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by Sharon Rondeau

What has happened to justice in America when decorated military men are put in prison for asking a question?

(Mar. 30, 2011) — WorldNetDaily is reporting that an appellate court has scheduled a hearing on the merits of a lawsuit filed by California attorney and dentist Orly Taitz more than two years ago.

The case Wiley Drake v. Obama will be heard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, according to Taitz, who, in addition to challenging Barack Hussein Obama on his constitutional eligibility to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief, claims that Obama has also lied about his attendance at Columbia University in the early 1980s.

In recent days, entrepreneur and real estate developer Donald Trump has demanded that Obama produce his long-form birth certificate allegedly on file with the Hawaii Department of Health, according to former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle.   However, the current Hawaii governor has stated that there is no original birth certificate of Obama’s in the Aloha State.

News reports have been changed to reflect differing stories about where Obama was born, and members of the Kenyan Parliament say that he was born there.  Does Hawaii Governor Abercrombie say that Obama has no birth certificate from Hawaii because Obama was actually born in Kenya?  To date, no one has discredited the document which Lucas Smith produced in 2009.

Mr. Lucas Daniel Smith claims that on a trip to Africa in early 2009, he heard from some of the natives that Barack Hussein Obama, the man acting as the U.S. president, had been born in Kenya, not Hawaii.  He stated that he traveled to Kenya from the Congo, bribed hospital personnel to produce a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, and is willing to testify to Congress about it.

A decorated U.S. Army medical doctor is incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth federal prison for asking if the orders he was receiving through his chain of command which ultimately emanated from Obama were legal.  The military officers who convicted him denied Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin the answers to his questions and have been accused of treason by retired LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.

Barack Hussein Obama claims he was born in Hawaii but has never produced official documentation bearing the signature of a doctor or nurse attesting to having assisted at the birth.  No one has come forward to commemorate the event in Hawaii. Neither Queens Medical Center nor the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu has claimed to be his birthplace.

On Monday, Donald Trump released his short-form birth certificate, and on Tuesday he released his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate showing that he was born in Queens (New York City), New York.  The mainstream media immediately attempted to discredit Trump’s documentation even though Obama has failed to release a long-form birth certificate of his own.

Also today, The Post & Email has been told that radio show host Doug Urbanski discussed the incarcerations of both Lt. Col. Lakin and LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick on his nationally-broadcast show.

Lakin was sentenced to six months in Ft. Leavenworth, forfeiture of pay and discharge from the U.S. Army after questioning Obama’s eligibility.  Fitzpatrick was jailed on October 27, 2010 after local sheriff’s department deputies broke down his door, tasered and beat him, then took him to the county detention facility for allegedly failing to appear at a hearing regarding his attorney of record.  Fitzpatrick had originally asked that the county grand jury evaluate his charge of treason against Obama.

The Post & Email was informed that Urbanski did not denigrate either Lakin or Fitzpatrick, but rather, had attempted to shed light on two men who went to jail as a result of their respective actions relative to Obama.

Of the national broadcast, Fitzpatrick said, “This is a new development.  It’s the first time Lt. Col. Lakin’s case or mine has  received national coverage.  Something’s happening here.  Tomorrow’s another day.”  Fitzpatrick contacted Urbanski’s producer, who reportedly was surprised that one of the subjects of Urbanski’s show, which was still in progress, had called in.  Fitzpatrick stated that the producer took down his contact information and promised to get back to him.

Urbanski took over as host of the radio program when former Senator and presidential candidate Fred Thompson departed at the beginning of this year.

Fitzpatrick has filed a second treason complaint against Obama, as have several thousand U.S. citizens.

On March 21, Mr. Fitzpatrick was the featured guest on the Terry Lakin Action Fund radio program, designed to bring attention to Lt. Col. Lakin’s plight and to assist his family financially while he serves his prison sentence.

A civil complaint has been described, in part, as:

A civil complaint initiates a civil lawsuit by setting forth for the court a claim for relief from damages caused, or wrongful conduct engaged in, by the defendant. The complaint outlines all of the plaintiff’s theories of relief, or causes of action (e.g., negligence, battery, assault), and the facts supporting each cause of action. The complaint also serves as notice to the defendant that legal action is underway. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern construction of complaints filed in federal courts. Many state courts follow the same rules as the federal courts, or similar rules…

A criminal complaint is defined as:

A criminal complaint charges the person named or an unknown person with a particular offense. For example, after the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, authorities issued a John Doe complaint, charging an unknown person or persons with the crime.

