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by Researcher

Photo from the City of Honolulu website

(May 13, 2011) — Editor’s Note: The following report was compiled by the person who traveled to Hawaii last July and reported her findings to The Post & Email shortly thereafter.

  • According to the COLB posted on http://www.factcheck.org/ for Mr. Obama, his birth certificate number is 151-1961-010641. The number was allegedly assigned when his birth certificate was allegedly filed with the State Registrar on August 8, 1961. The Nordyke twins, whose original long-form birth certificates were posted on the internet, are identified as file numbers 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638 respectively, and were assigned and accepted by the State Registrar on August 11, 1961.  I am in possession of an email dated February 3, 2010 in which Ms. Okubo stated that the certificate numbers were assigned by the State Registrar and only in the main DoH office located on Oahu (Honolulu).
  • Based on this information, it is not possible that 151-1961-010641 was assigned three days earlier than were 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638. The file number 010641 was likely assigned on Friday, August 11, 1961 and no later than Monday, August 14, 1961.
  • A small group of researchers that I work with identified an infant girl named Virginia Sunahara, born on August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu, HI. Due to complications, she was transferred to and later died at Kapiolani Women and Children’s Medical Center (most likely) on August 5, 1961. This happens to coincide with date of birth and birthplace of the Nordyke twins. Assuming that her medical records were also transferred to Kapiolani, the birth certificate likely originated at Kapiolani and was included in the group of birth certificates that contained the Nordyke twins.

a.       Born the morning of August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital, Wahiawa, Oahu, HI.

b.      Due to complications, the infant was transferred to hospital in Honolulu. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children is the most likely; however, Queens Medical Center is also a possibility.

c.       Died at Kapiolani the morning of August 5, 1961.

d.      Death notice appears in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on August 8, 1961 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on August 14, 1961 for Tomiyo Sunahara; no birth announcement was published.

e.       Interred at National Cemetery of the Pacific, aka Punchbowl in Sept. 1961.

f.       One researcher requested verification from the Veterans Administration that Virginia Sunahara was interred in plot U-966F (Sunahara listed as buried here. See: http://www.interment.net/data/us/hi/oahu/natmem/hawaii_stosv.htm) and was informed that there were no records responsive to her request. The gravesite in question was allegedly occupied by James T. Sawamura. I visited Punchbowl on July 21, 2010 to confirm. I went into the office to obtain information about plot number U-966-F. Virginia Sunahara was not listed in the database; the clerk showed me the computer screen. The database indicates that James T. Sawamura is buried there. Born Jul 23 1926; Died Oct 14 1980.

g.      The same researcher made a UIPA request from the DoH for an abbreviated, non-certified copy of the Sunahara COLB per the DoH Public Health Regulation Chapter 8B and was informed “no records exist that were responsive to her request,” which is the UIPA equivalent response that this person did or does not exist, according to the DoH. The correct response based on previous requests for other abbreviated, non-certified copies of the COLB, is “denied per HRS 338-18” since the requester “does not have a direct and tangible interest.” PHR Chapter 8B does however allow the release of such information but the DoH thus far refuses to comply.

h.      I personally visited the DOH Office in Honolulu on July 21, 2010 and found Virginia Sunahara’s name in both the birth and death indexes spanning 1960-1964.

i.        The research team did some footwork and determined the following: The father, Tomio Sunahara, was cremated and interred at the Mililani Memorial Gardens. Born Oct 13 1924; Died Mar 26 1968.

j.        I visited the Sunahara birth address of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  I approached the door where I could hear Fox News blaring in the background and knocked. A 50ish man in a pair of swim trunks, no shirt, answered the door.  The man at the door was Virginia’s brother, xxxxxxx.

k.      I asked if xxxxxx, Virginia’s mother was home, and he asked me what the purpose of my visit was. I explained that I was researching infant deaths in 1961 and that I had attempted to visit Virginia’s gravesite at the National Cemetery but I could not locate it. He confirmed his father Tomio was buried at Mililani (which is no more than 5 miles from Wahiawa) and that Virginia was buried with him. I asked again if I could speak with the mother and he took me to a room located behind the carport and knocked on the door. The mother was asleep but awoke and came to the door.   He left me with the mother and returned to the house. I explained again that I was researching infant deaths and wanted some details regarding the death of Virginia. This is what I got:

i.                          Tomiyo/Virginia Sunahara was born the morning of Aug 4 1961 at Wahiawa General Hospital.

ii.                        She was having difficulty breathing and they transferred her to a hospital in Honolulu. Mrs. Sunahara did not remember which one but I assume it was Kapiolani since it is was more likely equipped to handle neonatal complications. She also could not recall where she was taken or who the physician was. You have to keep in mind that she is 83 years old, and this event occurred 50 years ago.

iii.                    Virginia survived less than a day which likely places the time of death sometime in the early AM of Aug 5 1961.

iv.                   I asked I could see the birth/death documentation and she said she could not remember if she even had it. Even if she did, given the condition of the house, I seriously doubt that she would have been able locate it.

v.                    I expressed my condolences to the mother regarding her loss, thanked her for the information and then left.

l.        I called a member of the research team and asked them to find out where Mililani Gardens were located. After I left Wahiawa to head back toward Honolulu, I saw an exit for Mililani and exited. I stopped at the public library and obtained driving directions.

m.    In the meantime, the research team member contacted the mortuary and confirmed that Virginia was indeed buried there with her father, Tomio as was her brother Stephen who passed away in 2002. According to mortuary, Virginia’s remains were dug up at the National Cemetery October 1968 and placed with her father’s, Tomio Sunahara.

