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by Miki Booth

Image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 purported to be a copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate

(Apr. 27, 2011, Tulsa, OK) —The putative president and his enablers have really gone over the line today, Wednesday April, 27, 2011. It just goes to show there is a culture of fear and desperation in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. First off today, World Net Daily published a scathing expose of Hawai’i Dept. of Health and their “helter-skelter” handling of requests for long form birth certificates. They have been doing incredible documentary acrobatics changing policy and procedure to fit Obama’s claims. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Oklahoma votes today on SB 91 the presidential certification bill which is expected to pass by a large margin and signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin. The bill will then automatically become law within 5 days.

The Obama Public Relations machine decided today was the crucial day to release the recently cooked up Certificate of Live Birth betting its unveiling will influence enough members of the Oklahoma House to have second thoughts about the necessity of such a bill.

The scramble was on when minions tasked to look for negative reporting on the internet discovered the WND story by Bob Unruh. More scrambling. Call the players to the war room, things are unraveling. But Trump has moved on. He’s not even talking about the birth certificate anymore, he’s bringing up the school records. What does he know about Occidental? Does he know about Columbia too? Has he talked to tea party leaders about all the violations of the Constitution? With the release today of the newly “cooked” copy of his birth record Obama has brought the wrath of every red-blooded American down on his head. His father was a British subject therefore Obama is not an Article II, Section I constitutionally eligible “natural born citizen.” He has illegally taken our government and surrounded himself with enemies of the Constitution and those cronies decided today was the day to release this particular red herring.

Why now? Why not last year when he could have kept an 18-year decorated Army flight surgeon from going to federal prison for asking to see the document that Obama now flaunts with seeming impunity. Terry Lakin is nearing completion of a 6-month prison term, leaving Leavenworth stripped of his 18-year career, dismissed from the Army and loss of all benefits. The most disgusting aspect of this travesty is the heartless punishment of putting him in prison three days before Christmas, away from his wife and three children. A clear message to anyone that would challenge Obama’s legitimacy.

The unraveling has begun. Today there are big changes in the Intelligence community. New players and musical chairs in the CIA. Create clutter, create confusion, backlog inquiries, and shake everything up to avoid evidence getting shook out.

Bernanke and Geithner are suspect financial manipulators who have done nothing but damage to the U.S. financial system and jealously guard what is actually in the Federal Reserve. Like Obama and his cronies they are unaccountable to the American people. Something big is coming down.

The birth certificate Obama is flaunting is an obvious fake to any of the millions of people who are on to the treacherous actions of Obama’s push to socialism.

It is indeed convenient that Dr. David A. Sinclair, who coincidentally was my OB/GYN who delivered my son, Alan, has passed therefore he cannot attest to the fact of obama’s birth. The forgery looks good on the surface but is fraught with problems. It appears to be manufactured using the Nordyke twin’s samples and they cannot get away with the higher chronological number belying an alleged earlier birth.

Coincidentally, my husband, Fred, was delivered in Kapiolani by the same doctor that delivered the Nordyke twins. It might have been too much fudging to claim the Nordyke’s doctor on the certificate revealed today but it doesn’t really matter since neither doctor delivered Obama according to supporter Barbara Nelson, Obama’s English teacher at Punahou High School and perhaps “the only person left who specifically remembers his birth.”

Nelson stated for The Buffalo News on Tuesday, February 17, 2009, “I may be the only person left who specifically remembers his birth. His parents are gone, his grandmother is gone, the obstetrician who delivered him is gone,” said Nelson, referring to Dr. Rodney T. West, who died in February at the age of 98. Here’s the story: Nelson was having dinner at the Outrigger Canoe Club on Waikiki Beach with Dr. West, the father of her college friend, Jo-Anne. Making conversation, Nelson turned to Dr. West and said: “‘So, tell me something interesting that happened this week,’” she recalls.

His response: “Well, today, Stanley had a baby. Now that’s something to write home about.”

The new mother was Stanley (later referred to by her middle name of Ann) Dunham, and the baby was Barack Hussein Obama.







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  1. It has been reported that the White House took down the layered PDF and replaced it with a flattened version. It has ALSO been reported that when you open it in Adobe Bridge you can get the WHEN data. Such as When it was last altered and apparently has been altered many times since October 2010. OCR scanning would NOT have any WHEN data at all. Forgery would. Can anyone verify this and contact me, make a youtube video, etc.? You can click my name if it links or google me, artist musician, Marlin, TX.