A criminal complaint must state the facts that constitute the offense and must be supported by probable cause. It may be initiated by the victim, a police officer, the district attorney, or another interested party. After the complaint is filed, it is presented to a magistrate, who reviews it to determine whether sufficient cause exists to issue an arrest warrant. If the magistrate determines that the complaint does not state sufficient probable cause, the complaint is rejected and a warrant is not issued. In federal court, the complaint is presented under oath (Fed. R. Crim. P. 3).

Are the facts supported by probable cause?  If so, the above definition states that an arrest warrant will be issued.

Fitzpatrick has stated that a criminal charge takes precedence over a civil suit.

How many criminal complaints could be filed before May 2?

How many people will be charged with treason against the U.S. Constitution?

Who is complicit?  Congress, governors, military officers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff…the mainstream media, the Hawaii Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Janice Okubo, the Hawaii Elections Office, the Democrat National Committee…?

And how about the U.S. Supreme Court for “evading the issue?”

When the truth comes out about Obama, where will they hide?  Or where will they be incarcerated?

Perhaps they will change places with Lt. Col. Lakin.




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  1. Article II. Section I. = Requirements that must be met.

    Ammendment XX = Requirement to “qualify” – to demonstrate compliance with Article II. Sec. I

    Obama, by his own admission and by every reasonable interpretation of the constitution and application of the law, is not a natural born citizen. Whether or not he or anyone else chooses to take issue with this fact, it is also true that Obama has refused to comply with Ammendment XX. He must present his credentials. He hasn’t. Therefore, he is not a legal president. All that he has done is null and void. No official declaration is necessary to assert this fact.

    Obama has known he was ineligible for a very long time – well before he first held any public office. While others may have been recruited to help perpetrate his fraud it’s really all on him. No one forced him to run for office.

    Obama lied. He lied on purpose. He can’t fix it. He can’t kiss it and make it better. While he may be able to take a lot of people down with him, no one can cover for him. It’s only a matter of time before the sh*t hits the fan.

    Pay attention. Get ready.

    It’s really that simple.

    1. If/when someone with the wherewithal to give what FiddlerBob posted enough exposure to John Q. Public the **** will indeed hit the fan.

      It is indeed really that simple.

      Hey, Mr. Trump. Can you hear FiddlerBob?

  2. I am curious if any one has tried to obtain a copy of Obama’s marriage license application.
    He would have to provide his birth certificate as a requirement of the application process.
    The Obamas were married in 1992 in Chicago.

  3. What about the Fact Clinton Should not be yet is seeking to send and has so sent Aid to our foes through the foes of our Jewish Israel Allies to the lie called the Palestinian state Muslim Islam’s Hamas Shari law through Gaza At All. We are At War With them in two or more nations are we not? the Palestinian state is not nore will it be ever No Treaty no war will every change the fact the land belongs to the Jewish Hebrew people end of story, We do Not need the Lie the treaties that Created the pack to create Gaza we have our own Oil use it Stop Placating the Lie! Clinton and Obama are acting out treason hold them to it!

    Reminder the Star of David is Atop the Great Seals of the United States and the Us Army for a reason read your history with a polish Jew named Haymn Solomon—Thank you Congressmen mike Sodrel for that part of the Wisdom…So Mote it be

    Traitor Treason Article 3 Section 3 US Constitution Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    WORLD WAR 2 WAS FOUGHT TO STOP THE Kind of CRAP Obama And Clinton Are DOING.

    Ps the Islamic Muslim Shari Law DO not supports OUR nation WHY ARE YOU SENDING aid TO THE Enemies thru Gaza!

