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by Jedi Pauly

(Jun. 14, 2011) — On Friday, June 10, 2011, Nicholas Purpura and Donald R. Laster Jr. filed an appeal in the Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.  Their case is a Petition for Redress of Grievances brought under the First Amendment that guarantees the right of the People to petition their government in a court of law when the government exceeds its authority and violates the rights of the People, as has happened with the criminal usurper Obama.

Nicholas and Donald Laster Jr. brought this case not just on their own behalf, but also on behalf of the sovereign citizens of the United States.  Those citizens are all having their sovereign political status and rights ignored and violated by any supposed laws that are signed by the false President  who has been foisted upon the People by a fraudulent Congress, who are fully aware that Obama is not a legitimate representative of the People.  This case, which surrounds “H.R. 3590,” the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” in many ways rises above every case so far that has been brought in the courts by Patriots who have been trying to expose the fact that Obama is not qualified under the Constitution to hold the Office of President.  This case combines both the Unity Theory of Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, and Margaret Hemenway, etc., and the Natural Law Theory of Jedi Pauly, JB Williams, Tim Harrington, and others, on the meaning of “natural born Citizen,” into one coherent approach that exposes the fact that any Bill which goes to the President for his signature becomes null and void because no consent on behalf of the People has been given, since Mr. Obama was not born as a sovereign representative of the People (natural born Citizen) and he is therefore not authorized to give his consent to any Bills on behalf of those sovereign citizens he is meant to represent.

Mr. Obama was born into a privileged class at birth, a class of those who claim their citizenship and political rights as a function of man-made laws (soil jurisdiction, i.e., Hawaii).  Mr. Obama, therefore, obtains his political rights as legal privileges of man-made law and not as natural unalienable political rights that are a function of the Laws of Nature (birth to a citizen father or parents).  The U.S. Constitution authorizes only those who are born as sovereign representatives of the People, according to the authority vested only by the Laws of Nature (natural born), as the ones who can give their consent and claim to be a representative of the sovereign People.  They are NOT AUTHORIZED TO QUALIFY TO BE PRESIDENT BY CONGRESS, nor even by a vote of the People.  The government cannot create sovereign citizens at birth with a statute or judge’s opinion any more than they can pass a statute or opinion that can alter the Laws of Gravity.  Sovereign citizens are not born as a privileged political class at birth due to manmade positive laws.  Sovereign citizens are created by the Laws of Nature alone.

We are not supposed to be ruled over by a privileged political class who passes supposed laws without the consent of the People and then makes demands upon our labor (taxes), also without our consent (slavery), in order to pay for those laws that are passed without our consent.  This is exactly the same complaint of our Colonial forefathers which occurred in the period of time leading up to the Revolution and War of 1776.  These abuses were called ‘taxation without representation’ at that time and it is happening again with King Obama.  That is what he is, a king or emperor, since he rules over us as a member of a privileged political class at birth who is not authorized by the Laws of Nature to represent the sovereign citizens of the United States.  He does not, and cannot, serve us as the representative of the non-privileged sovereign political class of U.S. citizens, those born to citizen fathers or parents.

Furthermore, when Patriots like Orly Taitz, or Mario Apuzzo, or Nicholas Purpura, etc. bring their complaints to the king’s courts, they are told that they have no standing and the cases are dismissed.  This is exactly what occurred leading up to the Revolution and War of 1776.  The Kings (George III, and now Obama) refused to recognize the natural sovereign political authority of the People which is declared in the Declaration of Independence as ‘all men are created equal’ according to the Laws of Nature.  The Kings’ courts dismissed the cases, saying that they do not need our consent to the laws, and that we have no injury because they do not recognize our sovereign political authority to be superior to their artificial sovereignty that they obtained from We the Sovereign People.

In effect, the courts and Congress and Obama have established a religious form of government where the State plays the role of God or the source of the Laws of Nature, because they have claimed it is their right, and that they have the authority to bestow sovereign political rights upon Obama, when only the Laws of Nature can do that.  These are exactly the same abuses and absurdities that were declared and written about in the Declaration of Independence that led to the “natural born Citizen” wording in Article II, and to the right of Petition in the First Amendment as the enforcement of our sovereignty that is declared in Article II, in order to prevent this usurpation from happening and ensure that we have a representative government which derives its authority from the consent of the governed (sovereign People).

This brings us to the importance of this appeal just filed.  I am writing this article as an open letter to rally those who have been fighting to restore the rule of law and our representative form of government.  I am calling on Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, Margaret Hemenway, Walter Fitzpatrick, Terry Lakin, JB Williams, Tim Harrington, Dr. Manning, and all others who are engaged and have been victimized by Obama to contact Nicholas Purpura.  The aforementioned and those whom I did not mention but also deserve to be mentioned all have one thing in common:  tey have all been attacked in their character or received death threats by Obot supporters or by the Obama regime and have had their lives disrupted by the criminal acts of others.

