–came into existence at some point in the following ten minutes.

Charges five and six–the two felony charges–became public for the first time on Thursday, 3 June 2010 during that day’s (bogus) Grand Jury hearing.

All six charges appear on the document below given to me during the 28 June 2010 Arraignment. Carroll Ross’ handwritten comment “A Special Judge will be appointed to hear this case” appears on the first page.

Grand Jury charges 1-3 against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III claiming that he "disrupted a lawful meeting" when he arrested the foreman. But was it a lawful meeting?
Page 2 with counts 4-6 against Walter Fitzpatrick
"True Bill" from the Monroe County Grand Jury with Angela Davis as Foreman. Davis had served a prior term on the grand jury in violation of TCA 22-2-314

There is no narrative regarding charges five and six. I cannot explain them in any way.

I have no clue from where comes the dates 2 December 2009 through 1 April 2010 found in charge six (coercion and intimidation).

More regarding time lines and specific dates in emails to follow.

Darren Bivens crafted an “arrest report” under pressure and on demand on Thursday, 10 June 2010 (see below). (Note: on the paper document handed to me on the afternoon of 10 June 2010 appears in type my correct social security number. I’ve whited the number out for purposes of electronic transmission).

Darren Bivens’ harried and hurried work-product of 10 June 2010 is a criminal instrument. It becomes significant by way of this counterpoint: No other police report or sheriff’s report exists going to events between 2 December 2009 and 1 April 2010.