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by Sharon Rondeau

Bobby Titcomb's photo after his arrest on April 4, 2011

(May 2, 2011) — On April 4, 2011, the Associated Press reported that a “close friend” of Barack Hussein Obama had been arrested in an undercover sting operation on charges of soliciting a prostitute.  The article reported that “Obama’s family has also attended barbeques at Titcomb’s beachside home in Waialua.”

Another news report confirmed a visit over the Christmas holiday by the Obamas to Titcomb’s “Waialua home.”

Today through his attorney, Titcomb reportedly pleaded “no contest” to the charge and paid a $500 fine plus $30 for court costs.  Titcomb was not present at the hearing which took place on May 2, 2011 but was reportedly “off island” today.

In 1986, Titcomb was convicted of contempt of court, and he took a plea bargain just last week for a speeding charge.  In 1989, Titcomb evidently left the scene of an accident and received a deferral on that charge.  The prosecutor for the recent solicitation charge did not agree with the deferral arrangement made today.

ABC News described Titcomb as “one of [his] oldest friends” and a visitor of Obama’s at the White House.  The article also claims that Titcomb graduated from Punahou School in 1980, a year after Obama.

A review of the school containing its mission statement states that Punahou is committed to “an environment where students can develop moral and spiritual values consistent with the Christian principles on which Punahou was founded.”  Punahou’s admissions policy today states that “Competition at each grade can be keen, and there are usually more qualified applicants than spaces. Candidates not admitted are encouraged to reapply. School-wide, there are typically 2,300 applications for approximately 500 spaces.”

The present annual tuition for a year at Punahou School is $17,800.  A $100 deposit is required to submit an application, and students can be wait-listed.  Admission is decided as a result of testing, observation, and teacher recommendations.  Page 2 of the K-5 admission instructions states that “Students failing to meet Punahou’s academic or citizenship standards may be asked to withdraw at any time.”

Page 3 states that a copy of an original birth certificate must accompany a prospective student’s application.

The Post & Email has recently spoken with a resident of Hawaii whose son was born in 1961 and attended Punahou as a senior in the same grade as Obama who said that it is well-known that Bobby Titcomb never finished the expensive private school.

A report from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about Titcomb’s recent arrest confirms what the Hawaii resident said.  In fact, our contact stated that even though Titcomb’s father was well-connected and normally would have been able to shield his son from something as serious as school expulsion, it happened anyway.

So where did ABC News obtain its information?  Is a failure to check details the way in which the mainstream media normally does its reporting?  Why did they assume that Titcomb graduated?  What documentation did they obtain to prove it?

A report from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin dated February 8, 2007 contends that “Long before he became Barack Obama…he was just Barry…He did not come from privilege, but was able to attend the exclusive Punahou School based on his achievement and with the help of financial aid.”

The article states that Obama graduated from Punahou in 1979 but lists no other schools he might have attended in Hawaii.  However, another source states that Obama attended Noelani Elementary School for his kindergarten year “prior to his mother’s move to Indonesia.”  The website also identifies other points of interest where Obama allegedly spent time during his Punahou years and during recent visits to Hawaii.  The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu is allegedly the location of his grandparents’ and mother’s funerals.  It is also stated that Obama attended “Sunday School” at the church as a youngster.

What type of financial aid did Obama receive, and from whom?  Upon what “achievement” was it awarded?

If Obama had achieved enough to be accepted to Punahou, why did he “experiment with drugs and let his grades slip in his final years of high school”?  Why wasn’t he expelled if his academic performance was lacking?

A statement from Obama was reportedly published in the Punahou Bulletin in 1999.

Another more detailed account of Obama’s youth and attendance at Punahou School entitled “A Kid Called Barry” from the Punahou School website states that Obama sang in the school chorale, played basketball and contributed to Punahou’s literary publication.  One former classmate recalled Obama as having “a worldly view.”  The undated report refers to Obama’s visits back to Hawaii to visit his grandmother; therefore, it appears to have been written before early November 2008, when she allegedly passed away from cancer.

The same article describes Obama’s visits to Hawaii including time spent with Titcomb:

Besides family, Obama hooks up with his high-school buddies. He plays hoops and an occasional round of golf, downs his fill of sushi and poke, lays into a game of Scrabble and catches the waves at Sandy’s. His pals say he hasn’t changed. “He’s honest, he’s truthful and he’s always encouraged the better things in you,” says Bobby Titcomb. “And you always go back to those people who water your plant, who water your garden.”