  • I drove to the cemetery and stopped at the first office I came to and obtained the plot location. I explained that I was researching infant deaths from 1961 and asked if it was possible to view Virginia’s birth and death documentation (which was likely transferred to the mortuary when her remains were transferred). I was informed that I could not see the documentation due to legal and privacy concerns.
  • I located the gravesite. Again, by all appearances, this has been here for quite some time. There is zero evidence that this grave marker is a recent addition.
  • During my visit to the DoH office in Honolulu on July 20, 2010. I examined and made images of various index books:

a.       The 1955-1959 birth index

b.      The 1960-1964 birth index

c.       The 1960-1964 death index

d.      The 1960-1965 marriage index by Groom

e.       The 1966-1970 marriage index by Groom

f.       The 1960-1965 marriage index by Bride

  • All of the index books with the exception of the 1960-1964 birth index included the date range in the header on each page. My analysis is that there is a canned report the Vital Records department can run for the various indexes based on a specified date range and it is one of the parameters included when the report is printed. The fact that the 1960-1964 index lacks the date range in the header is a good indication that a custom report was generated to include Mr. Obama. His name was either somehow inserted or a report was created to include all births registered between the years of 1960-1964 and Mr. Obama. I have no doubt that the DoH has some sort of birth registration for Mr. Obama; however, his birth was likely registered sometime after 1964 or it is either a late/delayed or foreign birth registration.
  • During my visit I spoke with “Jesse the Vital Records Supervisor” and asked him if the birth indexes included foreign/out-of-state births, Hawaiian Births, and Late/Delayed Registration Births and I was informed no, that they included only the births that met the general birth criteria. I asked to see the aforementioned and I was told they did not exist or were not available. This is in direct conflict with the DoH Specific Records Retention Schedule items VDR-10, VDR-6, VDR-1. The Post & Email was able to obtain pages from the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Index from Ms. Okubo, so its existence has already been confirmed. I asked if I could obtain a copy of a specific person’s index data and I was informed no, that it would contain too much information. I asked if I could obtain a redacted copy that included only information that appears in the index books (vital event, name and gender), and again, I was informed no.


  • The VA cemetery records were most likely computerized sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. Virginia’s data was erroneously entered into the database at that point and time.
  • According a fellow researcher, an audit of the burial records was to have been performed around 2003. Either Punchbowl cemetery neglected to perform the audit, or it at least failed to verify Virginia’s records. In or after 2006, Virginia’s burial record was removed from the VA database.
  • None of the databases that have been offered as evidence e.g. Find A Grave, Burial Internment, usgov.org are the actual VA database. They are just a snapshot of what the VA had on record at a particular point and time. It is not clear how long it takes for these auxiliary databases to self-correct or if they ever do.
  • Also, I believe that there was no official name change from Tomiyo to Virginia. According HRS 338, death certificates must be received by the DoH within three days. The Sunaharas probably had not selected a name for the baby prior to her death. The timeframe for submittal for a birth certificate is not as stringent (seven days). By the time the birth certificate was submitted, they decided on the name Virginia and the DoH updated its records accordingly for the death certificate. It is rare the issuance of a death certificate precedes a birth registration so the DoH likely retroactively updated its death record in regard to the first name.
  • If Virginia’s certificate number is 151-1961-010641, it was likely processed at the DoH on the 11th and no later than the 14th, based on the Nordyke twins’ certificate numbers (010637 and 010638) and the date they were processed, which was the 11th. We know that the DoH assigns a numerically sequential certificate number when it is received and accepted/filed. In other words, it is not pre-printed on a form that is distributed to all the HI hospitals. It is only way it can control the sequential numbering of the births otherwise the certificate numbers would be all over the place.
  • The delay of the internment at the National Cemetery that is assumed to have occurred on Sept 28, 1961 (based on the VA database snapshots in 2006) most likely had to with how long it took the Sunaharas to obtain approval from the VA to bury Virginia’s remains there. She was either embalmed, then held in cold storage at the mortuary that handled the remains, or she was cremated and the Sunaharas held her remains until such time that she could be interned at the National Cemetery. The latter makes the most sense, and cremation is a common method of handling remains in Asian culture.


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  1. U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
    Name: Virginia Sunahara
    Service Info.: CPL US ARMY
    Birth Date: 4 Aug 1961
    Death Date: 5 Aug 1961
    Relation: Daughter (Minor Child) of Sunahara, Tomio
    Interment Date: 28 Sep 1961
    Cemetery: National Memorial Cemetery of The Pacific
    Cemetery Address: 2177 Puowaina Drive Honolulu, HI 96813
    Buried At: Section U Site 966-F

    Source Information:
    National Cemetery Administration. U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2006.
    Original data: National Cemetery Administration. Nationwide Gravesite Locator

  2. I’m going to mention something that was not noted in the summary. First, this summary was not written (originally) for use in an article. So there is much left unsaid because those of us who had been privy already knew those things. This summary was written for the eyes of the little research group who worked on the project.