    1. I have the layered pdf and I believe this how it was produced:

      1) A PAPER COPY/XEROX (evidenced by the page curl’s “negative black area”) OF A COLB ONLY (possibly Obama’s) was scanned into Photoshop.

      2) This COLB scan was then altered in Photoshop (I haven’t established to what extent yet, but it’s clear there were alterations made (NOTE: THESE ALTERATIONS WERE MADE USING “LAYERS” IN PHOTOSHOP).

      3) A blank MASTER DOCUMENT was opened in InDesign, Illustrator, or most any other DTP program.

      4) Placed into this master document was a scan of the green “blank security paper” background.

      5) In this master document the altered COLB scan was then placed on top of the blank security paper background (It’s unlikely any COLB alterations took place at this point because of ease of alteration during step 2).

      6) The “birth-certificate-long-form.pdf” was then exported from the master document.

      Note: Pixel irregularities within the same COLB are suspect (Ann’s full name, comparison of signatures, etc.). There are layers in the pdf which, when opened in Illustrator imply the use of layers in the master document or in any step prior to export as pdf. These observations don’t take into account other unexplainables such as COLB Serial # comparisons of Obama vs. Nordyke twins, etc.)

    2. I think this birth certificate was forged by Obama’s mom, Ann, back when Obama was born. It has information on it that isn’t true, THAT’S WHY! Ann (or her mother) had access to the original form because she volunteered in a city office. Notice how the bottom part is MISSING from this “new” COLB when you compare it to the Nordyke twins? Perhaps because Obama’s COLB was never actually IN THE PUBLIC RECORD, SIGNED BY EVERYONE.. Perhaps Ann could only get a few people to “go along with her” when it came to signing the COLB, but not EVERYONE.

  2. SAVE THESE important sites/websites/videos….We should be saving these important videos and documents FAST. They are disappearing/being deleted and erased as we speak. Save them on your hard drive or on a CD for prosperity. Soon Obama will be rewriting history. And none of this will exist.

  3. We should be saving these important videos and documents FAST. They are disappearing/being deleted and erased as we speak. Save them on your hard drive or on a CD for prosperity. Soon Obama will be rewriting history. And none of this will exist.

  4. The document lists the address of Obama’s mother as 6085 Kalanianaole Highway. As noted in Part I of The Obama Timeline, current long-time (since before 1961) residents of nearby 6075 Kalanianaole Highway state that the residents of 6085 in 1961 were not Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., Stanley Ann Dunham, or grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, but university professor Orland Scott Lefforge and his wife, Thelma Young. Regardless of where Obama was born, in late August of 1961 his mother was living in a Seattle apartment (516 13th Avenue E), ready to begin classes at the University of Washington. (The Seattle telephone book entry is “Obama Anna Mrs EA3-3348”) Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was living in a Honolulu apartment at 625 11th Avenue in Kaimuki, walking distance from the University of Hawaii. There is no evidence that Obama’s mother and father ever lived together.

    Interestingly, the name of the local registrar who signed Obama’s document is not the same as the name of the registrar who signed the birth certificate of Susan Nordyke, who, with her twin sister Gretchen, was born at Kapiolani Hospital on August 5, 1961. Susan Nordyke’s birth certificate was assigned the number 151-61-10637. Gretchen Nordyke’s document was given the next number 151-61-10638. Obama, who was born the day before the twins, has a document with the later number 151-61-10641—which prompts some to ask why his document does not have a number that is lower than the numbers on the Nordyke forms.

    If Obama needed to “create” a document from that time period, he may have used the number of Virginia Sunahara—who was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 and who died the next day. Needless to say, that number could be taken without its deceased owner ever showing up to request her own document.

  5. I would like to know what kind of man would spend $ 2 million dollars of campaign funds and WH funds to pull this kind of silly joke…Apparently the attorney on the case since Obama was sworn in was from the white house..
    Now this now take into account all the monies our varius judicial systems spend on the cases…
    Oh wait it wasnt his money so why should Obama care…

    What I cannot believe is how everyone is just saying “Move On” nothing here..

    If I remember correctly we have have many many WH officials and many Hawaiian officials say that the Long Form BC could not be found and produced…Now it can??

    1. Kinthenorthwest , They just can’t keep their lies strait . This is what happens when you lie all the time . The obama administration lies so much that they are beginning to believe their own lies. Hows that old saying go Oh what tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive .

