My Take on Obama’s BC Release

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “CITIZEN” AND “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” by JeanWTPUSA, blogging at We the People USA (Apr. 30, 2011) — I could have bet anything that the timing was right for Obama to release his Birth Certificate, which, by the way, is already being picked apart by the Birthers.  See video here. But […]

Are The Obama Records Being Unsealed or Is It Something Else?

NEW INFORMATION REVEALED SIMULTANEOUSLY by Tracey M. Grissom (Apr. 30, 2011) — Dear Fellow Patriots, After the April 27th release of Obama’s long form birth certificate found here, amazingly enough, out pops another surprise. On the morning of April 27th there was a release of Obama’s father’s immigration file by Heather Smathers, a writer for […]

How to Stop Obama in the Next Election

CAN THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION KEEP OBAMA OFF THE BALLOT FOR 2012? by Jedi Pauly, ©2011 (Apr. 30, 2011) — Dear Readers of the Post and Email News and fellow Patriots: I have written up the legal proof of the Natural Law Theory that clearly shows all of the correct law regarding the true meaning […]

Forgery, Fraud and Ineligibility

OBAMA HAS SHOWN THE WORLD THAT HE WAS NOT BORN TO A U.S. CITIZEN FATHER, SO WHY IS HE IN THE WHITE HOUSE? by Neil Turner (Apr. 30, 2011) — Obama has now personally and publicly acknowledged, albeit with the ‘silliness’ of an eight-year-old with a crayon and a piece of security paper*, that he […]

America, We Have a Problem

“THERE IS NO COMMANDER AT THE CONTROLS” by Bob1939 (Apr. 29, 2011) — And it is a big one, far more serious than anything we have ever experienced before in the history of mankind. We don’t just have a hole blown out of the side of our spacecraft; we have a gaping hole in our […]

The First Eligibility Case (1789)

THE CASE OF MR. SMITH by Paraleaglenm, ©2011 (Apr. 29, 2011) — Ramsay’s Petition in the Case of Mr. Smith, May 22, 1789,[1] was a thorough analysis of by what mechanisms a person became a U.S. citizen. #1, if I recall, was ‘by birth or inheritance.’ It was based on his nine-page Dissertation published in […]

Open Letter to Governor Janice Brewer of Arizona

“IT IS YOU WHO IS LEADING US DOWN THE PATHWAY TO DESTRUCTION” April 29, 2011 Governor Brewer, you stated to John King during a recent CNN interview that those of us who question the President’s citizenship are leading the country “down the pathway to destruction.”  Much more than the questionable birthplace and his possible lack […]

When Did the Definition of natural born Citizen Change? Part II

WEBSITE NOW “TEACHES” THE MEANING OF THE TERM WITHOUT ANY HISTORICAL SOURCES by Glen Gilliland (Apr. 28, 2011) — There are some things I know to be true. One of them is that my school teachers were not in the habit of lying to us. The website lists citizens and nationals, and states: Anyone […]

Obama Confirms: Not a Natural Born Citizen

IT’S THE CITIZENSHIP, NOT THE BIRTHPLACE by JB Williams, ©2011 (Apr. 28, 2011) — As the media blitz to silence questions about Obama’s eligibility for office become shrill, Obama finally releases his so-called “long form” birth certificate (aka, a birth certificate), confirming once and for all that he is not a natural born citizen of […]

Rep. Allen West: Have the Document Authenticated!

DID OBAMA JUST COMMIT ANOTHER CRIME, AND IS A CONGRESSMAN GOING BACK ON HIS WORD? April 28, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter has been sent to the office of Rep. Allen West of Florida’s 22nd District: To: Jonathan Blyth, Assistant to Florida Congressman Allen West From: Gordon Smith Re: An Open Letter to Rep. […]

Introducing Hawaii’s Star Bad Actors

ARE THEY GOING ALONG TO SAVE THEIR BACON, OR IS IT SOMETHING ELSE? by Miki Booth (Apr. 28, 2011) —  Who are the suspect people in Hawai’i who would go to great lengths to produce such a blatant forgery and conspire to defraud the American people?  Let’s look at the players in Hawai’i and consider […]

Dr. Ron Polland Evaluates Obama’s “Birth Certificate”

“THEY FORGOT TO FLATTEN LAYERS” Introduction by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 28, 2011) — On April 27, 2011, The Post & Email contacted Dr. Ron Polland, whose work we have cited here before, about the Certificate of Live Birth released by the White House online. Last July we published a full-length interview in which Dr. Polland […]

Ignorantly Preposterous

TO BELIEVE THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BORN ON U.S. SOIL YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY OF THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD by Creg Maroney (Apr. 28, 2011) — You ignorant souls that think any Communist Socialist foreign Dictator in the world including Hitler, if he were still alive […]

Accused Man in Monroe County Speaks Out

A GRAND JURY CAN REVIEW THE EVIDENCE AND ISSUE AN INDICTMENT by Carl Swensson (Apr. 28, 2011) — So, you want action taken on his Constitutional ineligibility? So do I, but we have now come full circle to the original, more salient question… Who is the convening authority charged with prosecuting this crime? DHS? FBI? […]

The Post & Email Thanks You and Asks a Favor

WE ARE GROWING EXPONENTIALLY by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 28, 2011) —The Post & Email’s readership has doubled in the last two months, and we are attempting to keep pace with the explosive growth as best we can.  To accommodate this tremendous upsurge in readers, we must tune things up a bit and buy some new […]

Kapiolani Medical Center Still Won’t Confirm Obama’s Birth

CITING “PRIVACY” LAWS by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 27, 2011) — The Post & Email reported earlier today that we sent an email and left a voice message for Ms. Martha Smith, Chief Operating Officer, or her surrogate, at the Public Relations Department of Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, HI. Evidently the email was routed to […]

Obama Supporter Unknowingly Confirms BC Forgery

OBAMA’S HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER CLAIMS DIFFERENT DOCTOR by Miki Booth (Apr. 27, 2011, Tulsa, OK) —The putative president and his enablers have really gone over the line today, Wednesday April, 27, 2011. It just goes to show there is a culture of fear and desperation in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. First off today, […]

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