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by Sharon Rondeau

Why do both the judge and the court reporter state multiple times that the Fitzpatrick arraignment hearing took place in McMinn County rather than Monroe?

(Feb. 3, 2011) — The transcript of the June 28, 2010 arraignment hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was received on February 2, 2011 by The Post & Email a month after sending payment for it and reporting non-receipt of it to the Knoxville office of the FBI.

The hearing took place at the Madisonville courthouse located in Monroe County, TN pictured at right, but an introductory page of the document received from the court reporter states that the case was “McMinn County docket #10-213.”

Noted on the same page is the 22-page length of the document and a copying fee of $1.50/page.

The back page containing the court reporter’s signature originally had the date of October 6, 2010, which was crossed out and changed to “1/21/11” in pen, and the envelope was postmarked January 24.  Therefore, Ms. Denise Barnes, the court reporter, kept her word to us when she told us on January 20 that she would send the transcript “in a few days.”   The question remains as to why it couldn’t have been sent directly after payment for it was received, which presumably would have been no later than January 7, 2011.  On January 20, Ms. Barnes told us that the money order was “in the vault at the courthouse.”

The Post & Email has compared the transcript received from the transcriptionist with the copy posted on Scribd by “Jack Ryan,” a member of the Politijab and Fogbow online communities, and found some differences.

The Scribd version identifies the case number as “10213,” whereas the copy we received from Ms. Barnes cites it as “10-213.”  Our cover page is stamped with the word “COPY”, while the Politijab version is not.  In fact, the Politijab version has no official stamp, signature or cover page noting the cost of the document.

Cover page of June 28, 2010 Fitzpatrick arraignment transcript received from the court reporter indicating the case number as "10-213," not "10213"
Cover page showing fees, case number, and identifying the county as McMinn rather than Monroe

Did “Jack Ryan” pay for the transcript, and if so, did he notice that the court reporter stated that the case was heard in McMinn, not Monroe, County?  Or did his copy not have that page?

The first several pages of the two versions are paginated exactly the same. However, page 5 on the Scribd counter (marked page 4 on the bottom right of the transcript) shows two lines of text at the top, while The Post & Email’s version shows the text wrapping onto a third line.

Top of page 4 showing three lines of text rather than the two on the Scribd posting

The two versions then paginate differently, as the text “the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee” runs onto page 5 on our copy but ends on page 4 on Ryan’s.  The differences in page beginnings and endings carries through to the end of both documents, becoming more noticeable towards the end.

What is indicated as page 7 at the bottom right of both versions (Scribd counter shows it as page 9) shows a difference in the layout of the words on the page.

Page 7 of official transcript received from court reporter showing a difference in the location of words on the page from the Scribd version

Judge Carroll Ross is noted as having said that the arraignment took place in McMinn County, not Monroe County, on page 7.

From page 7 forward, there is a one-line difference in the text between the two versions.

On page 9, Judge Ross refers to “Monroe County” twice in reference to a grand jury.  On page 10, he refers to Monroe County again.

Page 13 attests to the fact that Chief Court Clerk Marty Cook was a state’s witness against Fitzpatrick, who stated that Ms. Cook also chose the jury for his December 1 trial.

The one-line difference still exists between the two versions until page 14, when a two-line difference develops beginning with the text “everybody in the whole world.”  In The Post & Email’s version, “whole world” occurs on line 19, whereas Politijab’s version shows those words at the end of line 17.

Page 14 of the transcript shows a two-line difference in placement of text between the Politijab version and the document received by The Post & Email

The difference in word placement widens between the two versions on page 16 (Scribd counter shows it as page 17).

Page 15 of The Post & Email's June 28 Fitzpatrick transcript

At this point, not only is there a two-line difference, but the placement of the words on the pages is entirely different in the two versions beginning with the words “in this district.”

Page 17 shows that a three-line difference has developed between the two transcripts.

Page 17 of The Post & Email's transcript

The last page of the transcript, page 20, is signed and stamped by Ms. Barnes, whereas the Politijab version has neither a signature nor a notary’s stamp.  The Post & Email’s version has the “Certificate” heading at the top of page 20, while Politijab’s version shows it on page 19, with the text flowing onto page 20.

The Post & Email concludes that Politijab’s version of the June 28, 2010 arraignment transcript is unofficial.  It bears differences to the version which we received directly from the court reporter, particularly the absence of an official signature and notary’s stamp.

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  1. “Question: Did you hear that the elections clerk _____ (name??) has notarized a statement that there is no long form birth certificate?”

    Is that “______ (name??)” in the official transcript itself, or is that what ch wrote?

    And the version “Mr. Ryan” posted, if I take what is written here at face value, is not an official record. I can’t speak for this state, but Mass. CRs working in the courts can and do use transcriptionists; however, they do sign the certification page and their certification page will have wording in case they do use a transcriptionist.