  6. Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 “Long Form Certificate of Birth” is Forged!

    New Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery: “Our investigation of the purported Obama birth certificate released by Hawaiian authorities today reveals the document is a shoddily contrived hoax. Infowars.com computer specialists dismissed the document as a fraud soon after examining it.

    Check out the document released by WhiteHouse.gov for yourself…..

    Read and see the video at : http://www.infowars.com/new-obama-birth-certificate-is-a-forgery

    If you don’t have time to read, then sit down and take a moment to watch & listen:

    Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 “Long Form Certificate of Birth” is Forged!


  7. He wasn’t born in Hawaii, but I got a copy of my father’s long form a couple of yrs ago and it doesn’t appear to have been scanned from a book as 0bama’s. Has anyone ever seen a BC or any official state document that was curled on one side like that? And why the black space at the top of the curl when supposedly it was placed on top of BC document paper? It looks like the BC is going though the paper, not placed on top of it.

    1. I have a Queen’s Hospital 1947 birth certificate, copy dated 11 October 2000. Some limited bending is apparent on this completely SIGNATURED document. This of course isn’t the primary problem…rather it is the INCORRECT sequence of 61 10641 (for Obama) which should be less than 61 10637 and 61 10638 for Elizabeth and Gretchen Nordyke (twins)respectivley…born 5 August 1961. Obama of course was born 4 August 1961, which makes his birth sequence registration 61 10641 fraudulent. Someone in the White House (and probably in Honolulu’s Health Department) implemented deficient work for their boss Obama. (CIA probably would not have made such a stupid error…)

  8. 0bama says he has been amused by all of the controversy over his BC. What kind of man sits back, AMUSED, and watches a man who has served our Country honorably lose his career, his pension and 6 months of his life when he could have so easily ended the controversy? It doesn’t matter if you agreed with LTC Lakin. He was upholding his oath.

    Is this the sort of thing the left admires and respects in a leader?

  9. While we were pre-occupied with 0nbama’s BC yesterday, Pelosi added 300 additional pages to the “cap and trade” legislation. Could this be why 0bama decided to release his BC yesterday?

    1. It could be. Also yesterday, news out of Israel was that Fatah and Hamas reconciled. If this story is correct, the United States is required by law to cut off all aid to the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ because Hamas is considered a terror organization under US law. So, will Barky cut off funding or will he “hope” that no one noticed the “change,” what with all of the bc hooplah going on, as he quietly continues helping America’s enemies harm her friends and allies?
      law. http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=218114

  10. Obama is a citizen. Period. Even if he wasn’t born in HI, he is a citizen.

    The question everyone should be asking is: is he a “NATURAL-BORN” citizen, owing no birth-allegiance to any other nation-state?

    Cripes people! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is a CITIZEN, but that doe not mean he’s “NATURAL-BORN”.

    Looking at all of Trump’s kids, only ONE is eligible to run for US President; the rest have a foreign-born, non-us citizen mother(s).

    So, how do we unequivocably define the term, “NATURAL-BORN” as specified in teh Constitution? I think it will have to be done by the Supreme Court, and so far, the lower courts have shot down all attempts based on one technicality or another – usually in regards to “standing”.

    And just FYI, Chester Arthur should have been disqualified because his father was not a US Citizen; However, no-one thought to challenge it until *after* his term, at which point, it was moot. Spiro Agnew was in a similar position but resigned before it became an issue. Regardless, past errors do not invalidate the Constitution.

    The point being, we now have valid, reasonable, prudent questions as to the current POUTS’s “Natural-Born” status, which is what the argument should have been about all along -NOT- if he was born in HI. He has said all along that his father was Kenyan. Everyone got stuck on the stinking birth-cert, and now (I fear), we wasted so much time that the clock will run out and his term will expire before the question is answered fully.

    Press for SCOTUS to determine Obama’s “Natural-Born” status, being that it appears he held dual-citizenship at birth. That’s what should have been the focus on all along.

    1. You’re right And Arnold has stated numerous times that he is aware he is not eligible. What we need is a consensus among “birthers” that this is the REAL issue. I see so many online who either don’t understand what natural born citizenship is or are not able to express it effectively.

    2. If foreign-born Ivana and Melania became US citizens before their children were born, wouldn’t their children be eligible to run for President?

