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June 12, 2011

Is the print media sold out to an agenda rather than reporting on the activities of government?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to the editor of my local print newspaper.


Mr. Frank Craig

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

503 Martindale St.

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15212

Dear Frank,

What’s going on at the Trib? One of the biggest story of our  lifetime broke this past weekend and there was nothing in your paper. I’ve been a subscriber for 30-40 yrs. and rely on The Trib for the most accurate coverage of the news.

What broke was the story that Judge Lamberth of DC is allowing  Orly Taitz to have discovery in her case against the Social Security (SS) Administration (see Attachment A).  He is granting permission for her to have access to the ss records of our phony president-Obama. His current ssn -042 68 4425 is from Connecticut. In addition, he has up to 30 other number as found by 3 researchers (see attachments B&C). This is a huge story!

Even worse is that I alerted three of your staff- Zito, Wereshechin, & Comti of some of these issues almost a month ago when your paper wrote an article about Obama’s so-called Birth Certificate. Since that article, at least 10 experts have come forward and came up with the same conclusion—IT’S FAKE.. I sent and spoke to Wereshechin several times about articles from these experts. Some  have become part of 3  ongoing lawsuits against Obama (Attachment D). After a short period of time, I again contacted the reporter.  He told me that the issue was resolved and that they wouldn’t be doing a follow-up story. I then contacted Comti and he told me the same thing. I asked how the Trib could put out one side of a story without giving the opposing side.  He again said it was resolved and he wouldn’t be doing another story.

Just prior to these discussions, I came down to your offices and met with Zito. I gave her info from SS and offered her the list of Obama’s many ssn. The info I gave her was an ss form that said that Obama FAILED his verification test—his number (042 68 4425) and his name didn’t match  (Attachment E).

In short , The Trib is missing out on this huge story about a FAKE PRESIDENT.

I have tons of info if you guys want to follow-up. I would be glad to help.