Our Hawaii resident interviewee related information gleaned from his son’s attendance at Punahou for one year, in the same grade as Obama, as well as local news reports.  Note: This interview was done before the White House’s release of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate on the internet.

Punahou is a real top-notch, prestigious school.  When my son applied there, there were over 100 who applied, and he was one of four who was accepted.  If you lived here in Hawaii and applied close to your senior year, they wouldn’t even consider you.  They want you when you’re ready for kindergarten.  It’s very, very expensive.

So when we moved here and he applied, he was accepted and was in the senior class, in Obama’s class.  They were born the same year.  He didn’t know Obama, though.

My son’s friend was in a lower grade, and his father was an HPD cop who became an attorney and a real powerful guy here.  I just spoke to the son, my son’s former best friend, and he was in Titcomb’s grade.  So Titcomb, Obama’s friend, was in the grade below.

Titcomb lives on the North Shore.  On one occasion when Obama visited here, he stayed a few houses from us.  The last time it was four or five blocks.  However, on both occasions Obama had a 20-car motorcade that went from here to the North Shore to visit this guy Titcomb at his house.  Now how much did that cost?  He could have given Titcomb $10.00 for gas to come down here.

The question for me is, “Who was your dealer?”  Obama said that he used marijuana and cocaine in high school.  Now, cocaine is pretty serious.  If he used cocaine, who was his dealer?

I know from that friend in the same grade as Titcomb that Titcomb was expelled.  He was definitely expelled.  I just spoke to the friend last night.  The other information I got about him was from a fellow who is older.  Titcomb lived on a street near Punahou School, and my friend here was like a neighbor, so he knew him when he was a little kid.  He said, “Anything to get in trouble, that was him:  Titcomb.  He always got in trouble.”  He was the one who told me that Titcomb was expelled for selling drugs, although that is not confirmed.

Today, the school is about $18,000/year, to put a kid in kindergarten.  So what grade was he expelled from?  I don’t know.  But to expel somebody, it has to be of a serious nature, and Titcomb’s father was a judge.  So for a judge’s son to be thrown out of that school…An example is that I don’t think my son’s friend could ever have gotten thrown out of that school because of his father, who was so powerful in politics and affairs here that they’d never throw him out.  So it had to be something pretty serious, in my opinion, and selling drugs to the kids would have been serious had that come out at that time.

Obama admitted to having taken cocaine and marijuana in school, at Punahou, and I still say, “So where did you get it?  Were you the dealer?  Who was your dealer?  Who supplied you?”

I lived on the Big Island, and both my children were caught with drugs.  My daughter had gone up on a hill with a girlfriend with beer, wine and marijuana.  She was a little kid; she was 12.  When I found out, I told her that I had checked with the chief of police in town, and I made an appointment and I said, “We’re going to the police station.”  And she said, “I’m no ‘narc,'” and I said, “I don’t know what you call yourself, but you broke the law; you’re going to the cops.”

So when I went up to the school, the headmaster of the private school there, ATA, was telling me how bad this was, and I said, “I agree.  She is being punished, and as a matter of fact, we just left the police station.”  So he looked at me, and he said, “You went to the police?” and I said, “Sure.  It’s very serious; she broke the law.”  Of course I went to the police.  “Oh,” he said, “I have to do that.”  And as I said to the police, “I’m more interested in who supplied her with the marijuana.”  So I found out from her who supplied her, and it was the custodian of the private school.

So my concern then was, “Is he looking for customers, or does he like little girls?”  The school was trying to cover itself with that issue.  That’s really the biggest thing here.

As far as the “birther” issue, I’ll ask you a question that I’ve asked others:  Is Obama black?

The Post & Email answered, “From everything I’ve read, he is Arab, with very little ‘black’ blood.”

Normally, if you ask people, “Is Obama black?” they say “yes.”  I say, “If you say he’s black, and you believe he’s black, then you are a racist and a sexist, because his mother is Caucasian.  She was white.”  So if you hide that fact and are ashamed of  it, as he is, that makes you a racist, and if you say just because the father was black, Obama is black, then you’re a sexist.  Either one.

