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by John F.  Sweeney, ©2011

On April 27, 2011, the White House and Obama proclaimed this a "certified copy" of his original long-form birth certificate from Hawaii. Many examiners are coming forward declaring it a blatant forgery.

(Apr. 30, 2011) — In March 2010, The Post & Email published Mr. Sweeney’s  analysis of the Certification of Live Birth image posted on the internet in June 2008 purported to be Obama’s “birth certificate.” The form taken from the White House blog is shown in black and white rather than the green background with black letters originally released at The Daily KOS, followed by other websites such as Politifact and Factcheck.org.

Here Mr. Sweeney shares his findings  regarding the image published by the White House on Wednesday, April 27, 2011  “long-form birth certificate” containing more detail than the first document.  However, no paper document has been made available to the public, despite the appearance of a letter from Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta J. Fuddy stating that two “certified” paper copies were provided to Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley, on Tuesday, April 26.

The White House blog echoed the talking points which Obama had mentioned in his press conference on Wednesday, insisting that the short-form document issued in 2008 “is the birth certificate.”  Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer described Obama’s failure to release his long-form birth certificate as a “fake issue.”

The alleged long-form birth certificate can be found at the White House blog here.

Mr. Sweeney’s work follows.


The released document contains multiple images within the PDF file.  Using various Adobe products these layers are simple to detect.  Using Adobe Standard Version 9 the layers can be broken out by going to a) Advanced b) Document Processing c) Export All Images.  When this is done 3 jpg images will be created.  It appears the creators did not ‘flatten’ the image before posting it.  The ‘flattened’ image would have no layers.

A true scan creates a single image and single ‘layer’.  There would be no reason that the process would automatically break apart the image into chucks. Especially into the elements that are present.  There are claims of this being from an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process at the time of the scan.  These are beyond ridicules.  First – why would it be processed via OCR?  There was no need or reason to? Second, OCR would not ‘break apart’ the images like this.  OCR looks through an image looking for possible characters that map to ASCII characters and they attempts to convert them.  But it does this one character at a time for the overall document.

Image problems

At least three major elements show up that are obvious red flags:

1)      The bend in the certificate image on the left side.  Any certified copy of a Hawaii LFBC created recently does not have this ‘left side bend’.  This phenomena seems to from when certified copies where made from actual photos of an actual document.  Modern creations show this image as very flat oriented.  Likely because they are stored in a digital document library and were scanned on flatbed scanner individually.  The Nordyke Twins (born the day after Obama) certified copies are well known.  These certified copies are well known.  These DO have the left side bend in them.  Certified copies made in the 2000s – do not.

2)      The X’s in the boxes on 2 of the lines in the Obama LFBC are completely misaligned from the rest of the type on the same line.  No other LFBC certified copies show these phenomena.  None.  The known authentic LFBCs show the X lined up with the text on the same line – as you expect when someone uses a manual typewriter.

3)      The centered vs. left tab alignment.  The Obama LFBC has text centered in the form fields.  But comparison to known real images of LFBCs from that period clearly show that mechanical typewriter was used and aligned the text via mechanical tabs.  The Obama form is the only one known to show centered text – an all but impossible feat to do with mechanical typewriters in 1961.

There are other signs of forgery but these are the ones that are easy explain to people who are not graphics designers and do not deal with digital images every day.

1) The Layers


Registrar Alvin T. Onaka's Stamp

2) The Left Bend

The Out-of-Alignment X’s

The Centered Fields vs. Typewriter Tabs

Update, May 1, 2011, from Mr. Sweeney:

Below is another finding in the image that seems to continue to build the case of forgery:
There is the sign of a ‘raised seal’ in the lower part of the document.  It is supposed to be a deembossed seal that pushes down through the paper on the readable side of the document and it ‘raises’ the back side of the document.  Hawaii stamps this deembossed seal on the back usually.  So usually the seal image is raised and reversed on the front.  The image is so poor here that it is not possible to tell if the seal was supposedly applied to the front or the back.  In any case it did not alter the lettering or lines on the supposedly printed certificate.  They simply go right over where there should be a visible indentation or raising of the paper.  This is yet another sign of fakery.

Many, many people have looked at this image posted by the Administration. The evidence of image manipulation is clear and deserves a response.  The best response would be for the actual document, along with a representative from the State of Hawaii, to be made available for detailed inspection of the document and questioning of its history and background.  Nothing else at this point could possibly stop the firestorm that this Administration has released since Wednesday.  At this point only the physical authentic document and a person to explain the questions is an acceptable response.