    The Gaza Palestinians Muslim Islam’s shari law we fight to day lined up with Hitler in World war Two 1933. The Links to World War Two and The Muslims And over bearing nationalistic democrats Clinton is repeating history,

    Obama and Clinton have been working to force the hand of the Jewish Hebrew Israel people to hand over more land The Jordan River water way land rights, And it time it stopped,


  4. What about the Fact Clinton Should not be yet is seeking to send and has so sent Aid to our foes through the foes of our Jewish Israel Allies to the lie called the Palestinian state Muslim Islam’s Hamas Shari law through Gaza At All. We are At War With them in two or more nations are we not? the Palestinian state is not nore will it be ever No Treaty no war will every change the fact the land belongs to the Jewish Hebrew people end of story, We do Not need the Lie the treaties that Created the pack to create Gaza we have our own Oil use it Stop Placating the Lie! Clinton and Obama are acting out treason hold them to it!
    Reminder the Star of David is Atop the Great Seals of the United States and the Us Army for a reason read your history with a polish Jew named Haymn Solomon—Thank you Congressmen mike Sodrel for that part of the Wisdom…So Mote it be

    Traitor Treason Article 3 Section 3 US Constitution Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    WORLD WAR 2 WAS FOUGHT TO STOP THE Kind of CRAP Obama And Clinton Are DOING.

    Ps the Islamic Muslim Shari Law DO not supports OUR nation WHY ARE YOU SENDING aid TO THE Enemies thru Gaza!

    The Gaza Palestinians Muslim Islam’s shari law we fight to day lined up with Hitler in World war Two 1933. The Links to World War Two and The Muslims And over bearing nationalistic democrats Clinton is repeating history,

    Obama and Clinton have been working to force the hand of the Jewish Hebrew Israel people to hand over more land The Jordan River water way land rights, And it time it stopped,

  5. This is an Outline of a hand written Monroe County Indiana City of Bloomington Government Tort Claim
    Filed on 01-04-2011,

    Press Release:

    Updates will be made

    January 01- Day 04 2011, a $33 million Dollar Tort Claim to Suit City of Bloomington Monroe County Indiana Elected & Appointed for Direct Constitutional Contempt. For the Unconstitutional Restraint of 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech & Redress of Grievance. Taxation without representation is tyranny! So Outlined in the rules of Public Comment So passed & unconstitutionally upheld.

    Views In Question to be Challenged Rules of Public Comment Rule Number 5, Rule Number 1. Rule Number 2 Out lined below!

    In the this tort Claim Notes was made to address the Treasonous views of the city of Bloomington Indiana to insight We the people backs a boycott of Arizona’s right of self-defense to secure the unsecured Borders,to halt the Action of Known threat to ward off threats to Legal Americans! They Held no Town Hall back In May 17 2010 before as such!

    I cite the Gibbons v. Ogden 9 Wheaton 1 1824 case,

    It has been said that they were sovereign, {“The States”} were completely independent, and were connected with each other only by a “League”!
    The federal system was to be voluntary unless a war was so being fought on “United Soil” to pay for again the Common defense to protect the United States or the Common “League” in form of the National defense leads by the executive Branch of Government common defense League. From threats!

    {Gibbons V. Ogden} 9 Wheaton 1 (1824). Supreme Court Chief Justice Marshall, Upholds Only Congress can regulate Interstate Commerce

    Open Meetings Laws in Indiana
    Google open meetings laws indiana

    Traitor Treason Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    Laws cited: {United States Title 42 United States Code Section 1983} & use the International Maritime Jurisdiction

  6. To Thomas Morato:

    I am aware of the issues in Lucas Smith’s background. I believe that Lucas has been candid about these matters. I am not saying that I do or do not believe him – I am just saying that there are enough indications of a possible Kenyan birth at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya that a purported birth certificate for Obama from that hospital should not be dismissed out of hand.

    By the way, I also held a Top Secret security clearance, both on active duty and in the Naval Reserve at NAS Moffett Field, CA.

    I heard Lucas express concerns that his travel documentation could be discredited with other false documentation if his critics had enough time to create the necessary forgeries. He believes that the integrity of his story will be best protected by keeping some essential documents private until he is under subpoena from a controlling authority. He has promised repeatedly that he will produce such documentation and allow forensic authentication of the BC at an appropriate time. Again, if he is not being truthful, it will only hurt him. We will have lost nothing.

    If this is a distraction what about the Hawaii DOH – isn’t that even more of a distraction? They made it clear from the start that they believe they are above the law and that they are free to lie to avoid disclosing the truth.

    Lucas Smith has put himself on the line as to the veracity of his statements regarding his acquisition of the Kenyan birth certificate. He was willing to testify under oath at the Judge Carter hearing, he sent certified copies of the Kenyan birth certificate to the entire membership of Congress, and he has publicly stated his willingness to testify under oath before a committee of Congress.