Now, his COLB here that they’ve produced, if you look at that, the mother’s race is listed as “Caucasian.”  The father’s race is listed as “African.”  I know that when my son was born in 1961, we were on the East Coast, and no way was there such a thing as “African” or “African-American.”  There was no such thing.  If you referred to a black person or Negro as “African,” that was insulting because, at that time, it was the tail-end of National Geographic’s depiction of Africans with plates in their lower lips, bows through their heads…things like that.  But the point was that that terminology didn’t come in until what year?  It came in, I think, from Jesse Jackson or one of them…much later; not 1961, 1971, or even 1981.  That came in much later.  So how could his COLB that supposedly had to be written in 1961 have referred to the father’s race as “African?”  Was this Hawaiian way back then so astute that he knew in the year 2000 it was going to be “African?”

So it should have said “black” or “Negro,” as the mother was “Caucasian.” 

Editor’s Note: A report which quotes from Factcheck.org states that “African” was a likely designation in 1961 for Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

I wrote the Board of Health here saying that we had a problem filling out this certificate for birth.  What I made out was that the father’s race is Australian, and the mother’s race is Asian.  I sent that to the Department of Health.  They sent it back and corrected it.  They said that if the father is Australian, he’s Caucasian, which isn’t really right, because they don’t know.  Australia is a continent.

In other words, if I asked you what your race is, and you told me “North American,” I’d say, “What are you, nuts?”  I understand that that’s your continent, but you’re not North American for race.  So this is what I’m doing with the Department of Health.  They wrote me back and said, “If the father’s Australian, he’s Caucasian.”  Then they said, for the mother, who is Asian, she would be listed as Japanese, Chinese, North Korean,” and that those were correct.

But calling someone “South American” or “Australian” is not a race.  South America is a continent, not a race.  Continent does not designate race.

The documentation I have clearly demonstrates that the Department of Health here in Hawaii, on a scale of 1-10, has the IQ of a rock.

What you’d want to find in the case of Obama is a COLB from that time period, 1961 or later, where one of the parents is black, and see what they put there.  I guarantee you that they never put “African.”  It would be amazing if they did, although today they do it.

As a matter of fact, if you recall the census of 2010, under #9, it says something like, “Check as many boxes as apply.”  In box 1 was “White.”  The next box was “Black; African-American; Negro.”  So it had three.  It’s almost as if the government is stirring the racial pot.  But “African” does not necessarily mean “Black,” because there are white people who were born in Africa.

So the Department of Health has done something interesting when they said “You’re African if you were born in Africa.”  That means, if you are a black person born in Africa, you’re African, but if you’re a white born in Africa, you’re also African.  If you’re Japanese and born in Africa, you’re African.  So they have said that an African is anybody who is born there, white, black, green or yellow.

Regarding the census, technically, Obama should have checked both boxes.  He never says he’s white; it’s always black, black, black, black, black.  That’s why when I hear Whoopi Goldberg and O’Reilly and all these people, I say, “Wait…is Obama black?  Is he really black?” and then they say, “You’re a racist.”  And I say, “Why am I a racist?” because his mother was white.  Obama is a mulatto.  And they start quivering.

A couple of years ago, I helped a good friend born here request his long-form birth record, and he never got it.  I’m a birther, because I want to see proof.

Abercrombie is a birther.  Why?  He wants to see the birth certificate.  He saw what I saw.  When he took over, he knew that his friend Obama is going to have difficulty in 2012 because of this predicament.  So he said he saw this, he wanted to clear it up, and he, as governor, was going to get that birth record.  Well, he couldn’t find it.  Why?  Everybody asks, “Well, why doesn’t he just produce it?” and I say, “Sit down, stupid, he doesn’t produce it because there is none!”

I could say that I’m going to produce the Covenant, the Holy Grail…oh, yeah?  “Well, I’m not going to show it now,” because I don’t have it.

So Abercrombie is a birther, and you can say that because he wants to see the birth record.  There are five legislators here, Democrats, who are birthers.  Why?  They will put forth a bill that you could pay $100 to see the birth record of a president.  That makes them birthers.  There’s a senator here who wanted to open up his birth record, and he’s a birther.  Chris Mathews is a birther.  He says, “Why doesn’t he show it?”  That’s a birther!  A birther isn’t someone with horns on his head; a birther is somebody who says, “I want to see the birth record; I want the proof.”

What’s wrong with proving that I was born in Kapiolani Hospital where I said I was, and the doctor is “Dr. Jones”?  What’s wrong with that?  Those are the only things you’re going to find out.