    3. C’mon look at the hospital name…. 1. that hospital name came in to effct in 1976. 2. you can not change the name to reflect current ones. 3 look at the hospital names on copies of “birthcert. that have been given out before 1976 and they give a different name than what is on his… 4. his monter was 17 at the time of birth so she was not as they say of legal age so they go by the father who was a Citizen of a british held colony (Kenya) 5. before 1980 they did not use african for race they used negro for 2 black parents and negroid for 1 black and any other race….. Look at records people…. I do Geneology and have seen many a birth certs and his does’nt add up

  11. Another sickening forgery has been “foisted” on the American people.

    Dr Orly Taitz has the proof of that –

    THINK!! Why would someone “genuinely” born in Hawaii need a fake SSN (never even issued!) and 38 others?

    I am “done” with Donald Trump. He tried to take ALL the credit for forcing the sudden “reveal” of the forgery.

    He never mentioned Dr Orly’s body of work or demand that Ltc Lakin be issued an immediate full pardon and apology, or ackowledge the hundreds of hours of painstaking research material we all sent to him!!!

    Worst, He never once raised the fact of Obama’s missing “citizen” parent – if he does that I might forgive him his other shortcomings. We need a DOMINANT man in our WH, not a SUBMISSIVE one who can’t even scrape together an adequate forgery after 3 years!

    1. What troubles me is that 0bama, with all the resources to his avail, could surely have come up with a better forgery. I think he put this out there on purpose.

    2. C’mon look at the hospital name…. 1. that hospital name came in to effct in 1976. 2. you can not change the name to reflect current ones. 3 look at the hospital names on copies of “birthcert. that have been given out before 1976 and they give a different name than what is on his… 4. his monter was 17 at the time of birth so she was not as they say of legal age so they go by the father who was a Citizen of a british held colony (Kenya) 5. before 1980 they did not use african for race they used negro for 2 black parents and negroid for 1 black and any other race….. Look at records people…. I do Geneology and have seen many a birth certs and his does’nt add up

  12. Did the White House allow an independent entity to vet this “document” before posting on the Internet?

    That could be why so many have questions, doubts and suspicions.

    Joseph Goebbels was known for promoting the “BIG LIE” approach to governance, and hoodwinking seems to be a “sport” for Obama.

    Also, we must consider “taqiyyah” which is deceit or deception to promote a desired outcome. Pam Geller has written extensively about this.

    1. He got it from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals who suggested “games” like this could be used to make your opponent appear incredible.

  13. At the time of that Buffalo News Story I talked with Paula Vogel,the author of the story from Barbara Nelson. Vogel is one of my fellow parishioners at St Francis of Assisi Church in Tonawanda,NY where I live. Paula was standing by her story. As the months passed however,the story was debunked. Rod West was RETIRED from the practice of Medicine a full FIVE years before Obama,Jr. was said to have been delivered by him.
    Additionally, Rod West was a Naval Medical Officer and did not deliver babies in private Hospitals,

    1. Clarification: Rod T. West retired in 1956 from the practice of Medicine he was in the Naval Reserves,joining after having served on active duty as a Naval Physician.Reportedly,Dr. West was not practicing Medicine in 1961.

    2. Above the doctor said: “Stanley had a baby” not ” I delivered the baby”

      From what I hear Hawaii in the 60s was rather small-townish, maybe he just heard it.

  14. The image of Obama’s “Long Form Birth Certificate” is in .pdf format on the White House website.

    Follow these simple instructions and see what you see. From the source, the White House:

    1. Go to: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf

    2. Click ‘select’ (the little arrow thingy), (or Tools and then ‘select’) drag a box around the text in standard Adobe. Right click mouse. Choose “Copy Image”. Or find a ‘select all’ then ‘copy’ , then paste as noted below:

    3. Paste it into a standard Microsoft Word. See what shows up.

    1. I did and everything but the attending physician’s signature went white. What does it mean exactly? I’m ignorant about such software…

      1. it’s what is called a cut and paste white out…. meaning the original items were removen and the items installed were cut and pasted into there place

  15. I guess barry just called his Kenya Granny a Liar, along with all of their Parliament. They may also now have to bulldoze a few monuments over there in Kenya, and rewrite the history and school books. I don’t have any profiler experience, but it is easy to read a bold-faced when I see one, and that’s exactly what we all saw today. Can’t we just arrest this guy?; he is making fools out of all of us. Great article Miki Booth.