    Unless Obama produces a valid Hawaiian birth certificate, we don’t know where Obama was born. Resolving the mystery of Obama’s place of birth has the greatest potential for an expeditious resolution of the eligibility controversy. I agree that his dual citizenship at birth disqualifies him, but turning that belief into an action that removes him from office will not be easy. Most likely it will require a lengthy legal process leading eventually to a Supreme Court ruling on the meaning of the Constitutional term of art “Natural Born Citizen”.

    We are confident that we know what it means, but we have birther lawyers like Andy Martin and Phil Berg and Gary Kreep going around saying that only a U.S. birth is required and only the birth certificate matters. You can bet that the Obama supporters will use this to their advantage and deny the full meaning of NBC as to parental citizenship until they are forced to accept it by the Supreme Court.

    If we had enjoyed complete unanimity among the “birthers” on the parental citizenship issue, things might have turned out differently, but that was not to be.

    Perhaps Lucas Smith will turn out to be a fraud. If so, nothing is lost except that Lucas himself will have been disgraced. However, just maybe, in spite of his unfortunate personal history, he happened to be the resourceful person who was in the right place at the right time with the right sense of what was needed to accomplish his mission, and stumbled into the key to the truth about Obama’s birthplace.

    One thing that is clear is that Obama’s supporters and his attorneys want nothing to do with the Kenyan BC. They seem to be quite concerned about what it might reveal.

    I say we keep an open mind and pursue every avenue available to expose the truth. Even Donald Trump understands that if Obama was not born in the U.S. he cannot hold office as president. If nothing else, keeping the Kenyan BC story alive increases the pressure on Obama to either produce the Hawaiian BC or admit that it does not exist.

    This eligibility crisis needs to be resolved soon. In my opinion, the BC issue represents the quickest way to get that accomplished.

    1. > Perhaps Lucas Smith will turn out to be a fraud. If so, nothing is lost except that Lucas himself will have been disgraced.

      I disagree. If we (or anyone who gets media attention about it, like Donald Trump could) too blindly rely on the mere hope the Lucas BC will withstand forensic scrutiny, it turning out to be a forgery will seriously impact how the people regard our position.

      Once they can stamp us “the fools who blindly follow every carrot dangling in front of them” or, even worse, “people who will not stop short of lying and forging to get their agenda across”, it’s over.
      The public’s gonna go “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”.

      Therefore it is, IMHO, paramount we apply the same carefulness, scrutiny and due diligence to everything, whether it seems to support or refute us.

      After all, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t examine Obama/Soetoro’s alleged COLB or the statements of the Hawaiian DoH as closely as we did.
      Why would we want to do anything less with other documentation, be it Obama/Soetoro’s, Trump’s or Lucas’?

      Again, this is not a matter of belief, not a matter of wishful thinking. The issues we’re facing are too serious to make such easy mistakes.

    2. I stumbled upon this article by happenstance, but got intrigued and continued, at its end, to read the comments. Came upon this one – written by a fellow LaRocque – and couldn’t believe how much it sounded like something I would have written myself. Well done. =)

  7. It is just my opinion on this topic but do you suppose Our court
    system has decided to change Our country name back to the United States of America
    instead of the name we have been using since 2008 which has been
    The United States of Subterfuge ? I submit it is NOT the responsibility of
    Walter Fitzpatrick,Terry Lakin,Theresa Cao ,Orly Taitz ,Lucas Smith ,Sharon Rondeau
    ,ANY American citizen including your cat or my dog to force anyone to offer
    proper documentation to the position they want or hold.If folks want
    the job,then this is entirely up to them.Lastly I submit ,if you or your friends
    want entertainment and subterfuge then go to ANY MSM but if you want objectivity
    and facts ,the go to this link: http://www.thepostemail.com
    End of Rant ! :) cheers

  8. It is false to equate Obama’s secondary document, unspecific, unsigned COLB with the primary document, hospital-specific, signed Kenyan birth certificate obtained by Lucas Smith. To say they are equally “ridiculous” is truly ridiculous.