Here’s where Obama was stupid.  What Obama should have done in the beginning was to say, “I was born in Hawaii in the back of a taxicab, at home, up in the mountains, in a cave, and the midwife was Mary Somebody…”  But first he picked Queens Hospital, then it was Kapiolani Hospital.  So he said he was born in a place that requires keeping records.  That was a mistake. He should have said “I was born in a house, in a cab, in a tree, somewhere.”  So he messed up, and he’s caught in a box.  Because there is no record.  If you’re born in a hospital, they have to record the place of birth and the certifying official.  If it’s in a house, it could be a midwife; it could be a policeman in the back of a cab; but he said he was born in a hospital, and that’s where he went wrong.

So Linda Lingle lied.  If I had been her attorney, I would have said to her, “You better know what you’re doing; you better have a good memory,” because you’re going to get trapped.  You’re going to get tripped up.

Why did she lie?

One of the problems is that what Linda Lingle and Dr. Chiyome Fukino said both violated state law.  You’re not allowed to divulge information from birth records. They could have said a million things, but by law, they’re not allowed to say anything.

Now what about the guy who worked there, Tim Adams?  Why would he do such a thing?  He’s telling the truth.

I suspect in 1961 there weren’t many doctors at that hospital delivering babies.  I have a friend who delivered babies who has the records of all the babies he has delivered.  He went to Washington State, stayed in an apartment, got to know the neighbors – they’re all Democrats and they are Obama supporters – and I said to him, “How can this be?” and he said, “Look, I have records of all the babies I’ve delivered.”  And I said, “If we find out the truth and it’s established, finally, that Kapiolani Hospital was the place of birth, the first thing that would happen is that all houses and buildings that were constructed in Hawaii from that day forth would be built facing Kapiolani Hospital, like Mecca.”

The Post & Email asked:  “Are you serious about that?  Is that what you really think would happen?”

Yeah; he’s like a god.  If you sell a house, and it isn’t facing Mecca, I’m not buying it if I’m a Muslim.  You have to face Mecca.  And also, if I was the doctor or my brother, father, or sister was the doctor who delivered him, it would cost you $100 just to shake my hand.  Why would I hide that?  You gotta be kidding me!

If there was a doctor who delivered Jesus, would we know who he is?  You better believe it.  So who is this doctor?

One of my friends said, “Well, I know what happened.”  I said, “What happened?” and he said, “The doctor is so upset that he delivered Obama and Obama is destroying America, that he went in there and the hospital destroyed all the birth records and he moved to a monastery in Tibet to live with the monks.”

Why isn’t this doctor and the doctor’s family saying anything?  If it were my family, I’d say, “Hey, my dad delivered him, and as a matter of fact, my house is a shrine, where my dad lives, and you can come over here for $150…make it a tourist stop!”  Also, they could make money putting the hospital on a tourist list, and if you want to have a baby and want it in the room Obama was hatched in, then it would cost you $200,000!

There’s no question he wasn’t born there.  He lied.  He’s in trouble.

Editor’s Note: In 2009, a report was published quoting a woman named Barbara Nelson, an alleged former high school teacher of Obama’s, stating that a Dr. Rodney T. West delivered Obama in Honolulu.  Snopes.com asserts that the Certification of Live Birth is authentic despite the blacked-out serial number and that Dr. West was the delivery doctor as stated by Ms. Nelson.

However, on April 27, 2011, the White House published an image of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate which stated that a Dr. David A. Sinclair delivered Obama.  Sinclair’s widow reportedly responded by stating, “I couldn’t believe it. I was really surprised, amazed, overwhelmed, honored.”  Mrs. Sinclair also reportedly voted for Obama.

Since April 27, numerous journalists and document examiners have declared the image a forgery.  Still at issue is whether or not Obama qualifies to serve under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution because of his Kenyan father, who held British citizenship.

At the time of our conversation with the Hawaii resident, we mentioned that Dr. Chiyome Fukino had announced on April 11, 2011, that copies of long-form birth certificates were no longer provided by the Hawaii Department of Health in an interview with MSNBC’s Michael Isikoff.  A resident of Hawaii had requested a copy of her daughter’s long-form birth record and had received it on March 15, 2011.  However, an acquaintance of Miki Booth’s had gone to the Hawaii Department of Health the Tuesday following Fukino’s interview and had been denied the same thing.

Our interviewee continued his story:

Here’s the way I understand it.  If you go to the hospital and you give birth, the hospital documents that into this long-form.  The hospital makes that form.  The doctor is there, but he doesn’t go over to the Department of Health to sign your child’s record.  It’s done at the hospital, which then sends that long-form to the Department of Health, which puts it in the record, and they create the COLB, the short-form birth certificate.  So they say that that short-form is certification of your birth, period.

But the long-form is in two places:  the hospital and the Department of Health.