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  1. We Americans are indeed ingenious, “Crime Does Not Pay” once again proves to be true in this case.
    I’m anxious to hear more about this incredible story in the coming days.

  2. If you look at the 4-27-2011 BC, you will see also for the time of birth that the capital “M” is half the height of the capital “P”. Isn’t this an obvious sign that two different keyboards were used in that box? That would certainly indicate “layering.” Also, the name of the purported hospital does not have an apostrophe between the first “i” and the “o’! That name is the name of Hawaii’s queen: Kapi’olani. If a clerk had typed that name and had left out the apostrophe, that would have been considered a disgrace to the Queen’s name! No self-respecting Hawaiian would have done that! Look at any detailed map of Hawaii, and you will see many Hawaiian towns with an apostrophe in them!

    I can cite many other blatant falsities on the White House document. Here are just two of them: (1) The name of the hospital was the one shown on the BC; it would be either the Kapi‘olani Maternity Home or Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital, who merged together in 1978 to become the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children. The data page for the new hospital name is shown at its info page of
    (2) The residential address given is not that of either one of Obama Junior’s parents, nor even that of Stanley Ann’s mother. Residents of 6075 Kalalanaole Highway state that the residents at the 6085 address in 1961 were university professor Orland Scott Lufforce and his wife, Thelma Young. Obama Senior’s address at that time was 625 11th Avenue in Kaimuki, which is within walking distance from the University of Hawaii, where he was attending.

    1. I do not want to make this personal, but each of the four statements in the above post requires a correction.

      1) After “7:24 P.”, the tiny “M.” was pre-printed on the form, not typed.

      2) The pre-accented “`o” in “Kapi`olani” could not be rendered on a typewriter. The Nordyke twins’ BC’s spelled “Kapiolani” with neither a pre-accent nor an apostrophe.

      3) The Nordyke twins’ authentic BC’s called the birth hospital, “Kapiolani Gynecological and Maternity Hospital,” as did this purported BC.

      4) Univ. of Hawaii professor Orland Scott Lefforge and his wife, Thelma Young, sublet living quarters at their residence at 6085 Kalanianaʻole Highway to Stanley Armour and Madelyn Payne Dunham. Barrack Hussain Obama, Snr., never lived there. If indeed Mrs. Dunham registered a non-hospital birth at the HI DOH, she wrote that address, her own address, as the mother’s address. I do not know where Anna Dunham Obama was living around the time of her son’s birth; it appears that even her mother didn’t know. However, eleven days later, on Aug 15, 1961, she moved from wherever to Seattle, where she attended the Univ. of Washington until Obama, Snr., left Hawaii in June of 1962. That established separation as required for her subsequent divorce of Obama, Snr..

      I hope that helps with those minor details.

  3. An extensive internet search [using both for-profit and non-profit sources/entities] for every combination @ U-K-E-L-E-E reveals there is no prevalent current or past use as a nme by an individual-family? A musical instrument = yes. A persons name = NO. At minimum, it is odd that such a child-like signature would appear on such an important government record by an official government employee? A verification of the name/person U-K-E-L-E-E should be done.

    1. I have the layered pdf and I believe this how it was produced:

      1) A PAPER COPY/XEROX (evidenced by the page curl’s “negative black area”) OF A COLB ONLY (possibly Obama’s) was scanned into Photoshop.

      2) This COLB scan was then altered in Photoshop (I haven’t established to what extent yet, but it’s clear there were alterations made (NOTE: THESE ALTERATIONS WERE MADE USING “LAYERS” IN PHOTOSHOP) A few alteration examples are: Obama’s mom signed COLB, but only as “Ann Dunham”. Someone at the hospital added “(Stanley)” just to keep things accurate. Just this year, “unham Obama” was added on top of her existing signature (obviously with a fatter pen tip) which explains why this particular element appears as a separate layer when the pdf is analysed or opened in Illustrator. This was done to keep the “happy married family” lie alive and as such, is a forgery. The serial number at the top of COLB (#61-10641) was originally Virginia Sunahara’s # but she was born and died within 24 hrs. (Aug 4-5) and HER number was assigned to Obama’s COLB. This explains why his number is out of sequence with the Nordyke twins (#37 & 38)..