    Those of you who criticize the way the situation was handled have no idea about the original plans for the trip.

    Virginia Sunahara was never scheduled to be the focus of the trip. Oh, the idea was brought up, but as there were three principles chipping in, each with specific agenda, to fit everything in would be impossible. So, Researcher was going to crunch as much as she could into the trip, and if time allowed she would try to solve the mystery of the military cemetery.

    She did that, and then gave up on her own planned research to follow up on learning what she could about Virginia in the very short time she had.

    Not having planned on ever personally encountering Virginia’s family members, she naturally would not have made a plan for that. Being on the ground such a limited time, and being on very limited funds, it meant limited chances to act.

    She did look into changing travel plans, but if any of you has ever done that, you know how expensive and difficult it can be to do. Turned out it could not be arranged on such short notice.

    We also realize that if indeed it is the same certificate number used on the obama COLB, it is almost certainly well guarded at the DOH. It would have been then as it would be now.

    The family was guarded and a bit suspicious of her intentions. That is perfectly NORMAL. I seriously doubt they would have agreed to run right down to the DOH with a total stranger to order a COLB for the deceased girl. Not even if she waved a fistful of cash at them. Which could have been a dangerous thing to do anyway. Heck, just going to the house unexpectedly (and all alone) could have been pretty dangerous, especially once you start asking questions about family members.

    Try looking at all of the information and material she WAS able to obtain. It is very impressive, and she should be applauded for her work.

  3. Interesting POV From a facebook post:

    Topic: obama birth certificate.Displaying all 4 posts..Josette
    this is something written by stephen j. husack. I thought you and your father should have.

    The following by stephen husack.
    As you all know, Donald Trump made a big deal about Obama’s birth certificate. As of yesterday, the White House released the birth certificate.

    I will tell you right now that I had never given this “birther” issue any credit. I watched the hype and the crazies come out. I completely dismissed the entire ordeal altogether. In fact, it was not until the White House released the birth certificate that it had gained my attention.

    I am the studious sort of guy. So, I took a close look at this document. While I would have thought that this issue would have been closed for good (and, got the crazies to crawl back into their holes), I found two extremely strange inconsistencies that merit some attention.

    First of all, the birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya , East Africa “. This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could have Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive. The region was called Kenya dating back to the late 1800’s, but wouldn’t a birth certificate state the official name of the country? It would be like saying somebody’s parent was born in Trenton, Central Jersey…

    The other item that I looked into was the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978? This is the discrepency that bothers me the most and it really has no explanation!

    Go ahead, look it up. I am not talking crazy talk, these are the facts. Like I said, I thought that this was a non-issue until the actual certificate was released. Now that it has been released, of course I had to look into it. I have found these issues, now I know that something is up. If you doubt me, just look at the following resources:

    Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)

    The first direct elections for Africans to the Legislative Council took place in 1957. Despite British hopes of handing power to “moderate” African rivals, it was the Kenya African National Union (KANU) of Jomo Kenyatta that formed a government shortly before Kenya became independent on 12 December 1963, on the same day forming the first Constitution of Kenya.

    1. “At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya , East Africa “. This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could have Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive. The region was called Kenya dating back to the late 1800′s, but wouldn’t a birth certificate state the official name of the country?”

      All over the blogosphere, I keep reading posts and comments in which it’s brought up that Kenya became a republic in 1963 and was a British colony prior to that. What none of the bloggers or commentators have stated is what Kenya was called before 1963.

      PS: I’ve also been seeing that same message (or posting or letter) all over the blogosphere, although usually attributed to “a friend” of the writer or to an anonymous source.

      1. …Continued

        So, I spent a couple of hours searching online for Kenya’s name before it was Kenya and – guess what – I found no other name for Kenya except the following.

        “…Before 1920, the area now known as Kenya was known as the British East Africa Protectorate and so there was no need to mention mount when referring to the mountain. Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom 12th December 1963 and declared a republic 12th December 1964.”

        Okay. So what was Kenya called after 1921 but before 1963? I still don’t know for sure, but I suspect it was called “Kenya” just as Hong Kong was called “Hong Kong” when it was a British colony.

      2. The unusual part isn’t that Barak Sr.’s birthplace is listed as Kenya, but that it says “East Africa.” On the INS documents recently released for Barak Sr., he lists his birthplace as Kenya, but never mentions East Africa. He also lists his race as “Kenya.” He does not list Obama as his child on these documents, but does list Roy Obama as his child in 1962. If the shiny new COLB is real, it’s obvious that Barak Sr. was NOT around when the child was born and had nothing to do with the alleged birth certificate.

    2. Great post… I have always thought there were issues with Obama’s eligibility and have been expecting the birth certificate to be a fraud. That said… While I can’t argue with your Kenya remarks, the hospital name must have been in use at the time as that is the name on the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates.

      1. Exactly the same things (Kenya being called Kenya between 1920 and 1963; the hospital name being the same as on the Nordyke BC’s) have been said about exactly the same post here before.
        So why repost the same thing again when its main arguments have been found to be wrong by the people around here?

        I wonder if some people never learn or if they’re deliberately trying to get us on the wrong track by posting misleading information.