What I would suggest is to tell the man who was refused to go to the hospital where he was born.  The younger the person, the better.  Demand from them, and tell them, that the Health Department has refused the documentation that you require for your child, and you’re willing to pay for a copy of the long-form birth certificate which clearly establishes the place of birth and the certifying physician.

Also, in Hawaii, at one point in time, I think they changed it; to get Hawaiian lands, if you were Hawaiian, you had to prove your Hawaiian heritage.  They did not accept the COLB for that previously, but now they do.

Getting back to Titcomb, we are in the southeast corner of the island; Titcomb lives on the North Shore.  When Obama visited last winter, he took a 20-car motorcade.  It was probably an hour and a half ride to Titcomb’s place on the North Shore to have a barbecue.  He did that twice, and again, my question is:  Who was his dealer?

The question then also is:  Did Titcomb graduate from Punahou?  If he didn’t graduate, was he expelled from Punahou?  If so, why?

If I said to you, “You’re my best friend, and I’m going to run for president, and there’s something that I did (and there is) in high school that’s bad…I took cocaine and smoked marijuana, and my dealer is my friend who is there now…and 20 guys who live there know it who could blackmail me, who could sell a story…what should I do?”  You would say, “Throw yourself on it; just confess now.”  That’s what he did.  That’s the only reason he did it.  He’s hiding everything in his life.

Why would he say something about cocaine?  He said just enough because the people are stupid.  Now they see him visiting his friend who was a class behind, and his whole life is a struggle; he was just arrested for soliciting prostitutes here in Hawaii within the last month…Wait a minute…was this his dealer?

From a young child, Titcomb has been in trouble.  He’s Obama’s buddy.  Now, again, if Obama smoked marijuana and took cocaine in high school, who was his dealer?  I told you my daughter had marijuana up at school, and I found out  the dealer.  Of course! as a parent, and I know who the dealer was.  I know my son’s dealer, too.

So my question is, “Hey, Obama!  Who was your dealer?  What’s your problem, Obama?  Are you so pro-cocaine and illegal drugs in this country which kill the youth…you’ve proven it on the Mexican border…you’ve proven it with the cartels coming in here and giving them free rein, and giving them guns.  You want to take guns away from the American citizens, but you give them to the cartels?”  Please…who was your dealer?  Who was Titcomb?  Did Titcomb take cocaine with you?  Who else broke the law?

By the way, I call him “Chairman” also, and the reason I call him “Chairman” is that I don’t think he’s legally qualified.  So I refer to him as “Chairman Obama.”  If enough people did that, trust me, that would tweak his…his tail!

Obama has issued pardons for drug dealers involving the sale of cocaine as well as other crimes.

There is a proverb which states, “You can judge a man by the company he keeps.”


















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  1. An unconstitutional putative President illegally ordering hits on people all over the planet. How will it play in World Court? There are legal questions even for a legit President but a criminal civilian ordering death? Unthinkable.

  2. There are reports that Obama is still using drugs. I wonder if Obama has to get past the drug sniffing dogs when he gets off an airplane. That might fix his clock. Just stand there with your drug dog and wait for him to walk by.

  3. I bet Trump could send someone over to Kenya with a bucket of $100 bills and come back with another authentic BC.

  4. Is there any information on the registrar U K L Lee who signed Obama’s birth certificate? I have been searching but haven’t found anything.

    1. The only thing I have seen on Ukulele is the same name on a purported 1962 long-form Hawaii BC. It was posted somewhere on the net. Maybe someone here knows where to find it?

    2. The same signature was found on a legitimate long form BC from 1961. The state registrar was UK L Lee and the state DOH Dir. was Richard KC Lee. Lots of Chinese Lee’s in HI. I mean LOTS!

  5. I am not sure if I find the convictions of Titcomb valid.

    This site, through the work of W. Fitzpatrick, has shown how corrupt and unreliable the grand jury process and legal system are in general. This site has also shown how corrupt Hawaii is.

    How can anyone take the convictions of Titcomb seriously?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Perhaps Titcomb is guilty of more crimes that were not prosecuted. However, The Post & Email will seek out Titcomb’s criminal record.

  6. the mulatto’s father is confirmed foreigner, therefore, the USA has a 2nd usurper acting as president. Chester Arthur was the first because he was born in Canada. Too many fools and cowards in our govt. Keep up the good work Sharon. I expect to see you nominated and win the journalist award for excellence.