      3) A blank MASTER DOCUMENT was opened in InDesign, Illustrator, or most any other DTP program.

      4) Placed into this master document was a scan of the green “blank security paper” background.

      5) In this master document the altered COLB scan was then placed on top of the blank security paper background (It’s unlikely any COLB alterations took place at this point because of ease of alteration during step 2).

      6) The “birth-certificate-long-form.pdf” was then exported from the master document.

      Note: Pixel irregularities within the same COLB are suspect (Ann’s full name, comparison of signatures, etc.). There are layers in the pdf which, when opened in Illustrator imply the use of layers in the master document or in any step prior to export as pdf. These observations don’t take into account other unexplainables such as COLB Serial # comparisons of Obama vs. Nordyke twins, etc.)

      There are variants of Obama’s most recent COLB; A blue one and a green one. The blue one was the first of the two recent COLB versions and it contains description information, quoted as follows: “This handout image provided by the White House shows a copy of the long form of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)” J. Scott Applewhite’s name appears elsewhere embedded in the blue version pdf, including “Artist: J. Scott Applewhite”

  4. Compare Obummers birth certificateto the Nordyke twins, not side by side, but in an overlay. Pretty much a lot of O’ is ripped off from a combination of places on the twins bc.
    For instance, those hand written #’s going down the side , on O’ it’s 2-9-9-1 match up PERFECTLY (and I mean they are right on top of each other!) with the numbers on bc 37 which are 2-1-1-1, that’s impossible, but there it is. Someone just turned those nice little ones into 9’s……
    Time of birth is in the exact same position of bc 38
    The X’s on 7e and & 7g line up perfectly.
    The twins bc’s don’t line up at all with each other which is what you would expect from someone typing in info. So how do O’s X’s get in the exact same spot a little above the box?
    There is inconsistency on the typewriters type on O’s………………..

  5. I’ve often wondered why no one has written to the Kenyan government requesting a copy of the BC in Mombasa, or have they and I missed it? Someone really should! Pretend it’s a given that he was born there and just ask for a certified copy of it, for prosterity or whatever you call it. lol Key here is to pretend that you LOVE him (gag) and would love to have a copy of his “beloved” (again, gag) Birth record in Mombasa. Wouldn’t hurt anything. All they can do is say no or send you a cert. copy. Anyone willing??
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Dr. Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya and was denied access to the hospital. He was subsequently arrested, roughed up, denied food, and spent a long time in the hospital afterward. Others were told that all birth records between 1961 and 1964 or so were removed from the hospital and sent to the U.K. I also remember reading that one hospital official had reportedly confided to Rev. McRae that it was a state secret that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Disclaimer: I have no proof of any of the foregoing, but there are numerous news reports stating such.

    1. while that one part may be gone, it still seems to be fairly well defined. Maybe it depends on what someone wants it to say, but to me it seems to say that you have to be born in the US and to have two citizen parents.

  6. Harry H says: Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 5:51 PM

    “Tom says the bc purportedly signed by Madelyn Dunham (the granny bc) is garbage. Maybe it is, and maybe I should spend time figuring that out, but I would feel a lot better if a congressional committee with unlimited resources investigated Obama’s eligibility and then pronounced what is garbage and what is not. ”

    I am with you on this Harry. I know I could miss something, but I find it odd that this “Aloha Reporter” BC has been around for over a year and I just now find out about it?

    It was pushed out of sight in a hurry.

    I am starting to think this is part of the “new information” in Dr. Corsi’s book. If I am right I hope they have done their research well. There are new names and signatures to check out, and perhaps some of the people involved are still around.

    If you think about it, this BC makes the pieces fit in the Barrry puzzle. Even the use of “African” on Barry’s short-form COLB is explained, as this BC list his farther as “Negro-African”, something far more likely to occur in 1961 than just “African”.
    It might even fit with the Lucas Smith BC as part of the final, “big picture”, of what is going on.

    Of course it could have been invented to do just that, but I’m not dismissing it for the weak reason I’ve heard so far.

    If Barry knew this was going to be released when the book comes out it could have prompted a quick fake to try to one up the coming book release information. In “panic” mode they might have settled for a really crummy fake.

    We will see.

