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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

The Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is a main prayer location for Muslims

(Mar. 29, 2011) — “If the Arabs disarm, there’ll be peace. If Israel disarms, there’ll be a bloodbath,” so it has been said. Ignorance has always been the enemy of an open society (ever watch The View?). Unrestricted transfer of information is the cornerstone of a free people, irrespective of the vehicle used. “Will you marry me?” written in smoke by a small plane, called skywriting. “Throw the bum out!” seen in an editorial in a newspaper. And on a book of matches, “Earn youR G.E.D.” But, without a doubt, the heart of an open society, the epicenter, if you will, is to be found in every single village, town, and city across America, even if it comes once a week on wheels: the library.

A sanctuary, a refuge, an entertainment center, uncensored authors, a help center, the modern-day oracle, an education center, a history lesson, and a current-event home. The library where Mein Kampf shares space with Paradise Lost. Where books on politics and the mating rituals of giraffes are explained. Where the complete works of Shakespeare and the unabridged volumes of The Decline and Fall are found. Uncensored copies of Huckleberry Finn still reside, having escaped the pogrom of Socialistic-bent educators suffering from political correctness (censorship) disease. The bastion of freedom resides within the walls of the hope for the future.

A little more than two hundred years ago, a gathering of colonists decided to break away politically and economically from England. In so doing, they figuratively put their necks in the noose and, had it been Washington surrendering to Cornwallis, everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence would’ve been hung. Desperate measures are required in desperate times, so the creators of the Constitution went for broke and composed a document that would stand the test of time: why not write the best? If they won, they win the best. They knew the dangers of a strong central government, yet, at the same time, were aware of the need for a central authority. Their solution was truly a balancing act where the legislative, judicial and executive kept one another in perpetual check: a checkmate was a designed impossibility.

But the Nation’s Founders also realized that a republic won and a republic kept are two separate entities. Tyrannical rule to freedom is a lot more unlikely than from freedom to tyrannical rule. Now that the equation of checks and balances was in place for central authority, they had to establish a means by which to keep the republic operable, so they turned to Benjamin Franklin for the answer. The author of Poor Richard’s Almanac gave us the means to have an educated and informed voter: the public library.

Unfortunately, ignorance continues to plague America, for if it wasn’t for ignorance then we wouldn’t have the  perpetual welfare system, we wouldn’t have people like Whoopi Goldberg spouting “stupidity as if it were a virtue” (thank you, Trevor Smith), and the Constitution wouldn’t be in dire straits.  We know we’re in trouble, but they, the stupid and ignorant, don’t really have a clue as to what’s going down. Not a clue. Thank you, Teachers of America.

In a Muslim country there are no libraries where one can check out any book without fear of reprisal. Of course not, because the only books they would have are sanctioned and approved books.  Well, so much for freedom of expression. “I don’t like that part in the Quran where it says, ‘if a man isn’t available to be a witness, then two women will do” — ain’t going to happen, no way, nohow. Criticism of Islam isn’t a part of the program.

Sad to say that America had some Muslims prior to the 1993 Twin Tower bombing, and sadder to say that the Muslim population doubled prior to 9-11. But saddest is the exponential increase of the Muslim population in the United States since 9-11:  Islamovilles sprouting up over our countryside. A trained and experienced Muslim guerilla army imported under our noses. Frightening. Also baby factories, if you want the truth. Anchor baby factories, and we allow it to happen, all paid for by the American taxpayer. I say what was accepted in the past doesn’t mean it has to be accepted now. When I write that all Muslims should be deported to a Muslim country, I also mean those who were born in this country.

When will America wake up to the simple fact that we have a Muslim in the White House and that we are being invaded by thousands of Muslims per week, every week. Thousands. And these thousands have an agenda and don’t mind telling us about it. Obama says it often enough: “fundamentally change America.”  That’s the plan.  The Constitution and the Quran are opposites and never the twain shall meet.  It is an intellectual impossibility for the two to co-exist.

It’s not only our Constitution that is fighting for its life; it’s also us. In The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Laurence warns the West about Arab patience.  Americans think, if not in nanoseconds, then a time frame of a few years, while Muslims are still upset that Alexander the Great killed a bunch of their ancestors. The Muslim timetable has moved up because the West allowed for the price of a barrel of oil to be dictated by the OPEC. Never mind that it was the West that did the prospecting, drilling, building and maintaining the pipelines, the port transfer facilities, the transporting  of the crude over thousands of perilous miles, unloading and then refining the crude. Never mind. Who, you? I mind. If it wasn’t for Americans, they would still be pitching their tents on a sand dune over an oil field. Amazing. Better yet, here’s a dollar for a barrel of oil; what are you going to do about it?

I believe in fairness, equality, and general goodwill. I’m willing to let someone have the benefit of the doubt. What I’m not willing to do is to have people living in my country using my fair laws to eventually crush me. Hitler told the German people that he’d use their own laws to conquer them, and he did just that. I think it’s about time we started paying attention to what’s going down in our own back yard and deal with the truth, not some make-believe “peaceful religion.”


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