  2. This is probably not the appropriate place to put this comment but it does speak to the corrupt nature of the Monroe County court system. I made a request, in person, from the “official” media organ of Monroe County for a copy of the legal announcement of the December trial. I made the request two months ago and have not received it. This tells me that it wasn’t published, as required by law. The name of this “official” publication is The Buzz and that speaks volumes, by itself.
    There are additional volumes that can be written about the uncredentialed editor/publisher/photographer/owner of this paper.

  3. Transcription services are subcontracted. My guess is the “Ryan” transcript went out the back door of the subcontractor. At some point the cost of that bogus transcript must both show as and expense from Ryan’s business as well as a deposit into the county coffers. If it doesn’t then the court has a problem with it’s transcription service defrauding the county or the court defrauded Walt or both. In view of all the half backed procedures I suspect both and possibly even a fraud by the court itself taking cash from Ryan and not reporting the amount which might possibly be more or less than made available to Walt for.

    If everything follows suit I suspect the accounts received are scribbled on a torn piece of paper and unsigned.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The last page of the transcript is a signed statement by the court reporter, Ms. Denise Barnes, which says that she produced the document to the best of her ability. I will check with the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, but I do not believe that an official court reporter is supposed to subcontract the work.

  4. I personally would be highly suspect of anything that comes from Politijab and Fogbow. It is well known what these shill sites are capable of. They outright lie, slander, and distort the truth to protect THE ONE!

    1. The judge has no business taking orders from fogbows. Why does he get to order what happens in a transcript? They can’t make they’re own case up. Public record is public record and they should keep hands off the TRUTH!

  5. Sharon, You are so good at capturing details and pursuing the case.

    I wonder if you might consider tryin another approach.

    You could create a Capitol Hill Post E Mail, and target each of the Congressman, with copies only to each Supreme Court Justice.

    Maybe call it the Natural Born Citizen Update…and post a question with each issue to each congressman, and scorecard them on their responses.

    You could be sort of an e-mail Press Corps.

    Then publish their responses or lack of response to the public as an arm of the Post E-Mail.

    We could submit questions for the congressman to answer. As it is now, we are only allowed to correspond with the people from our own districts, which is another unfortunate method of control, since they are involved in different groups and committees that affect everybody, not just their own states. A few people can be on a research committee, but only their state can e-mail them. Make sense??


    Question: Since taking office in January, what steps, if any, have you taken to protect the “natural born citizen” clause of our Constitution.

    Question:,Since Obama has a foreign father by his own admission, how long will it be until you are able to remove him?

    Question: Since Obama has claimed a foreign father and this is not allowed by our Constitution, what will you do if he runs for office in 2012?

    Question: How do you personally define “natural born citizen.”

    Do you understand it as US birth and two citizen parents or do you hold different beliefs? What is the legal source of your beliefs, if different from US birth and two citizen parents, which is the legal definition upheld by the court cases?.

    Question: What is your opinion of Dr. Lakin being in jail, with Obama refusing to verify his eligibility to the Armed Services?

    Question: Are you aware of the Kerchner lawsuit?

    Question: Are you aware of Alan Keyes et al in California, with a lawsuit against Obama?

    Question: Have you heard of Orly Taitz? Why do you think she is filing lawsuits and being rejected? Do you think voters should have standing for elections?

    Question: What steps have you taken to see the long-form birth document which will prove or disprove the internet document posted by Obama for his claimed birth in Hawaii.

    Question: Did you hear that Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii said there is no long form certificate in Hawaii.

    Question: Did you hear that the elections clerk _____ (name??) has notarized a statement that there is no long form birth certificate?

    Question: Are you aware of the World Net Daily billboard campaign? Have you seen one of those billboards? What are your thoughts on this campaign?

    If you just started working directly with each congress office as a newspaper, and posted your results on line, even no response….they might realize they are being watched by their constituents, who want answers.

    You are the Press…..you can also let them know you will be posting their responses or lack of responses publicly for your national readership and voting public.

    You could have their Oath of Office at the top of each newspaper…as a gentle reminder.

    Just a thought! Thanks for all you do!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you. Actually, Gracie Sweet began the “CYC” Campaign (Contact Your Congressmen) on January 17, and she is keeping track of the number of letters and phone calls going to Congress as well as their responses.

  6. “Mr. Ryan” either transcribed himself using a court reporter’s template or he had someone such as a transcriptionist or legal secretary who listened to the taped proceedings make the transcription. Without knowing how the courts in that district work (most Mass. courts digitally record their proceedings, and CRs or transcriptionists are paid to transcribed the recordings), there are a number of plausible answers for who provided the “Ryan” transcript and how.