    1. To reply to my own post, I just received an email from Commander Kerchner after asking him about the “Aloha Reporter” BC. Here is his reply:

      From Commander Kerchner:

      The law cited in the bottom field of the Obot created fake image, i.e., HRS338, was not enabled/created until 1982. Thus that reference could not have been cited in a document created in 1961. In Hawaii in 1961 a territorial birth registration law was still in effect. It allowed much of the same methods to register children not born in a hospital or foreign born to Hawaiian citizens, but it was not titled HRS338. It was some number with 55 in it I believe. I can’t remember off the top of my head. That alleged OBama BC signed by Grandma is a fake and is over a year old Obot faked plant. It is being regurgitated now to confuse the public as to which fake BC we are talking about. The obots are frantically putting out disinformation this weekend to hopefully confuse the main stream media to not pick up on the White House server fake Obama BC.

      CDR Kerchner (Ret)

      Thanks Commander.

      I very much respect what Commander Kerchner has to say, but still, this is the rest of Harry’s post:


      Mrs. Rondeau hinted earlier that a reason to doubt the granny bc is that the bill it cites had not been passed in 1961, but box 23 comes after the date boxes and is specifically provided for “Evidence for . . . Alteration.” Could not box 23, which includes “HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother,” have been filled in long after Aug. 1961 by someone who knew the record needed to be corrected? Box 23 is not constrained by any dating so far as I can tell.

      A brief explanation as to why the granny bc is “garbage” would be appreciated.”

      End quote.

      Makes me wonder if the document was discredited in any way other than the wrong law cited for the date of the document? Different signatures are on it, is there even a cursory look at the people named, or is the law/date problem considered absolute?

  7. I’m not sure you guys saw the biggest problem not mentioned. If yo go into show Actions, the pop up window will list all actions taken to edit the image. It lists the action events taken to edit the image. It’s all there. Open in Adobe Illustrator, go to Menu, show Actions, click to reveal all subfolders, and there you go. Be amazed. This Actions list is way more damaging than the several layers. Take a look.

  8. Did you see the article from WND?

    Birth certificate conflicts with father’s real birthday?

    Just go to WND.com. It’s on the front page.

    From reading this article, it does not appear that Obama Sr married Ann Dunham because he kept applying for visas until he was finally sent back to Kenya in 1964.

    These days we have green card marriages so foreigners can stay in the country. I don’t know what it was like in the early 60’s.

    I think they didn’t really get married, so Obama would be the illigitimate son of a British subject.

      1. Correction:

        Even if they were not married, a U.S. birth record records the father and the mother, not the mother and her husband. In the U.K., on the other hand, the father would only be recorded if he was legitimately married to the mother.


      fyi–the doc you reference is garbage

      1. Tom says the bc purportedly signed by Madelyn Dunham (the granny bc) is garbage. Maybe it is, and maybe I should spend time figuring that out, but I would feel a lot better if a congressional committee with unlimited resources investigated Obama’s eligibility and then pronounced what is garbage and what is not.

        Mrs. Rondeau hinted earlier that a reason to doubt the granny bc is that the bill it cites had not been passed in 1961, but box 23 comes after the date boxes and is specifically provided for “Evidence for . . . Alteration.” Could not box 23, which includes “HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother,” have been filled in long after Aug. 1961 by someone who knew the record needed to be corrected? Box 23 is not constrained by any dating so far as I can tell.

        A brief explanation as to why the granny bc is “garbage” would be appreciated.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: That is possible.

    1. Some people must never read what ever has already been commented. this is a good example. that bc and that question must have been asked and answered a minimum of 20 times in the last 3 days.
      One thing I’ve seen mentioned several times and have seen no answer for. It has been claimed that the fact that obama was not born in the hospital is the reason there is no birth weight on the certificate. I can find no birth weight on the bc of the Nordyke twins. Is it there and I’ve just missed it?

  9. You will not find the words “Birth Certificate” anywhere on this form.

    This is the famous seven layer COLB long form?

  10. Stanley Ann itinerary… 8/4 friday.. obama born mombasa, Kenya… 8/6 sunday ..Ann leaves Mombasa and flies to Hawaii [gains many hours in time changes]…8/7 monday [early] grandma meets Ann at airport, they go to hospital for baby checkup..dr. sinclair signs certificate…approx 8/15 ..Ann and baby obama fly to seattle for enrollment to U of Washington.

  11. Basically, If the Certificate above is false, then barry soetoro should be immediately impeached.

    If the Certificate above is true, then barry soetoro doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in US Senate resolution 511 (passed April 30, 2008 and co-sponsored and voted for by barry soetoro).

