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by Kerry Patton, SUA Staff

Why isn't Biden calling for the impeachment of Obama?

(Mar. 24, 2011) — Recently, the United States has witnessed government employees such as DEA Agent Daniel Offield and high ranking military officers such as Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook and Lt. COL Terry Lakin refusal to serve abroad. Some of these persons have been reassigned, fired, and even sentenced to prison. Each one of these individuals has their reason why they refused to serve abroad with Obama as Commander In Chief yet they all have one theme in common; his inability to adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

Many, to include Vice President Joe Biden, stated George W. Bush would face impeachment if he launched an attack on Iran. Today, those who expressed impeachment towards George Bush just implemented an action which Bush only considered. Instead of Iran, Obama chose Libya.

Without being a Constitutional attorney, one can look back and realize this past week’s activities in Libya should be construed an impeachable offense. This is known because the Senators of yesterday who now sit in the Executive Branch have told us so.

Our men and women protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. They do this through understanding and enforcement laid within our Constitution. Indeed, many believe Obama should be impeached for this past week’s activities; however, such a concern is only miniscule in comparison to the real consequence which could come about from this recent endeavor.

The true concern Americans should have today is not whether Obama should be impeached rather, what happens to the greatest security apparatus in the world when its members refuse to adhere to UNLAWFUL orders? Offield, Cook, and Lakin refused service abroad because of question towards legalities of such operations. Two of the three questioned the legality of Obama serving as Commander in Chief.

Today, every military and federal employee, be it actively or passively, engaged with actions in Libya have a clear case NOT to partake in such actions. Of most concern, not only can one or two members make such a determination, a serious domino effect can later result crippling our national security apparatus. SECDEF Gates just expressed significant cuts to the military. Maybe, these cuts won’t be needed after all. We just may not have the military might we once had a week ago.


Please click here for a video of Joe Biden discussing impeachment against President George W. Bush.

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  1. What part of “IMPOSTER/USURPER”~is so hard to Understand?? You Cannot “Impeach” someone that is NOT Proven to be the Rightful, and Legal Holder of the Office of “The President of the United States of America!!”
    NULLIFY, RECALL, REMOVE for “Acts of TREASON and SEDITION against the Citizens of America!!”~Trouble is that SCOTUS-(in 3 separate Dockets#’s, Refuse to Affirm their Oath to the Constitution)-, the Federal Judiciary, the Military “Chain of Command” and ALL of Law Enforcement are Complicit, Guilty of Violation of the “Constitutional Oath” and their Fiduciary Responsibilities to “The Public Trust”~ SOoo, I ask again: Is the “United SOCIALIST States of America a TOTALITARIAN STATE, a DICTATORSHIP, an OLIGARCHY, a COMMUNIST GULAG, OR????

  2. Just more questions and no answers.I hear rumblings about impeachment
    but does this sound like a planned scenario by the NWO gangsters ? If Obama was impeached,wouldn’t that take the heat off all our wonderful senators and representatives that have been criminally complicit in the Obama scam ? Wouldn’t this leave all of Obamas “dialing for dollars” in place ? If I remember the election in 2010 correctly,the American people handed many useless officials their walking papers in order for government to make a course correction.Then Speaker John Boehner went into nothing that I have seen,except obfuscation and to this date,it is simply “business as usual”.So we install another NWO stooge as President and the beat goes on.cheers

  3. Write/Call every Senator and Congressman you can to notify them that you demand Impeachment proceedings be commenced. There is no excuse-Obama himself laid the framework-

    1. He isnt president,he is a usuper,domestic enemy,commiting treason,so the military or the secret service needs to their job now.The USA didnt have a real election in 2008.