      2. Curious Citizen: I think some are intentionally disseminating disinformation and disrupting discussions with the same old regurgitated questions and made-up “facts,” while others keep bringing up these same old arguments and questions because, for whatever reasons, they believe them to be true. It’s for the latter group that I spend a lot of time and bandwidth responding to their comments and questions with corrections, checking and double-checking the facts, and looking for sources to cite so that the one I’m responding to as well as those who read but don’t comment know that it’s not just my word or opinion against his/her word or opinion. Heck, I’ve spent so much time researching for the benefit of others what I already know that, if I could organize my cited sources and the knowledge on this topic that I have stored between my ears, I, too, could write a book on the subject. But there will be a flood of books and e-books on this topic before all is said and done. Besides, with a background in marketing and a lifetime as an eldest sibling, keeping others straight on-the-fly better suits me, anyway. (But if I don’t see some hat tips to “AuntieMadder” in some of the books, I will be ticked.)
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Auntie, you do deserve a hat tip.

  4. Barf Certificate hermetically sealed…
    Considering the “document” is about 50 years “old”,
    There is not even one sign of any aging of any kind,
    It must have been sealed in a time capsule in Tibet.

  5. Hey researcher.

    Thanks for doing all this research. I mean it. Just take that guy on here that critiqued you kind of harshly as constructive critisizm. We all just want the truth to get out. And you’ve done a very valuable thing towards that end.

    I appreciate your work.

  6. Any positive movement on this issue? Also, does anyone know who holds birth certificates in the range of the Nordyke twins… say 15 or so above and below their 010637/8 numbers?
    On a side note, I am a firm believer that where Mr. Obama was born is irrelevant to his eligbility to be POTUS. I think it’s clear that our founders were following Vettel’s notion of Natural Born Citizen when crafting Article II, Section I, clause 5. But I still find the drama surrounding this (possibly) bogus birth certificate riveting.
    On a second side note… any further talk about the Connecticut SSN? I’m not in agreement with O’Reilly who seems to think Obama Sr. requested it for Jr. when he was going to school at Harvard… preposterous! I think this issue is huge.

    1. O’Reilly and the rest of the Fox News talking heads will do absolutely anything to try to protect Obama from being completely revealed as the total fraud which massive evidence says he is.

      1. That is why Fox News viewership has been going down drastically in the past year. Fox News has lost credibility with all of the Constitutional Conservatives, TEA Partiers, Birthers, and Town Hall attendees. That is why Glenn Beck was fired because of falling viewership. And that is why Fox News is now part of the Lame-stream Media (LSM) along with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and all of the other left-wing cable news networks. Fox News eventually will be relegated to last place. I used to watch Fox News 16/7. No more. I get my news from the more reliable online news. WorldNetDaily (WND) is one of the most accurate, reliable news outlets in existence.

  7. Miss Tickly,

    Glad to see you’re still active. Hope you’re finding and cataloging more instances of identical pixelization of letters & various elements of the 4/27/11 white house “birth certificate”, including, but not limited to lower case i’s, u’s & the upper-case B’s in OBAMA (both Jr & Sr.). That “cert” is undoubtedly rife with instances of “copy & paste”.

    1. The Post & Email’s investigation of this matter alone is enough to put all other media outlets to shame over the course of the last 3 years. Good work.. and getting closer!

  8. According to Ted’s genealogical research, a Tina Luke of Brentwood, TN submitted the information on baby Virginia. Is there anyone on this site who is in the vicinity of Brentwood, TN who could question Ms. Luke either before or in conjunction with another trip to HI to try to get the BC?

    Another thought: From http://www.whitepages.com, it shows a phone number of 615) 261-4818 for Tina Luke in Brentwood, TN. Sharon, would it be appropriate for a call from TPE to Ms. Luke as part of your investigative reporting on a possible misuse of baby Virginia’s BC?

  9. To Researcher:

    Please post where and how to cintribute $$$$ to fund a trip to obtain Virginia’s LFBC, or proof from HI HOH that it does not exist.

    1. I am guessing at least 2-3K. The issue is this enough to “buy” the VS LFBC and how to consolidate the funds and return them if it is an execise in futility. I have a paypal account which would be one way to consolidate or if Mrs. Rondeau agrees, through the P&E. I have not researched, but I would estimate the travel costs, (airfare, hotel, car, etc.) to be in the 1K range. Last visit, I donated my FF miles which are now depleted so that is not an option. I will note it is easy for me to go to HI as opposed to someone who lives in the MW or EC. I live in California’s “mini me.” its a direct flight or a one connection flight, depending where I depart from.

      1. OK! Time is of the essence, as suggested by other posts. I will donate $5K today if it goes through Mrs. Rondeau, with a commitment for immediate action, (i.e. Travel to Hawaii by tomorrow or Tuesday.) Contact me by e-mail. Mrs. R. should have access to my email address.

      2. Researcher, do you honestly believe that the brother or mother would be willing to do this or that they could be persuaded? It would be part of history if indeed they (Obama’s grandmother or the Dept of Health) did use Virginia’s number to cover for Obama. I would hate for you to go out their and they decline. Confirmation from them needs to be done in advance and I would be willing to donate for this endeavor. The sooner the better before someone from the Administration reads this and attempts to get to them first and cut a deal….if you know what I mean?

  10. Ok people, it’s time to go to school. It’s not about WHERE Obama was born. Watch this video. The best I’ve seen on whether Obama is qualified to POTUS. Please pass it on!