    Either way barry soetoro should not be “acting” as the pResident, correct?

    1. We get your point but “impeachment” is not the answer and certainly, no remedy–for someone who is not legitimately in possession of the Office–it would do nothing towards his removal and WOULD in the process, simply legitimize him
      Instead—QUO WARRANTO

  12. yeah seems like a fake, but again, I wish instead there were more emphasis on educating the public about the “natural born citizen” Constitutional requirement, and even about the Indonesian angle and how that would affect any citizenship Obama may or may not have had — it’s been ages now with no reminder to the public of loud and clear statement that Obama “es un imigrante” (is an immigrant) made by Bill Richardson (former DNC chairman, former Clinton administration member, 2008 Dem. party candidate for Presidential nomination, now Governor of New Mexico) … kind of surprising this isn’t talked about more widely by eligibility challengers.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Susana Martinez is now governor of New Mexico: http://www.bizjournals.com/albuquerque/news/2011/04/21/Hispanic-Business-Gov-Martinez.html

    The video of Richardson was used widely in many reports both at The Post & Email and other news sites and blogs covering the Obama eligibility question: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/08/07/the-post-email-gets-mainstream-media-coverage/

  13. Sharon Rondeau


    maybe get it to Mr Sweeney the author of this article. pass it around. I found it on the internet at


    It is an Hawaiian colb but it shows born in Kenya at the bottom by grandmother. I dont know anything else about it. but it fits the story perfectly. also read


    and other postings by me here on postemail.

    God Bless America
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: That document was around at least a year ago and was debunked as a hoax. Probably an Obot recirculated it now to confuse things.

    1. How was the AlohaReporter document debunked? Any commie will try to debunk anything, don’t believe it. Has anyone debunked Lucas’s Kenyan certificate? Debunked Grandma Sarah?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I am not a document expert, but that image appeared at least a year ago, perhaps more, and was widely thought to be a forgery because the statute cited at the bottom had not been passed as of that time. It is a recirculation of something that was already put out there quite some time ago. There is always the chance that anything could be real. The Post & Email has taken no position on the Lucas Smith document as of yet.

      1. The statute was 1982, the document was signed by Madge Dunham. This period of time was when Barry Soetoro returned from Pakistan and became Barack Hussein Obama. It makes sense there would be action on birth certificate, one being Columbia U./Kenyan admission from being Occidental/Indonesian admission for scholarship money etc!

      2. The additional ‘supplementary report’ at the bottom of the BC (in the AlohaReporter) could be what was lodged by granny in latter days to add to an initial incomplete birth report that she lodged under HRS 338-06

        Hawaiian Revised Statute 338-06 provides for a birth to be registered in Hawaii, based on hearsay of anyone (probably granny)

        HRS §338-6 Local agent to prepare birth certificate. (a) If neither parent of the newborn child whose birth is unattended as provided in section 338-5 is able to prepare a birth certificate, the local agent of the department of health shall secure the necessary information from any person having knowledge of the birth and prepare and file the certificate.

        (b) The department shall prescribe the time within which a supplementary report furnishing information omitted on the original certificate may be returned for the purpose of completing the certificate. Certificates of birth completed by a supplementary report shall not be considered as “delayed” or “altered”. [L 1949, c 327, §10; RL 1955, §57-9; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §338-6]

    2. I just found out about it, and I found out it was a hoax, but it can’t be any more false than the one that he just had put out. Some attorney needs to take every one of them to court and ask the judge, saying, But,Judge, which one is the real one?

      I bet they would have several to take, including the Kenya ones.

  14. “Always listen to the Grandma in Kenya. She knows. She was in the room
    when Barack was born. He is not and never has been a citizen of USA”

    Donald Trump can regain the initiative in this fight by bringing Grannie Obama to America to testify. Did you see how Obama mocked Trump at the Correspondent’s dinner? It was sickening. We should be engouraging Trump to use some of his money to get Grannie Obama’s testimony on VIDEO.

  15. Obama Researcher:

    Rignt you are. And here’s a slightly more recent dicussion on The Daily Pen along with my message trying to wake up the “dumbers” and possibly save them from jail time:

    You speak of the “… actual birth certificate …” ??? Oh you must mean this last Apr. 27, 2011 version of this continual felonious criminal document fraud that was put up on the White House site and proclaimed by all (especially Barky) as the “real deal” or words to that effect along with several cover letters intended to fool people; possibly even fool the water-carriers such as the barrister lady partner of Perkins Coie (lawyers extraordinaire of high repute) and with the newly-appointed HI DOH head why wouldn’t this be the “real deal”???