    The Lucas Smith document appears to be a genuine, certified birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama II. It is from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya. On its face, this document has much greater validity than the unnumbered, uncertified, unsigned internet image of a Hawaiian secondary birth document upon which Obama has staked his presidency.
    Unlike the purported secondary document from Hawaii, which Hawaii has never verified as authentic, the Kenyan Certificate of Birth bears a certificate number, states a hospital of birth, is signed by the doctor, signed by the supervisor of obstetrics, signed by the chief administrator who released the document on Feb. 19, 2009, has the imprint of baby Obama’s foot, and bears an official seal.
    It does not take an expert in document authentication to see that the Kenyan birth certificate ranks much higher in face validity than the vacuous, allegedly forged document produced by Obama’s own campaign office in 2008.

    It up to Congress or a federal court to investigate all the evidence, subpoena witnesses, put the witnesses under oath, and issue requests to foreign governments. It is truly ridiculous to demand that Smith do all that. Smith has signed an affidavit, offered to testify under oath in court or to Congress, and ably defended his actions here at The Post & Email. To continue dissing Smith is de facto support of Obama’s fraudulent election.

  9. birthers or non-birthers, It doesn’t make a difference of all the arguing over this matter. Everyone knows the truth will come out. No matter what you kool-aid drinkers believe, Obama is hiding something, and we all know that to be true. The government is in on the whole thing. This will fall on Nanci Pelosi`s shoulders. Our own government has known about Obama but found out too late. Obama, if or if not exposed, will not be re-elected, and it will be over. He fooled us once but will never fool us again. It’s a shame that when a black man had finally been elected to office, he had to be a dingbat. It won`t happen again. No white person will ever vote for a black again. Not even a white democrat. It is now time for a woman`s chance and that will be a disaster. Then and only then will America get back to the basis of our founding fathers. SO, now call me a racist or a birther or whatever the heck you want to call me.


      It is imperative that the truth be revealed prior to 2012!!! If it is proven obama is not legitimately sitting in the White House his entire reign is VOID — Having no legal force or validity.

      Every executive order — including the sealing of all of his records — VOID. Every piece of legislation he has signed — including obamacare — VOID. Every appointment he has made — cabinet officials, ambassadors, czars, judicial nominees at every level — including supreme court nominees — VOID. Every treaty — VOID. Every International commitment he has made — VOID. Every disavowal of our sovereignty — VOID. EVERY COMMITMENT OF OUR MILITARY FORCES — VOID!!!!!!

      IF obama is merely voted out in 2012, our Constitution will have been violated into ruination and everything he has done to destroy our country remains codified in perpetuity.

      1. RJ, I used to believe, and even very recently, that all of the Barky regime’s work would become null and void upon revelation of his ineligibility. That will never happen. The others in DC will continue to cover for him if for no other reason than the unprecedented situation they currently find themselves in. Should something so big happens that they’re forced into admitting his ineligibility before Jan 2013, the Supreme Court Justices will work 24/7 to come up with the easy solution (that being that everything done over this term/regime stands).

  10. This is the issue-get to your phones and calling lists of Senators and Congressmen-tell them to demand an investigation into eligibility now-as this is the most fundamental issue to the existence and legal conduct of our nation in all matters. We cannot continue to allow this government to conduct illegal wars, nationalize industries, use the Treasury as a piggy bank for unions and special interests, appoint Socialist Judges, or enact legislation that is contrary to our national interests or unconstitutional, or use executive privilege to dismember and eliminate Congress.

  11. I believe, like Trump and many others, that Obama is hiding something but PLEASE, with all due respect I beg you Sharon… stop using Smith’s claims in your editorials!!!

    Smith refuses to release any information/documentation that places him in Kenya. He needs to release copies of his itinerary, airline tickets, hotel receipts and passport which indicated he traveled to Kenya. This basic information is a reasonable request of someone who claims to obtained Obama’s original Kenyan birth certificate. Copies of his travel documents should have been provided with his letters to Congress, but were not.

    Until proven otherwise, Smith’s story and document is UNVERIFIED and as ridiculous as Obama’s digital image of a Certificate of Live Birth posted online.

    You state that “no one has discredited the document,” but until it is actually validated by independent credible sources, particularly the hospital in Kenya… everything about Lucas Smith is possibly fraudulent and a distraction to the known facts.