    1. This is about fraud. The NBC issue is a whole different ball game, and important, but it has no traction.

      This is about criminal fraud, friends. Fraud.

  11. Question:

    I cannot help but wonder why the researcher, knowing time was limited, simply offer to drive the mother down to the DOH so the mother could file for her daughter’s Birth and Death Certificates, as this generally takes less than 1 hour? The researcher could always obtain a copy from the mother once it arrives. Spending more time locating the grave site for confirmation rather than time spent obtaining true document confirmation with such an excellent opportunity at hand was a significant loss of research data that could have been obtained.

    I praise the researchers for their efforts and hard work, but puzzled at their lost opportunity. If the mother is still alive and they have the resources, I would hope the researcher(s) quickly head back and do just that, drive her to the DOH.

    1. That was also my question. Given the living conditions of the mother and family they may have been willing cooperate esp. with a donation to their immediate welfare!

  12. “Submission Search: 3871742-0511109135153
    CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File – Compact Disc #146
    CD-ROM Features: Pedigree View, Family View, Individual View, Reports, Downloadable GEDCOM files, Notes and Sources.
    Order Pedigree Resource File CD-ROMS”

    Where is the link after ‘URL:’ (above)?

  13. I suggest EVERYONE attend their next townhall meeting, etc. with their congressman! Gather at the front door with several friends and give EVERYONE ENTERING a piece of paper: We have an ILLEGAL PRESIDENT who presented a forged BC to America on March 27,2011 documented by numerous FORGERY EXPERTS on the internet!! He also holds 39 SS#s documented by several experts! Therefore, OUR CONGRESSMAN speaking to us today is ILLEGAL due to tjhe ILLEGAL PRESIDENT! Demand this congressman request a congressional hearing about the BC and 39 SS#s!

    1. Our congressmen don’t care….. They all say the same thing( HE says he was born in Hawaii) That good enouh for them–they will take his word for it” So tell me, do any of these people need to be re-elected? I believe they are all in on this cover up! The Truth is out there on news reels done in 1960/1961 with Ann Dunham!!!

  14. With years of law enforcement experience, I agree with the comments of JayDee, and part of what Former Intelligence Officer said. Have a plan, with a back up plan, and another veteran present. Have plenty of cash, and be prepared to drive the mother straight to the DOH, if she was able and would go. If she was not able, clearly the brother could walk and move. There is no substitute for proper training and a detailed game plan. Once Researcher found where the brother lived, since she knew she had a prior commitment she claims she flat could not break, and her time was limited, she should have left without burning any bridges or raising red flags. To go on in, and then find the mother, when she knew she has limited resources, no clear game plan or contingency plan, and with a prior commitment limiting her time, the best thing to do was thank both and leave. She should never have gone there alone anyway, as veteran investigators can give a dozen reasons why not to go alone. Researcher, with that kind of invaluable knowledge, should never have said a thing to other investigators and interested persons as she reported she did. Not one lifted a finger to help her, so that tells you about them. High risk and of no value, and one or more could be adverse. If researcher could not personally go back with a professional back up, and meet the brother and mother, depending on the mother’s condition, with plenty of cash on hand to seal a deal, and then drive brother or mother to the DOH, then she should have obtained substitutes she knew and trusted to do just that, and fast. Time is your enemy in a case like this. Anyone well trained will tell you that fact. Any veteran investigator or law enforcement officer would move fast and in person before leaking a thing. Never send a letter, that was a huge error. Now after all these errors, researcher makes all of this public, when the job was maybe 1/3 done. What a crying shame. That is why someone else is always 2-3 steps ahead.

    1. Well, Marty, if Researcher hadn’t made all of this public, how would you have known that it was time for Captain Hindsight To The Rescue?

    2. Marty I appreciate what you asserting. I live on the mainland which makes travel to HI nearly impossible at least from a financial perspective. I do however live on the WC so logistically it is not an issue. I have tried five ways to Sunday to engage well known interested parties and private investgators to advance this to no avail.

      Maybe it is not too late. What do you suggest?? It appears we can collect $$$$ that can fund a trip and pay the family to obtain the LFBC. If our assertions are true, they are certainly entitled to legal damages for irreparable harm which might further compel them to cooperate.

      1. How much in average cash would a total trip cost from your city to go to Hawaii, use cash and get the brother or mother to go and get a copy of Virginia’s long form or short form?

    3. Yep, I am afraid this is a dead end street now. Now, mother or son go and get BC they will have no problem obtaining; everything will go smooth; but the number will not be what it was. And on this bc the forgery will be perfect and excellent. It won’t look anything like the cheesy one posted for BHO so everyone will see it as real. And we all get just a little more paranoid even thought we know, “Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not after you.”

      1. I am not so sure that trying to get Virginia’s BC would be a waste of time. Keep in mind that the Bates numbering machine sequentially numbered the BC’s. Therefore Virginia’s number was likely the only one within this narrow window of time that could be purloined without using a number of a living person. It would be great if the individuals born during this critical time frame, as reported in the newspaper, could be contacted and their BC numbers obtained.