    What most of the “dumbers” (those who hate and castigate “birthers”) don’t seem to realize is that not only are they are being made fools of by Barky and his close circle, but by their very own voilition they have enmeshed themselves in this ongoing criminal activity and will eventually pay a notable price. Their fussing and fuming about “race”, “birther irrationality”, etc. does nothing to mitigate their own criminal acts which are now coming to the fore and which, before too long, the American public by and large will not tolerate much longer as unpunished foolishness on the part of the “dumbers”.

    By publishing and swearing to the veracity of the Apr. 27 WHBC, you see, Barky has told EVERYONE (including his myrmidons and other Flying Monkeys) that HE WAS NOT BORN IN A HOSPITAL IN HAWAII!!! (period!!). Everyone who could read knew years ago from the man’s own lips that his father was an alien and never an American citizen, but this latest revelation by Barkey’s forces of obfuscation is a mind-blower.

    That will no doubt come as a massive shock to Barky and his handlers (and to the water-carriers who unthinkingly aided his performing this latest deed), but they have all aided and abetted in the fraud and can look forward to at least the public censure and ridicule that they so richly have earned – ALL of the “dumbers” are complicit no matter their political party and that includes some very big and prominent individuals of all three sexes. The American public will not stand to be conned in this way and they ARE becoming aware, have no doubt, “dumbers”.

    To fully understand how Barky has managed to so thoroughly shoot himself in the foot, one need only absorb the content and import of the document of Arp. 29, 2011 called “OUT OF ORDER” on this link:

    Even those of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to read (or didn’t want to believe it mattered) his statements in print of a few years ago about daddy being Kenyan had best absorb this article and wake up to the reality the “birthers” have been explaining to you for the last few years.

    And, oh yes, by the way it has noting to do with race but everything to do with stupidity – YOURS!! A friend once told me that ignorance is temporary since it can be cleared up by learning but STUPID IS FOREVER!!! Perhaps you have one last chance to right your ship (though many of you “dumbers” don’t deserve it)… if not, there’s always tar and feathers or riding selected persons out of town on a rail.


  16. (JF Sweeney wrote, in the 2nd paragraph:)

    ” However, no paper document has been made available to the public, despite the appearance of a letter from Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta J. Fuddy stating that two “certified” paper copies were provided to Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley, on Tuesday, April 26.”

    Link to Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta J. Fuddy’s letter:


    This letter does not mention “paper copies”, however it does refer to (on page 4) “two certified copies”, and her authority in “making an exception… which is to issue computer generated certified copy” (sic).

    While paper copies might also have been produced, and delivered (without saying so), Fuddy’s letter only refers to “two certified copies” which are “electronic documents” — called: “computer generated certified copy”.


    (JF Sweeney wrote, in the 4th paragraph:)

    The long-form image has since been removed from the White House blog,

    If the long-form image was removed, it is here (again) on Saturday:

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I take responsibility for making both statements referred to above. I know last night, the image of the purported birth certificate was not there. I will make the correction. Thank you.

    1. OK, upon further thought if there WERE two paper copies delivered, referred to as “computer generated certified copy”, then where did that sloppy PDF file come from? … And why is there an internal date of October 2010?:

      I mean, if a paper copy was scanned in the Whitehouse on April 25 — that’s the date of Fuddy’s cover letter(!) — then how did the PDF file produced from output of the Whitehouse scanner, have elements dating back to October 2010?

      Who has the software (Adobe Bridge) to verify this?

      …this from: –

      [ Quote: ]

      The curious thing, you can open this document in Adobe Bridge and see the dates and times this document was opened, changed, etc etc.

      October 2010?

      Why would it have been opened, changed and resaved in October 2010.

      I mean, there could be an explanation…anyone are to take a stab?

      karl Deweese

      04/28/11 15:19

      [ End quote. ]

    2. 1. What is a ‘computer-generated certified copy’? That is a new term in the lexicon.
      2. Why would 2 need to be created? One will work and it can be copied. Of course this defeats the purpose of a certified copy – the prevent additional, non-certified copies.
      3. Blog report that lawyers for Perkins Coie personally traveled to Hawaii to ‘pick-up’ the copies. Why? A computer generated ‘copy’ could easily be transmitted via email. See this link:


      ‘Computer-generated certified copy’? What is this new thing?