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The article was not an editorial; it was a statement of fact. I accurately reported that Smith “claimed” that he had gone to Kenya and obtained the document. I am well aware that no proof of travel has yet been provided. Every statement made in the article, however, was factually accurate. Why hasn’t Obama himself come out and discredited the document, and why hasn’t Smith been arrested by members of Congress, all of whom received the letter and document?

    This is an ongoing investigation, and everything stated, if you read it carefully, is a fact. Again, that is the difference between an editorial and a hard news report.

    1. I have followed the P&E from the start and support and applaud your efforts. My apologies Sharon… I do not question the P&E regarding the accuracy of reporting Smith or his claims. I do however directly question Smith, his motives, and his document… primarily for the reasons stated above. By Smith not releasing, or providing to congress his travel documents to Kenya gives him zero credibility.

      I wish I could, but I can’t answer any of your questions regarding Obama or Congress regarding Smith, his claims, and their actions or lack thereof. I have several ideas, but all are pure speculation.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: No need to apologize; just pointing out the facts. Why doesn’t Congress call him in to testify and show his documentation?

      1. I also read Obama’s lawyers went ballistic at the idea of Smith’s Mombasa, Kenya BC actually being looked at in court.

        And, even if the Lucas Smith BC turned out to be fake, the Obots do not want anything done that shows a comparison between what, at least at face value, appears to be an actual authentic BC and the not only fake, but totally fake looking, online COLB of Barry’s.

    2. Thomas Morato:

      In this video, Obama states that he was born in Kenya, as does Michelle in a well-known video clip.


      Lucas Smith attended a hearing in the Barnett case in 2009 before Judge David O. Carter at which I was present. He had the Kenyan birth certificate in his possession at that hearing, and was prepared to submit the document to the court for forensic examination and to testify as to its provenance. The transcript of the hearing reveals that Judge Carter was anxious to hear testimony from Lucas Smith, but Obama’s Justice Department strongly objected and successfully prevented submission of the document to the court or any testimony from Lucas Smith.


      Was this not the perfect opportunity for Obama to blow the whole Kenyan BC controversy out of the water? Why do you think Obama’s attorneys did not jump at this opportunity?

      Lucas Smith recently called in to a radio talk show on which Mario Apuzzo and CDR Charles Kerchner were being interviewed. He described in detail the circumstances of his acquisition of the Kenyan BC in Mombasa, and stated publicly that he is willing and anxious to be questioned under oath in a potential congressional hearing on this matter.

      Lucas has also stated that documentation of his trip to Mombasa can and will be provided when circumstances are such that absolute security of the documents can be assured.

      There is a former Marine who has provided information concerning a chance meeting between himself and Obama in Honolulu during which Obama told the Marine that he (Obama) was born in Mombasa.

      I was listening to a talk show recently when this Marine called in and related the story of this 1980 encounter with Barack Obama in which he stated emphatically that Obama told him of his Kenyan birth. An article describing this encounter may be found here:


      In light of this information, I believe that the Lucas Smith BC and his story are credible and of potential value in exposing the historic hoax which has been perpetrated on the American people by Barack Obama (if this is his name) and the Democratic Party and their enablers. I do not think there is any reason why Lucas Smith’s evidence should not be considered to be, at minimum, just another piece of circumstantial evidence which contributes to the mountain of circumstantial evidence indicating that Barack Obama does not possess a U.S. birth certificate.

      Accordingly, I feel that your request to the editor to refrain from publishing any information or reference to Lucas Smith’s claims is inappropriate. Your insinuation that the P&Email is publishing unverified information in an editorial, together with your assertion that Lucas Smith’s claims are “possibly fraudulent and a distraction to the known facts” is simply not warranted in the circumstances of a massive cover-up by Obama and his agents.

      The fact is that there are very few “known facts” about Barack Obama, and for all we know, Lucas Smith may be the key to unlocking Obama’s secrets.

      Frankly Mr. Morato – when you submit comments like this, it begs the question of what is your true agenda? Are you a seeker of truth, or are you another agent of obfuscation who fears the truth?

      1. I did not intend on creating another disruptive thread about Lucas Smith. I am merely stating that his story and document after 2 years are still unverified. We all know Obama released an online image (never verified by Hawaii officials) for which he.refuses to answer any questions about. That alone should be enough to stir an investigation by the FBI.

        I am retired military of 22 years having held a Top Secret security clearance. Holders of these clearances are not granted to deceitful individuals with questionable pasts or associations. Many aspects of your life are investigated and verified. I know the information that must be provided and which is verified by the US government in order to grant such a clearance.