  15. I found this on the Mormon FamilySearch.org web page:

    Virginia Sunahara birth and death information:

    Text-only versionThese search terms are highlighted: virginia sunahara
    Individual Record FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File

    Search Results | Print


    Virginia Sunahara Compact Disc #146 Pin #2103695 Pedigree
    Sex: F


    Birth: 4 Aug 1961

    Death: 5 Aug 1961


    Father: Tomio Sunahara Disc #146 Pin #2102729
    Mother: Living


    Notes and Sources
    Notes: None
    Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 146


    Tina LUKE
    107 Breaker Circle, Brentwood, TN, 37027, United States of America


    Submission Search: 3871742-0511109135153
    CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File – Compact Disc #146
    CD-ROM Features: Pedigree View, Family View, Individual View, Reports, Downloadable GEDCOM files, Notes and Sources.
    Order Pedigree Resource File CD-ROMS


    About FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File
    The Pedigree Resource File is a new lineage linked database of records available on compact disc containing family history records submitted by individuals through FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service. Family information is organized in family groups and pedigrees and includes submitted notes and sources. Many charts and reports can be printed from this data. Each disc contains about 1.1 million names. With the publication of every five discs, a master index for those discs will be published and packaged with that set of discs. With the publication of every 25 discs, a master index for those discs will also be published and packaged with that volume of discs. Discs may be purchased as sets or volumes.


    Please Note
    Submitter information is provided to help in the coordination of personal family history research. Use of this information for any other purpose, including marketing, advertising, or commercial solicitation, is strictly prohibited.


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    About Us | Contact Us | Press Room | Site Map Records Custodians | Developer Network | LDS Church Sites | LDS Country Sites

    1. That’s odd. I clicked on the link and then entered Virginia Sunahara, date range 1960 – 1964 and the search returned this: No records found for > Name: virginia sunahara, Event: Any, Event Range: 1960-1964

    2. (Sorry, this question should be nested here.)
      “Submission Search: 3871742-0511109135153
      CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File – Compact Disc #146
      CD-ROM Features: Pedigree View, Family View, Individual View, Reports, Downloadable GEDCOM files, Notes and Sources.
      Order Pedigree Resource File CD-ROMS”

      Where is the link after ‘URL:’ (above)?

  16. Posted by Dr. Polland at WTPOTUS on April 29, 2011.


    Not “probably,” but DEFINITELY. I and my fellow researchers (which includes Butter) have not spilled the beans on this one just yet because Sunahara is not some random name pulled out of a list of death certificates of people born on Aug 4, 1961.

    Virginia’s certification number WAS 10641 and it was swiped to put on Zero’s Photoshop birth certificate(s) – compliments of co-conspirator and inveterate liar, DOH Director Chiyome Fukino, and a member of the Sunahara family tree, which intertwines with four other prominent families, who all share a common goal.

    It will get bigger mention in my e-Book which will expose the massive fraud to put Barry X on the political fast track to the White House. The first part, “A lie is born,” focuses on the birth certificate scam and the people who made the forgeries, disseminated it, and covered it up.

    The perpetrators and collaborators, big and small, span every corner of this country, from Seattle to St. Petersburg and from Pennsylvania to Hawaii. You can also throw in one or two Middle Eastern countries as well because this fraudulent enterprise is, after all, a “family thing.”

    1. I read this more closely. Polland is saying Fukino is related to the Sunahara family. I suppose if that is true, then there is really no point in pursuing it any further. I certainly would not classify the Sunaharas as “prominent” based on the squalid living conditions I observed.

      1. What are the odds that Fukino would have a relative who was born and died right around the time of Barky’s birth date as per his official life narrative? And in Hawaii, too. How convenient is that?

        It’s because of claims like that one that I wonder with suspicion about Polland and some of the other self-identified birthers/amateur sleuths among us.

  17. Why post this before every effort was exhausted to obtain copies of those records via the family? If records are somehow now obtained and don’t confirm your suspicions, people will automatically question whether they’ve been tampered with, given that you’ve publicly mapped out your unfinished investigation. Makes no sense.

    1. We have exhausted all options. You have no idea how much time and energy we put into this or who we engaged to attempt to obtain the LFBC. These are WELL known persons of the cause.

  18. I am willing to contribute up to $1k for researcher-travel-funds/ incentive to the Sunahara brother to request Virginia’s BC from the HDOH.

    Mrs. Rondeau, can you organize this? If something serious comes of this you know from my past donations that my commitment is firm. Just give the word.

    Who else will commit to join in the effort? Who would be willing to go to Hawaii? Researcher, could you do this?

    1. I could but I just recently started a new job. I live on the west coast so it is relatively easy for me to fly there. However, I have a notorious reputation at the HDoH; I am considered to be a “vexatious requester.” Personally, I think it would be better for someone else to show up unannounced with $$$$ and drive the brother to the HDoH. It needs to be someone who is well versed in HRS 338 because the HDoH will refuse to issue a LFBC.

      They cannot refuse, if they do they are breaking the law.

      HRS 338-13 clearly states:

      (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.

      (b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original, subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18.

      (c) Copies may be made by photography, dry copy reproduction, typing, computer printout or other process approved by the director of health.

    2. I would be willing to make a donation to this cause.

      Another idea: contact Trump and encourage the people he says he has in Hawaii to meet with and incentivize the Sunaharas.

    3. I cannot go; I just started a new job a few months ago. I have a notorious reputation at the HDoH and I am considered to be “vexatious requester.” Some of my requests were even published in various articles when this legislation was being considered last year. The HDoH also knows my real identity.