  16. OMG!!!!! I kept seeing people remark about “Where’s the seal?” and there was a question about if HI did the seal yet on their BC’s. I just looked at the Nordyke Twin’s BC’s AND THERE’S A SEAL. It’s faint but it’s there……..please we have to tell someone to keep digging on this. PLEASE!!!!!! Even as a copy the seal would still show.

    1. Seal or not, his father IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. He is/was a British citizen. Case closed, end of discussion; barry has no legitimacy to the highest office in this country. Let’s end this charade, the sooner the better. Our country is dying.

      1. You are absolutely correct. It doesn’t matter where he was born; it doesn’t matter if he has a birth certificate or not. What matters is that in order to qualify for president of the U.S.A, you must have 2 parents who are both citizens of the U>S>A>. These liberals understand this and just are trying to keep their koolaid-drinking fools alive. Never going to happen.

  17. That quote doesn’t sound though like Dr. West is claiming to be the OBGYN that delivered Stanley Dunham’s baby. He could just be relaying the news that he heard that she gave birth that was handled by a colleague such as Dr. Sinclair. Doctors do talk about their patients, and HIPAA privacy rules were unheard of back then.

  18. Could someone tell Whoopie Hysteria Goldberg to stop with the Race meshugas and inform her that Constitutional compliance is for ALL AMERICANS, WITH Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL!

  19. Search for
    Edith Pauline Coats
    born June 1962
    she has the same local registar as Obama born in 1961

    However the Nordykes born just days after Obama was supposed to be, havs a different local registrar:

  20. Obama’s is NOT a 1961 Hawaiian long form Birth Certificate

    Compare this forgery to the Nordyke’s.

    Where is the Director of Health’s name and signiture?

    Where is the Registrar General’s name and signiture?

    The date on this that Stanley Ann signed was on the 7th, while the birth was supposed to take place on the 4th. Mothers normally sign the birth registration within minutes of given birth. Any mother will attest that right after the baby is born, the paperwork begins.

    Why is Obama’s long form contain data that is on the index and is not contain the signitures and SEAL that a correct and valid Birth Certificate that would have been forwarded to the Department of Health in Hawaii in 1961 have?

    Why if the Obama long form was isued in the same month as the Nordyke Twins is there a different ‘registrar’ ?

  21. You guys should open in Adobe Illustrator, hold down Command Y for path view and see the several picture boxes positioned. Then show Layers, from the Menu, and click on all the small gray triangles to open the subfolders within subfolders. Click off all of the layers (letters entered) except the bottom one which show how the old content was stamped/brushed out with white from an expanded selection of the new content.

  22. Well, something is very wrong. I was able to get through to the Savage radio show tonite. When I told the screener I wanted to talk about Obama senior not being a US citizen and therefore Obama was not Natural Born, he very, very hurriedly said “it doesn’t matter; his mother was a US citizen” and hung up. Now ppl have been calling all evening about questions on the certification of live birth. Savage even stating that it is only a certification of live birth. It seems none of the radio stations are talking about the father. He is key and is the reason why we needed to see the bc in the first place.
    I have suspected Savage for a while, he seems to give away secrets and advice that seem to tell the other side what not to do! Has anyone felt that way. I often tell myself “why would he mention that” and it has happened several times now.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: No one wants to talk about the father because that is the very thing that disqualifies Obama from being a “natural born Citizen.” The birth certificate is a distraction, although if he was not born in Hawaii, it implicates him in the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American citizenry in the history of our country.

    1. Forgot to say , screener said his “mother was 18 and a citizen”. Why would he give her age. She should be 19 to be legal to confer citizenship to son. You will not hear anything about his father. I am more convinced than ever now that we must move ahead with any means possible to get Obama out of office.

      1. To Chance: You are not the only one to notice this or call in to a radio show and not get put through. A poster on YouTube mentioned calling in to Beck very recently and wanted to discuss the foreign allegiance and natural born Citizenship eligibility with regards to Barry – but after telling the screener – he was not put through. I listen to Malzberg & Savage and neither of them will talk about the Constitutional requirements and IF by chance they get wind of the NBC statement on air – they will just say to the listeners something to the affect of: “folks, what they mean by that is if Obama is a US Citizen” – and I KNOW they are PURPOSELY silencing anyone that tries to give an explanation – but why?? I expect that from Liberal talk show hosts, but Conservatives that can’t stand this administration? How deep does this corruption go?