        Based on the information Obama has provided the public about his past would not even authorize him to be a school janitor much less the president. Under all these questionable circumstances and allegations, how Obama obtained a security clearance granting him access to our nation’s secrets is a mystery to me.

        I respect your opinion that you believe Smith… but there is nothing secret or requires “absolute security” for copies of travel information of a private citizen to Kenya. Smith not including certified copies of his travel documents and passport to Congress raised as many questions as the birth of Obama himself. Mr. LaRocque, if you have not already done so… I highly encourage you to spend a little money and conduct a public records search of Lucas Smith under the address he provided to congress.

        I am highly discouraged by the inaction of our government in regards to Obama and his eligibility to lead our nation and armed forces. I don’t know whether Omama was born in Hawaii or not as he refuses to release a valid long form birth certificate. I would like to know the exact time of birth, the name of the hospital and attending physician. I would like for that hospital to acknowledge and confirm those facts.

        The Hawaii and Kenya birth issue could be a distraction from the British citizenship of his father and I firmly believe Obama is not eligible based on those circumstances alone… but that doesn’t seem to gather any attention of the media either.

        I remain vigilant in writing my representatives, the judges assigned to these cases and the military regarding Obama’s eligibility. Like many, I want the issue resolved yesterday.

      2. David F LaRocque, the part of your clip in which Barky is heard to say he was born in Kenya surfaced months ago and was proven to be fraudulent. The clip was spliced to create that statement from two other sentences.

        I wish that people wouldn’t even create BS like that because people run with it, sometimes first discovering for themselves months or years after it’s been debunked and the whole cycle starts over again. In many cases and regarding many topics and subjects, it’s no big deal. But for “birthers,” these phonies can and do cause further damage to our almost non-existent credibility (or perceived credibility).

        Here Devvy, who has contributed at least one piece/article (that I can recall) to P&E News before, debunks the clip. http://www.rense.com/general92/fake_dev.htm

        Notice the date of upload for the identical video clip at the link Devvy references, the description of which begins with “The video starts out with some content from obamasnippets.com, which, of course is contrived” is more than a month earlier than the upload date of the clip you linked, the description of which begins with an attempted debunking of its debunking. (I bet if I spent some time on it, I could find the original, pre-edited video from which that one was created. But that’s too much looking at Barky for my stomach to take.)

        PS: About Smith’s willingness to testify under oath that he believes his document to be an authentic copy of Barky’s official Kenyan birth certificate, well, that’s all the testimony that he would be asked to give: that he believes the document to be authentic. He wouldn’t be asked to testify that he knows for fact and can verify that the document purported to be “authentic” by the source from which he received it is, indeed, authentic. In other words, there’s wiggle room enough for him to testify that he believes a fake to be authentic.

  12. God Bless America and all the good courageous patriots who are standing up for the truth. For Only the truth shall set us free,

    Government lies and manipulations must end. The enemy is our own government.

    Obama is now using the US Military to support el qaida in Libya and the MSM supports this Treason.

    I am a NBC. I was born in America to 2 US citizens. I know no other country. I have never had a passport. I love America.

    I believe that the Constitution should be ammended to tighten up the requirement for President. Not only should the President be NBC but also grew up in USA under patriotic USA schools and system. They should be people who Love America and what it stands for. Someone who loves the Constitution and our way of life.

    If you don’t love America then leave. Buy them a one way ticket to H3LL.

    I would rather be dead than allow one penny of my tax money go to a Marxist Communist Union of Socialistic Ameria. No deadbeats. God wants everyone to work and take care of himself not be a parasite on others.

  13. Excellent reporting, Sharon! I just sent this article to the Colorado Springs gazette as a follow-up to reporter Matt Steiner’s article referenced by “Redd” in one of the comments on a citizen’s editorial about your letter to Trump. We never know when we just might find a reporter who can run with a story, the likes of which has never been told in this country before the obamanation!

    1. republicofmissouri.org the change your founding fathers believed. Has any one heard of the new central bank of libya & a new national oil company?the arab league runs the UN.The CFR wants no borders,USA will be the north american union,and a new constitution,just as they did in europe.one world bank belongs to the rothschilds with the cfr bankers.