      Personally, I think someone else needs to show up unannounced with $$$$ and drive the brother to the HDoH. It needs to be someone who is well versed in HRS 338. I think but will have to confirm that we can raise $600-800 to contribute.

      The HDoH will refuse to issue the LFBC. If they do, they are breaking the law so it needs to be someone who can push back if the brother is denied.

      HRS 338-13 clearly states:
      Certified copies. (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof.

      (b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original, subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18.

      (c) Copies may be made by photography, dry copy reproduction, typing, computer printout or other process approved by the director of health.

  19. Dr. Ron Polland posted over at WE POTUS on April 27th that he has definitive proof that O stole the VS cert number. I am not aware of any evidence posted to support his claim.

    Dr. Polland, please enlighten us readers/contributors to the P&E as to what evidence you have as irrefutable evidence. I did the heavy lifting on this endeavor so far so I am particularly interested in what you discovered that supports my claims and assumptions.

  20. Wow this is a great angle and I surely hope it pans out! However, I’m sure the HDOH has already thought of this scenario and will somehow come up with an excuse to NOT release the LFBC, even to the Brother. They have to know by now they’re being watched/investigated and will do a big CYA (cover your a$$).

    1. Great video, great information……..unfortunately there seems to be nothing useful that can be done with any information, evidence or even proof that is going to have any real effect on Barry and his usurped presidency.

    2. All along, peeps felt that politijab and foggy commies had a connection directly to the white house. You have spelled it out and confirmed. Great job!!!

  21. factcheck.org has been proven to be factcheck.fraud.

    It is funded by the biased Annenberg organization which funneled money to Obama and Bill Ayers. Annenberg/factcheck claimed for years the CoLB was legitimate.

    When a study by factcheck.org is cited today in a USAToday Editorial as though it is a credible source, something is seriously wrong.

    Obviously, not enough has been done to discredit this scummy organization.

  22. This needs to be acted on ASAP!
    WE need to get SOMEONE to contact the brother and offer him a little “help” to cooperate, because I guarantee you, the obummer’s team will be on it in a very short time!!
    I myself will be willing to donate a little.
    THIS could be the straw that broke the usurper’s back!

  23. So, we don’t really know “when” Obama was born. A June or July birth is more likely.

    In one of his books he said that he had seen his birth certificate among some old family papers. He may have actually telling the truth!

  24. Researcher,
    Wow Youv’e done some Heavy Lifting and deserve a great deal of thanks from all of us.
    Thank you for sharing , I don’t think we are far from exposing the whole sordid Details of
    this Fraud.

  25. While you’re checking records, can you talk to someone in Honolulu who graduated high school with Barry and has an actual HS yearbook? I’d like to know if he used the name Barry or Steve Dunham back then or Barack/Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro.

    On the recently released longform BC, Barry’s dad’s name is spelled Barack. Except in Kenyan newspapers, it is spelled Barrack, with 2 r’s. I wouldn’t expect a document forger to know that as Barry is Barry II so the assumption would be that the dad is Barack Sr., except wouldn’t Stanley Ann have noticed the misspelling if the BC had actually been prepared in 1961 and asked for it to be corrected? Wouldn’t Barack II have also been Barrack with 2 r’s? Was this a mistake or did the spelling “Barack” look more distinguished than “Barrack”?

    Also, it’s a given that he is related to the Dunhams. In photos of him as a child and as a teen, he has the same lantern jaw as Stanley Ann and Stanley Sr. He doesn’t have that lantern jaw now. It’s obvious that his jaw has been reconstructed, possibly to appear more telegenic, and he may also have a chin implant. At what point might this have been done and who might have paid for it? Who was he hanging with at that time and who may have been grooming him for the national stage? Am I grasping at straws here?

    1. The tragedy of this investigative story is we know nothing more about Obama’s bc number than before and the woman who investigated this was right in front of the two people who could have answered the question; the mom and the brother. Ok so the house was messy, if the investigator had offered $300 bucks I’ll bet one of th two family members would have found a bc in their house but the investigator stopped short and the story leaves us no where closer to the truth than when we started reading.

      1. I was on a tight budget and I did not have $300 to offer and not enough time before my scheduled departure to make arrangements to get it and go back. I could not change my departure date; logistically it would have been a nightmare. Believe me, I tried.

        I agree. Had I had the money, I would have driven the brother to the HDoH myself. I did however send a certified letter offering double that amount and received no response.

      1. The state library has the Punahou yearbooks, including the “Obama years.”. I visited the State Library when I arrived but ran out of tme to examine them.

  26. I would also try to revisit the mother and ask her if she possibly recalls filling out the application for the BC, and how and when she and her husband decided on the name Virginia.

    So now it appears Obama has a stolen BC and a SSN from two different individuals. Nothing about this guy is authentic and it is clear this creation is no accident. Obama is an intricate choreographed production, commencing before his inception to the present by Communist Party operatives.

    1. “… Obama is an intricate choreographed production, commencing before his inception to the present by Communist Party operatives.”

      …one report indicates, by SOVIET RUSSIAN Communist Party operatives: —

      Tom Fife is the author of “The First Time I Heard Of Barack” (2008) — found here:


      In 1992, businessman Tom Fife was in Moscow, when he was told that a ‘Barack’ would be the first black U.S. president — who will have a white mother and a black African father, and this U.S. president Barack will be a Soviet-style Communist.