  7. I would like to point out that the time of birth on the Coast Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya, birth certificate (Lusas Smith’s find) is 7:24 pm. That time, 7:24 pm is the exact same time of birth on the recent White House supplied pdf that the Obama administration is trying to push as Obama’s birth certificate.

    If that isn’t an indication of forgery on the part of the Obama administration, I don’t know what else it could be called. Coincidence just doesn’t come to mind.

    1. Except 7:24 pm was also on the COLB of Barry which was on the Internet prior to Lucas Smith acquiring his Barry Kenya BC.

      Seems unlikely though, that if Smith’s BC was not real, that someone would have intentionally put the same birth time on it as a claimed Hawaii BC, unless they were trying to say Hawaii was getting their information for the COLB from an original Kenyan BC.

  8. “The president graduated in 1979, a year before Titcomb.”

    (hehe..hehehe…That name makes me go totally Beavis and Butthead.)

    News reporters and journalists should never lie. That’s a given. But they could have said the same thing without reporting that Titcomb didn’t graduate from the Punahou School or lying. “The president graduated in 1979, a year before Titcomb’s class.” It’s that easy. But I suppose the enemedia has grown so accustomed to lying to their readers/viewers/listeners that they don’t even try to “keep it real” anymore.

    A report from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about Titcomb’s recent arrest confirms the what the Hawaii resident said.

    The link embedded in the word “confirms” goes to the Punahou School web site instead of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser report about Titcomb’s (hehe…he…hehehe) recent arrest.

    The Hawaiian you interviewed sounds like a real hoot. You must have been in stitches during the interview.

    Anyway, he and I are of the same mind about idiots using “African” as a race. What about white people from Africa? Would hospitals in Hawaii put “African” in the race field for them,. too? Did you happen to ask him if he knows any black Hawaiians who were born in the 60s? If so, maybe one of them has a copy of his or her Certificate OLB or Certification OLB and could verify what word was typed into the field for their parents’ race(s).

    Here’s the way I understand it. If you go to the hospital and you give birth, the hospital documents that into this long-form. The hospital makes that form. The doctor is there, but he doesn’t go over to the Department of Health to sign your child’s record. It’s done at the hospital, which then sends that long-form to the Department of Health, which puts it in the record, and they create the COLB, the short-form birth certificate. So they say that that short-form is certification of your birth, period.

    Has it always been this way? Was it done that way when the interviewee’s son was born in the early 60s and when his daughter was born (in the late 60s, I assume)?

    But the long-form is in two places: the hospital and the Department of Health.

    But not a third copy for the parents. That just seems wrong.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks for pointing out the wrong link.

    1. Did you happen to ask him if he knows any black Hawaiians who were born in the 60s? If so, maybe one of them has a copy of his or her Certificate OLB or Certification OLB and could verify what word was typed into the field for their parents’ race(s).

      I meant to be more specific. Maybe one of them has a copy of his or her Certificate -OLB or Certification -OLB issued by and acquired from the Hawaii DOH in the 1960s and could verify what word was typed into the field for their parents’ race(s).

  9. Great story Sharon. Very well done. I really enjoyed every word.

    The evidence is that Obama was definitely not born in any hospital in Hawaii. I believe Obama was born in Mombasa and took a plane back to Honolulu and got there in time to sign the paperwork on Monday. Plenty of time for an 18 year old. The trip is only 1 day + 3 hours. Only 3 stops. Europe, NYC, Los Angeles. That is because both Mombasa and Honolulu are major airports. Coast Provence General Hospital in Mombasa. The Hospital has a hospital generated Birth Certificate. here is a copy of it.


    I wish someone else would go get another copy to prove it. Maybe hire a lawyer or investigator in Mombasa to go get a copy. There has to be a way to check it out.

    1. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was getting regular emails from Lucas Smith. He even said a forensic expert was going to check out his Mombasa Kenya BC….then the emails stopped and as far as I know no one has heard anything more from Lucas.

      Lucas contact information is here, on page 10. Try contacting him:


      1. Bob1943, In a comment he posted to an article here at P&E News, Smith said he’d sent the document to Col Lakin (or Lakin’s attorneys, I can’t recall for sure which) for forensic verification. He also included a link to images of the cover letter that went with it and the signed and returned registered mail stub (or whatever they call it).

        Not so encouraging is that he also listed four or five reasons why, although he maintains that the document is the real deal, that it won’t be authenticated.

        The comment(s) that he left might have been in the discussion thread that followed the last P&E News piece on Lakin’s upcoming release from Leavenworth.