    Look & listen carefully to the 3:27 mark where the narrator states, “Now, allegedly this birth certificate was “scanned” onto a computer. If you know anything about scanners and scanning inside of Adobe Illustrator, it keeps it on one layer! It doesn’t…there is no such thing as technology for a scanner that will separate parts of the images to different layers. SO, IF THEY SCANNED THIS, WHICH THEY SAY THEY DID, IT WOULD ALL BE ON ONE LAYER. However, here there are multiple layers as you can see, and even inside of these, there’s more! I’m just going to show you, ah, this is the original one. Right here, the bottom layer is the first layer they started out with…”

    And, see & listen to especially at the 4:38 mark: “This is added on the computer. This isn’t even penmanship, it is added on a computer,” and look at the 5:04 mark for information as well!!

    Here is the person’s name and email address who created this video and posted it online, if people have any further questions.

    Albert Renshaw, 2011 (albertiphonedeveloper@yahoo.com)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Introduction By Sharon Rondeau

    April 28, 2011


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  18. Re left-tab alignment, it does appear on a HI bc for Obama in an article from Aloha Reporter dated March 18, 2010, and reprinted at http://www.theconservativemonster.com today. And that bc bears the signature of Obama’s grandmother, Madlyn Payne Dunham, NOT Ann Dunham. Different doctor and registrar also.

    Who knows if the Aloha Reporter doc is authentic, but it does say in box 23 at the bottom “1. Birthplace: Kenya; Registered Honolulu. HRS 338-17.8 per Grandmother.”

  19. I’ve seen and saved many videos associated with the LFBC
    – this one is the most compelling IMO….because it doesn’t involve an understanding of layering.
    A 4 minute video, well worth watching – especially at the end

    New Obama Birth Certificate proved fake with Photoshop

  20. Let us look at a few things that are right about it.

    first it helps to complete the Obama jigsaw puzzle of his birth.

    It proves that Obama was not born in any hospital in Hawaii.

    There is no hospital Birth Certificate in Hawaii because the Hospital BC is at Coast Hospital in Mombasa Kenya. Wake up folks the proof is now here. A birth certificate comes from who is present at the birth. Dr Sinclair did not give birth to Obama therefore there is no birth certificate at the hospital. The hospital name is there because that is Dr Sinclair’s hospital and he signed that he saw the baby on MONDAY AUG 8 FOR THE FIRST TIME. wow that is some statement.

    Basically we have absolute proof that Obama has never been a citizen of USA. that is why he did not naturalize when he came back from Indonesia. He never was a citizen of USA. He was born in Kenya to a Kenya Father on the soil of Kenya. He was born a British citizen. Kenya was a part of Britain at the time. If he was born in Kenya to a Kenya father then why should he be an American citizen especially since his mother was too young at the time to confir citizenship under this circumstance. He never was a US citizen. Obama is a foreign enemy infiltrator. He should stand before a military judge under military law. He is guilty of the most highest crimes against US Constitution. The most horrible fears of our founding fathers of this country. I hope we all learn many lessons from this.

    Here is some proof.

    The BC proves Obama was NOT born in any
    hospital in Hawaii. This is almost proof positive that he was born in
    Mombasa Kenya.

    You have to calm down and think correctly. The place to start here is here:


    This is the most important article for everyone to read. Now you have
    that down. Here are the final missing pieces that complete this 3 year
    jigsaw puzzle.

    Obama born friday 4th at 7:24 pm. momma remembers that. she jumps on an
    airplane back to Honolulu right there from Mombasa. She is not happy with
    Barrack because she found out he has another wife. She is angry and hurt
    and wants back home with her mother in Honolulu. Well on the clock it
    only takes 1 day + 3 hours. So she can easy leave on Sat and arrive
    sunday or fly out sunday to arrive Monday early enought.

    Yes momma picks her up at the airport and drives her to Kapiolani to meet
    Dr Sinclair. The first question Dr Sinclair asks for the records is When
    was the baby born. Stanley Ann says at 7:24 pm on Friday Aug 4. So the
    doctor writes that down. Well it is the correct time and date that he was
    born in Mombasa Coast Hospital.

    Obama does not have a birth certificate because hospitals give them out.
    He was not born in Kapiolani so Obama does not have a hospital birth
    certificate from hawaii. What he has is a doctor examination of the baby
    on Monday after a Friday birth in Mombasa.