      Here’s the Jeff Nyquist audio interview with Tom Fife — click item 9 —


  27. He’s not a NBC and it’s there for all to see. Father Kenyan, case closed. We have a Government in Breach of Contract. Breach Birthers.

  28. What crooked politicians were in offices in Hawaii in 1961 that could have helped in this fraud? was Hawaii a state in 61 or a territory? The history books say Hawaii became a state in 58or 59,but my mom said in 1961 “Hawaii is a territory,not a state”, when the “birth of obama was announced”.

    1. Hawaii (i /həˈwaɪ.iː/ or /həˈwaɪʔiː/ in English; Hawaiian: Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi) is the newest of the 50 U.S. states (Statehood: August 21, 1959)

  29. After a great deal of pressing numerous individuals at DOH, these are my questions (in part) and Ms. Okubo’s responses–

    “The requirements above bring questions to my mind pertaining to the index data I had requested and received from you.

    (1) is there a separate index for Hawaiian births and for non-Hawaiian births? (No)

    (2) If so, please tell me which index was relied upon in sending me Barack Obama’s data. (The birth index)

    (3) If there is only one index database, is there any indicator applied to the names therein that denote whether the party was born in Hawaii or out of Hawaii? (The index includes index data from Hawaii vital records)…”

      1. I think the other types of births have a different numbering scheme. Not necessarily in this order but something to this effect:

        General: 151-YYYY-########
        Late/Delayed: 152-YYYY-########
        Foreign: 153-YYYY-########
        Certificate of Hawaiian Birth: 154-YYYY-########

        In essence, I believe the first number is the volume number and I think there is a different volume number based on the type of birth registration. Does this make sense? It is pure speculation but it seems as if it would be the easiest way to distinguish the difference. I was told the index books available for general public viewing excluded the Late/Delayed, Foreign, and COHB births.

        Okubo is lying about there not being separate indexes or at least having the ability to create one. The HDoH Specific Records Retention Procedure clearly states the HDoH must maintain an index for each type of birth registration.

  30. The family was contacted via certified mail and offered $$$ to obtain the LFBC and LFDC as well as the COLB and COD. No response received.

    1. Well while obtaining a copy would be nice, just verifying the cert number would do.

      Let me ask you another question. Can a special report be organized from the index ie list births in order of birth for the year of 61 and only show the sex of the birth? Cna reports be broken down into categories like my example?

      1. I would assume they can create any type of report they want. If you recall, last summer, Ms. Okubo stated during an AP interview, the 1961 death index was available for $98.00. Before the article was published, one reasearcher tried to purchase it; sent the money within seven days after being informed she could obtain it, and then her request was rejected due to a time technicality; it was a request she had been working on for several months. IIRC, it was rejected because she did not respond within 90 days which is total you-know-what.

        I immediately sent a request and monies after the AP article was published and my request was rejected as well. The HDoH informed me that they could only provide birth/death indexes in five year increments to the tune of give or take $500.00. I believe the AP article was either removed or edited immediately after I attempted to procure it.

        A five year death index was worthless in terms of our research. Our plan was to compare the births that were announced within a certain timeframe to see if there were any other possibilities besides VS. There are a couple of other names we have identified where the child died within a few months to a couple of years but we have not pursued them at this point and time.

    2. Could you be more specific on the $$$ offered? At some point the $$$$$$ declined will come to indicate something other than privacy especially when all that is requested is the index number. The question might better be asked, have you been contacted by any other agents giving advice?

      1. Our research team and a couple of other donors determined we could come up with $800. I offered $600 so I would have $200 to negotiate with. This information has been shared with several notable private investigators and interested parties and no one has come up with anything or offered any advice. Other than the above, no one has offered to kick in to sweeten the pot.

        All we need is a copy of the original LFBC to obtain the index number.

    3. * Mail could have been intercepted.

      * Perhaps they’ve been told that if anything arrives of this kind, not to contact the sender; contact Obama’s cover people for maybe triple the amount.

    4. I spent my career interviewing and investigating criminal cases. take nothing for granted, such as them opening mail or even being able to read it. Considering the mess you described they probably have a habit of putting things down and never opening them later.

      If you can not contact them face to face, find someone who can do it for you. As a last resort call them and make the offer on the phone.

  31. This is very interesting. I had ran across that name at FR when it was being discussed, but I didn’t know that it was being checked out. Too bad the brother won’t try to get a BC of his sister. Maybe the mother could, but she’s elderly. Probably asking the brother would be good.

  32. Great summary, and very interesting information! Was any thought given to asking Mrs. Sunahara to request a copy of the birth certificate?

    1. That’s the key. Get Virginia’s brother to go down to the DOH and request a Birth Certificate (long form) and have him tell them he wants it for the family archives to be preserved. It would be interesting to see what certificate number it would have compared to Obama’s.

  33. Sounds like the brother of this little girl could use a few bucks. Maybe he could be contacted and asked how much he would like to go to the DoH and obtain the records that he would have a tangible interest in. I am willing to make a pledge to that effort. I would also be willing to either fly out there myself or fly this researcher out there on my dime.

    1. Getting the brother to get the mortuary to release the records would be better since they would be guaranteed to be originals.