Those of us who are just speaking the truth, that Obama is not qualified, never asked to have our lives overturned by the criminals in government.  It was not our idea to invite criticism and personal attacks on our characters or be forced to suffer death threats.  It is not our actions that warrant such attacks.  These attacks would not even be occurring if Obama were a legitimate qualified President, because we would all be going about our lives and not be disturbing those who now feel justified in attacking us.  It is not as if we have decided to voluntarily become political public figures.  For example, I would have never started a website (JediPauly.com) and written about my discovery of the Natural Law theory, if it were not for the criminal actions of Obama and the Congress, and the Courts, and the CRS memos, and the propaganda and personal attacks put out by CNN and Fox News. We all have been forced against our will to raise our voices and speak out in order to preserve and protect our freedoms from obvious and blatant criminal assaults.

When the media calls us “birthers,” it is a direct attack on our characters by attempting to discredit the sovereign citizens as a result of their claims to a sovereign political status and to the recognition of that sovereign political rights.  That is what a “birther” is in reality.  They are the sovereign citizens who recognize that they have natural political rights which are being violated by a criminal government that is acting as if it is God, the source of Natural Law, and bestowing sovereign authority upon a false President that only Nature can bestow.  And because we dare to raise our voices and demand that our rights be recognized, as is supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution in Article II, we are labeled “birthers.”  They could not very well call us what we really are, which is ‘sovereign citizens,’ because it would not look right to say that the sovereign citizens are complaining that Obama cannot represent them since he was not born as a sovereign citizen of the U.S. himself, as required by Article II “natural born Citizen.”  That would expose the truth that Obama is a usurper and that the government is criminal.  Therefore, they coin the derogatory term “birthers.”  What more evidence do you need of a conspiracy to commit fraud than this unwarranted and unjustified personal attack upon the character of the Patriots who are just sovereign citizens speaking out?  These acts by the News Media, and  those appearing on the Fogbow website, have now led to real safety concerns because individuals have been programmed by the news and government to perceive the sovereign citizens as a threat to the government and therefore we are to be killed, hence the death threats that are occurring against those of us who are speaking out.

In effect, what we have is a Hate Crime that is being perpetrated and fostered against the sovereign citizens by the mainstream media and its internet presence and by the government.  Their fraudulent actions and unlawful support for the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution have caused many ordinary citizens to feel justified in attacking “birthers,” who are perceived, due to the lying actions of Congress and the Courts and the News Media, to be worthy of death.  Our safety is now threatened.  We need to demand that the government and News media stop using the term “birthers” and that they stop lying and instead report the truth regarding “natural born Citizen,” or else they will be responsible for the hate crimes that are being threatened against those sovereign citizens who are speaking out.

Please contact Nicholas Purpura and relate your evidence of these personal attacks and death threats.  Here is the link to the Purpura/Laster case that is brought on all of our behalf.  The phone numbers to contact Nicholas are on the top of the appeal.



Update, June 15, 2011: An email received from one of the plaintiffs in the above case was received today:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Department of Justice is once again playing games. On the 9/Jun/2011 Nick and I sent the Appeal Court and Department of Justice (DOJ) the Appeal Brief of the District Court’s dismissal of the suit. The District Court created a fake standing argument since DOJ defaulted and was unable to answer any of the Counts. The Third Circuit Court received the brief on Friday (10/Jun/2011) and DOJ obviously received the brief on Monday (13/Jun/2011).

On 13/Jun/2011, DOJ mailed the attached motion to request a 30 day extension which we received notice on Wednesday, 15/Jun/2011. DOJ has “scores” of Attorneys to write reply briefs so why should they need a delay. In the District Court DOJ failed to reply in the first place after stating they would reply and prove all counts meritless. After waiting 80 days for a reply a Motion for Summary Judgment for Default was filed. And the District Court and DOJ continued their stalling games. Why should DOJ stall?

It is simple – the standing claim flies in the face of Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution :

Congress shall make no law respecting … , and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So the Appeal Court should be right rule in the favor of us “We the People”. And when Appeal Court looks at the history and filings of the Cases in the District Court they are going to see the violations of the law, FRCP and judicial procedure.

The original 15 Count Petition and the Replies addressed 19 specific violations of the U.S. Constitution identifying fraud (Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1), creation of slave and involuntary servitude (Amendment 13) and taking non-existent income (Amendment 16) among other things. The Appeal Brief goes over the various violations and the District Court’s Dismissal “Opinion”. And the Rules only allow examination of the District Court record and of course the only information submitted is in our briefs. So what evidence can they add?

The DOJ, answering when forced to, answered only some of the Counts. They Counts they ignored require by law a immediate forfeiture since by not answering DOJ admitted the Counts are true and correct. And since they never answered the original brief by law a immediate forfeiture was required by law since they admitted all of the Counts are accurate. So by law the District Court and Appeal Court should rule in favor of us – the People of the United States.

The brief and other documents are located at


The location has a directory tree for the District Court files and one for the Appeal Court.

A recent article at http://www.thepostemail.com/ called “The Most Important Legal Case in U.S. History” was recently written as well as the excellent articles by Terry Hurlbut at



who has been following and writing on this case since it was filed back in September of 2010.

Don & Nick


And a further update was received at 1:15 p.m. EDT:  “Our response will be out soon – I mean really soon.”

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