        I also wrote to both Malzberg & Hannity and asked why they will not discuss the NBC clause but I doubt I will hear back.

    2. Actually, the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American citizenry is the fact that Hawaii is not legally a state. It is a sovereign kingdom recognized by foreign governments in the past and to this day there is no treaty of annexation with the United States. Therefore anyone born in Hawaii is not legally qualified to be president of the U.S.

  23. Miki:

    If you have any way to get the information to The Donald, the three links below have helpful information in showing first how far the WH goes in perpetuating the fraud of the “HI BC” that they released and two instances showing that the document is a felonious criminal document fraud.




    And all this before the best researcher on the BC document fraud has even warmed up – Dr. Ron J. Polland, PhD of Florida State University.

    Perhaps Mr. T doesn;t realize it, but the issue has never been about the BC (except that now Barky himself is involved in doing it), but about whether the CIC (Chief IslamoCommunist) was legally eligible to hold the office he has never shown himself to be eligible to hold.

    I think you should get this to The Donald in some manner – and even suggest he meet with Rev. James David Manning who I’m sure wold be glad to go down to 5th Ave. from his Harlem curch.

    1. A Few Comments From: http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/obama-long-form-birth-certificate-fact-vs-fiction-whitehouse-gov-obama-abercrombie-adams-trump-who-is-lying/#comment-198955

      “barberick | April 27, 2011 at 5:27 pm |

      I have no idea how the White House could release such a blatant forged document, but being in graphic design and working with photoshop and illustrator – you can figure this out really easy.

      I have Adobe Illustrator, and you can open a document and if it’s a digital document you can separate it into layers (if there are layers). I have to deal with this all the time when sending out documents to printers, etc. If I create a layered document and then save it as a pdf, I have to make sure the document is “collapsed” meaning all the layers are put together – before saving it – otherwise the printer will get a jumbled mess when opening my files.

      This birth certificate is not a copy – it is SEVERAL layers!!!!! Meaning it was created digitally, not copied from a book. A copy would not have layers . . . does this makes sense? If I copy my birth certificate and open it in Illustrator, I cannot “extract” one line or a date, etc. unless these lines were “put in separately.”

      It’s all on the internet, but I decided to try it for myself – I downloaded the image from the whitehouse site, opened it in Illustrator, hit “open layers” and there they all are!!!!! It’s so SCARY how this is not going to be scrutinized. (Maybe it will be – some are saying Obama just opened up a huge can of worms by releasing this)

      We’ll all look like a bunch of crazies. But the media just says, “oh, there’s the birth certificate – case closed.”

      IT’S INSANE!!! I’m telling you – I can take this document and divide it up into the different layers that were used to create it – it’s a FAKE digital file!!!!!!”

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      “Jerome | April 27, 2011 at 5:32 pm |

      Just for an experiment I scanned a book into photoshop and output it as a pdf. Then brought it into Illustrator. It was nice and CLEAN! No compression artifacting around the text or anything like you see in this BC. It created two simple layers. One with a white background and one with everything else. Also a scanner does not create the kind of heavy curved distortion you see in the BC where the book binding supposedly started. Very little in fact. That’s because the scanner lens moves up and down the page. In the BC you see it’s heavily warped at the top of the image but straight at the bottom. You can’t create that with a scanner. Only a camera with a fixed focus point would do that. Why use a camera?

      This BC has been through the digital ringer. The only question is did they do this on purpose???”

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  24. It is a definite fake and i can prove it easily

    1: click on the pdf file and it will turn dark hit your right mouse button and copy image put image in ms paint or paint shop pro and right click and paste and you will see for yourself the lousy job of a forgery

  25. The date, 8-7-61, written by 0bama’s mommy next to her signature, is identical to the same date written by the Nordyke twins’ mother.

    1. OMG it is .. i just looked at them side by side and they look identical .. well the 61 part does .. i wonder if that would be the same kinda fraud as signing someones name on a check lol… someone should send this info to donald i noticed a few other things that were the same if you look at both bc side by side .. in the type and specially in the hand written stuff VERYYYYYY STRANGEEEE

      1. Often when something is signed the person signing is told, “just sign it, I’ll fill in the date”. That could be what happened and the same person may very well have filled in both dates.

        I’m not trying to help the usurper, but there are logical explanations for some things, and they need to be considered.