    All the little pieces of the jigsaw fit into place. Obama wants us to
    stay on the validity of the new LFBC instead of us realizing what it
    really represents.

    Dr Sinclair did not give birth to Obama. Obama was not born in Kapiolani


    OH YES YOU ARE ALSO MISSING PAGE 2 OF THE LFBC that Obama passed out. On page 2 it will show adoptions etc.

    Obama never naturalized when he came back to Hawaii because he never was a
    US citizen.

    everything now fits into place. the Jigsaw Puzzle is complete.

    Hawaii has to come clean on all info about Obama. What else did the
    Stanly Ann the mother tell Dr Sinclair on that Monday after the friday
    birth. Did she admit that Obama was born in Kenya. We dont know. That is hidden from us.

    No weight for Obama because the doctor was not there to get the
    birth weight. Kapiolani KNOWS Dr Sinclair only saw the baby at the
    hospital and they KNOW Obama was not born in the hospital.

    Maybe but only maybe they are hoping that Obama was born in Hawaii at home
    and came to the hospital later for registration.

    Birth certificates are given by those who witness the birth. The state of
    hawaii does not witness the birth so there is no birth certificate.

    This baby & citizenship scam by Hawaii has been going on by Hawaii because they get federal tax money out of DC for every so called baby registered. It is probably linked to the scam of allowing in illegal aliens into the country. It is a flim flam scam on the tax payers that has to stop. It is all been done since statehood to get more tax money out of American taxpayers. Now finally
    someone was born who is bringing the entire scam to light and they are
    desperately trying to keep it covered up.

    There was way more than enough time for Stanley Ann to get back to
    Honolulu. One thing. Mombasa has a major airport and so does Honolulu.
    That is why she was in Mombasa trying to get home because she was upset
    about Barrack having another wife.

    Always listen to the Grandma in Kenya. She knows. She was in the room
    when Barack was born. He is not and never has been a citizen of USA. It
    is all a total Treason of the Highest Order.


    In flying from Mombasa to Honolulu she gains a lot of time on the clock.
    It really helps. Actually she could have arrived mid to late Monday and
    momma drives her immediately to the doctor for the official examination
    that a live baby exists.

    go after that BC in Mombasa. That is the key. get another copy. then
    force a footprint analysis. Get Congress to investigate. Rep West is a
    good choice.

    I have answers to more details. if you are interested just ask. But right now it is time to really act. Get Trump to throw this in Obama’s face. Get the BC in Kenya. Get going. NOW !!!!

    1. Great info! Obama never was a US citizen, that is why the birth certificate floating around signed by madelyn dunham says [HRS 338-17.8] [1982] that was obama’s first one! In 1981-82 obama changed his name from barry soetoro to barack obama.

    2. Are we talking 3 birth certificates? The Kenya/Lucas certificate [born in Kenya], the white house released version signed by Stanley Ann [arriving in Hawaii from Kenya] , and the Madelyn Dunham signed 1982 update version????
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I remember the Madelyn Dunham BC being circulated last summer, if not the summer before. Many have said it is a fake.

      1. Many have said they are all fake, but the madelyn dunham certificate has some meaning to it. In 1981/82 barry soetoro came back from pakistan and changed his name to barack obama. Seems Madge updated certificate at that time and perhaps obama needed it for his Columbia/Kenyan student scholarship money?

    3. If you look at the BC smuggled out by Lucas Smith, you will see that the date and time match barry’s alleged BC PERFECTLY. And don’t forget that Smith’s piece arrived on the scene many months ago.

      If barry’s people were really on the ball, they would have skewed the time to allow them to further discredit Smith’s piece. The fact that they let it go tells me the Kenyan BC is legit. It declares that little barry was born at this time on this date at our hospital. The HI paper supports this 100%.

      I see the dots connecting up fairly logically. Just a matter of weeks or maybe days until we see barry’s house of cards falling down. And everyone who is in on it with him will go down as well.

      1. I agree with you except for the part about the house of cards falling down. If no one brings charges for fraud and forgery then he is home free. Can we count on congress to take this up? I wish I could believe they would, but evidence of their past cover up on his behalf, indicates their total compliance in this crime against WE THE PEOPLE. How can we demand action? Any one? Also, check out Wayne Madsens ALL IN THE COMPANY.